Top Most Strongest Marines In One Piece Ranked

One Piece is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. The Marines in the manga series stand as one of the two great powers of the One Piece world.

One Piece Strongest Marines

One Piece is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda.

The story revolves around a boy, Monkey D. Luffy, who accidentally ate a devil fruit, which turned his body rubber-like.

Also, this is the most famous manga series of all time and was given several awards for its concept, characters.

As well as the way this manga showed the importance of both the villains and the heroes in the manga.

The Marines in the manga series stand as one of the two great powers of the One Piece world.

5. Fujitora

One Piece Strongest Marines

Admiral Fujitora is another new Marine Admiral, who was given the position of the same after participating in the world Military Draft.

Fujitora is one of the highest-ranking Marines, as he was vehement against the Warlord System, and played a role in its recent abolition.

We also saw his power during the Dressrosa arc, when he takes on Luffy, Zoro, and Sabo.

In all these encounters we saw in the manga against the criminals, Fujitora was shown to be very capable of handling them with too little support from Luffy and Zoro, which do show us the strength of Fujitora.

4. Kong

One Piece Strongest Marines

Kong was the former fleet admiral of the Marines during the era of Pirate King, Gol D. Roger.  

In the manga, it's shown that the position of Fleet admiral isn’t easy to attain, which means like other admirals, Kong also had the ability and special power for the position.

In the whole cake island arc, Mother Carmel claimed that if Big Mom joined the Navy, she was so strong that she could even end up becoming the Fleet Admiral, which surely gives the fans of the manga series the idea of how powerful Kong must have been back in the day.  

3. Sakazuki

One Piece Strongest Marines

Sakazuki is formerly known as Admiral Akainu and is currently the fleet Admiral of the Marines and has acquired this position after beating Aokiji on Punk Hazard.

As the fleet Admiral, it goes without saying that he’s incredibly powerful.                                                                                                                      

In the manga series, Sakazuki has the power of the Magu Magu No Mi, which allows him to create magma and transform it into it.

During a war, he fought against Whitebeard for an extended period of time and even inflicted severe injuries on him.

2. Sengoku

One Piece Strongest Marines

He is said to be the Former fleet and current Navy Inspector General.

Admiral Sengoku, is the marines’ living legends from the previous era.

Sengoku is most active during the days of pirates like Gold D Roger, and Captain John.

It's seen in the manga that he does team up with Garp to take on many notorious pirates and they have a good relationship with him to the date.

Sengoku was given the title of ‘Sengoku the Budha' because he consumed a mythical Zoan Human- Human fruit model.

He is a complete fighter and is very strong physically and mentally.

1. Monkey D. Garp

One Piece Strongest Marines

Luffy’s grandfather, Grapes rules supreme as the strongest Marine in One Piece.

Although he was just a Vice Admiral, his strength surpasses all the Admirals in the whole manga series.

For instance, the fact that he could fight the likes of Roger on an equal footing.
Grap’s control over the Armament and observation of Haki made him a threat to any pirate in the world.

Also as it's seen in the manga throughout that his actions earned him the title of the “Hero of the Marines,” which is fully deserved considering his legacy.

Also, people around the world do tell tales of ‘Garp, the Hero’.

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