Top 7 Strongest Villains In Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1, Ranked

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evil men with tattoo's on their face

Jujutsu Kaisen and its characters have taken the world of anime by storm.

Based on the manga by Gege Akutami, JJK has some very unique and incredibly powerful characters.

Stylish character design, smooth animation, and very tight storytelling have culminated in creating a near-perfect anime.

Jujutsu Kaisen has also shown a wide variety of very interesting and powerful antagonists in the first season of the show.

Here are some major Jujutsu Kaisen characters as villains, ranked according to their power levels and overall skills.

7. Junpei

a man just before his death

Junpei Yoshino was a supporting character in Jujutsu Kaisen during the Vs. Mahito arc.

He was a high school student whom Yuji befriended. However, in a tragic turn of events, he turned into a curse user under Mahito’s influence.

Mahito was just using Junpei as a means to his end. After he was done toying with him, he performed Idol Transfiguration on Junpei, killing him instantly.

While Junpei didn’t get to develop as an antagonist on the show, he posed to be a difficult obstacle to Yuji.

His overall skill level wasn’t very high or especially dangerous.

However, his bleak outlook towards the world and little to no regard for human life made him a tricky antagonist to deal with.

Junpei’s death was a huge turning point for Yuji’s journey as a sorcerer.

6. Cursed Womb Death Paintings 1 and 2 | Eso and Kechizu

 2 unknown creatures fight with the school students

Death Paintings are nine special grade cursed objects created with the mixed blood of both a cursed spirit and a human.

The Death Painting Wombs appear as small fetuses that cannot act on their own while still existing as cursed objects.

A Death Painting Womb can incarnate into a full half-human half-curse spirit capable of using jujutsu by implanting it into a human vessel.

Fully incarnated Death Painting Wombs are considered cursed spirits of a higher level.

Death Paintings 1-3, Eso, Kechizu, and Choso are capable of using blood-related jujutsu.

While we haven’t seen Choso in action yet in the anime, the two other death paintings turned out to be formidable foes to Yuji and Nobara who had grown to be really strong at that point.

5. Jogo

a creature with a volcano shaped head showing a grin after attacking someone

Jogo is a special-grade cursed spirit and one of the primary antagonists in the first season of Jujutsu Kaisen.

Jogo takes a lot of pride in being a cursed spirit and is kind of hot-headed (quite literally too as he has a volcano on the top of his head).

He’s been around for a long time and understands the dynamics of the human world, the sorcerers, and the curses pretty well.

However, his callous disregard for all things human, made him overconfident.

Despite being warned about Gojo Satoru, Jogo still went to confront him directly and barely escaped with his life.

Gojo pretty much just toyed around with Jogo for a little while and used him as a lesson for Itadori.

Poor Jogo was really down on his luck to find Gojo as his first major confrontation.

However, he is still an immensely powerful special grade curse capable of intelligent thought so we might get to see more of him in action in future episodes.

4. Hanami

a creature using his special powers during a fight

Hanami is a special grade cursed spirit alongside Jogo and a part of Mahito’s faction.

He has an affinity for Nature and cares deeply about his fellow cursed spirits. He’s considerably stronger than Jogo and is a lot more level-headed.

None of the incredibly skilled and powerful Tokyo or Kyoto students could stand up against Hanami in a battle.

While Todo and Itadori proved to be a challenge for him, it was only Gojo Satoru who could actually defeat Hanami.

However, it is a testament to Hanami’s strength and endurance that he survived a devastatingly powerful attack by Gojo.

A severely injured Hanami was able to escape with Mahito’s assistance and we can look forward to seeing more of him.

3. Mahito

a creature laughing in an evil manner

Mahito is another special grade cursed spirit who is aligned with Suguru Geto. He was “born” fairly recently and has childlike curiosity and immaturity.

He also enjoys giving pain/humiliation with no regard for human lives or his own.

At one point Nanami described Mahito’s superficiality and immature mannerisms to be similar to Gojo’s.

Mahito can see and manipulate people’s souls and is very intrigued by their nature.

He has some unique and philosophical perspectives on souls and humanity.

However deep down he’s just childish and cruel and enjoys hurting people.

Mahito is a very interesting character and is still evolving in terms of strength and capabilities. His arc could take a very interesting turn in future episodes

2. Suguru Geto

a man relaxing in the restaurants with the cursed spirit

Very little is known about Suguru Geto as a character in the anime so far.

However, seeing as he is the most important man behind the scenes, he is bound to be incredibly strong.

He used to be a Tokyo Jujutsu High student alongside Gojo and is an incredibly powerful Jujutsu Sorcerer.

His cursed technique lets him control Cursed spirits at which he is very adept, gaining the respect of the man Satoru Gojo himself.

1. Sukuna

a powerful man giving an evil smile

Ryomen Sukuna is the undisputed “King of Curses” and the Jujutsu Kaisen's main villain.

Little more needs to be said about him further. According to the legends, Ryomen Sukuna was an imaginary demon from over a thousand years ago.

However, in truth, he was a really powerful human sorcerer who defeated all the other sorcerers and became a cursed spirit.

His curse was too strong for his body to be ever fully destroyed.

In the present days, he remains sealed as cursed objects in the form of 20 fingers.

He has been incarnated in Itadori Yuji partially as Itadori consumed one of the fingers.

Even with a small fraction of his original strength, Sukuna could annihilate special grade curses with his presence alone.

The biggest testament to Sukuna’s strength is Gojo Satoru admitting it would be difficult for him to defeat Sukuna.

Sukuna is very arrogant about his powers and dismissive of everyone.

However, he is also extremely intelligent and manipulative.

We do not know what he plans to do once he regains all his strength but seeing all the hype and build-up around Ryomen Sukuna and the potential of his powers, it is going to go down spectacularly.

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