Supernatural Has The Worst Best Ending

“Carry on my wayward son. There’ll be peace when you are done. Lay your weary head to rest. Don’t you cry no more.”

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The Winchester brothers have been on multiple adventures together facing all sorts of demons and angels.

What started off as two brothers searching for their father while ghost-hunting, ended up being a war between heaven and hell.

Since the first season, the brothers have been on a set path to becoming the catalysts behind the war between supernatural beings, whether they be werewolves, apparitions, angels, or demons.

Supernatural has cultivated quite the fanbase, with 15 seasons under its belt and announcing that the 15th would be its last, many fans expected the family drama to end with a spectacular bang considering the series has always been packed with action, adventure, and hints of comedy sprinkled throughout its episodes.

However, the ending we received was less than the lowest of expectations, yet it was enacted in a manner that it can arguably be called a better ending than anyone would have thought of.

Suffering from success

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Chuck aka God, was as bad or evil as Dean expected him to be.

The man behind the creation of our beloved series turned out to be our greatest ally and enemy simultaneously.

The series became extremely meta after Supernatural introduced its own series within itself in the form of a book series, written by none other than Chuck himself.

The being turned out to be responsible for all the mishaps that have taken place within the series, including the deaths of various characters.

Not to mention the torment that Chuck made Sam and Dean go through just to get a kick out of it as an observer.

The ending of the 15th season starts the moment God starts to make himself known as Chuck within the Supernatural universe he created.

This decision was made due to him wanting to be more closely involved in the adventures of the Winchesters as he found the storyline they have made with choices out of their free will to be extremely entertaining.

Death becomes the end (after 110 tries)

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One would think that it is safe to assume that the series will not end with the brothers dying as they have made death more of a vacation from which they can always return whenever the plot demands it.

As a matter of fact, Sam and Dean have visited hell and heaven more times than they have been anywhere outside of America.

As it turns out, the one thing that the Winchesters have been famous to escape again and again is the reason for the series coming to an end.

Not as the brothers living out their lives hunting or giving up the life of a hunter. Just a simple death for Sam and a hunter's death for Dean.

Of course, this means that the brothers end up in heaven under Jack and Castiel's supervision where they meet up with the best character in the series, Bobby Singer.

Gabriel and Crowley were done dirty

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Gabriel is arguably the best angel in existence after Castiel.

The trickster angel that gave the fans some of the best episodes in the series has to be included in this topic as the manner in which his character was treated by the end of the series was disappointing, to say the least.

Like the Winchesters, Gabriel has always managed to bounce back from what seemed like his death throughout the series.

Killing him off in the Apocalypse universe was the worst death the series could have given him.

As he was the only archangel who was on humanity's side with a complex personality as he was essentially the younger brother of Michael and Lucifer.

To put it in simpler words, even Lucifer, the man who was ready to kill his son for a little more power, had a soft corner when it came to the trickster.


As for Crowley, the demon who became the king of hell was no less of a character who was done an injustice.

Another crucial character throughout the seasons who had escaped from near-death situations due to his own habit of underestimating the Winchester brothers time and time again.

A true enemy turned friend, a cliche that worked wonders for the demon fighting to keep the balance of heaven and hell to exist in peace.

The one person who is always willing to fight dirty even if it means his demise.

Crowley's death should have had much more impact and meaning considering he essentially became the "fun" uncle of the Winchester family by the time season 15 rolled around.

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