10 (Strongest & The Weakest) Warlords Of The Sea In One Piece

The seven Warlords were among the three great powers of the One Piece world. They are very powerful and are capable of making a difference in a battle against a Yonko Crew.

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One Piece is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. If we talk about The Seven Warlords of the Sea, they were pirates chosen by the world government to fight against other pirates.

The seven Warlords were among the three great powers of the One Piece world. They are very powerful and are capable of making a difference in a battle against a Yonko Crew.

While we can say most of them are strong enough for each and every battle, there are certain warlords who are weaker, when we compare them to the other strongest member.

10. Dracule Mihawk- Strongest

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He is also known as Hawk Eyes and is surely one of the most powerful characters in the One Piece world. As he is the strongest best swordsman in the series to date (as of writing this article), he can easily be one of the 12 Saijo O Wazamono grade blades, named Kokuto Yoru.

He also fought against some of the very talented and powerful characters in the story, like Young Shank. Even at the Marineford, he totally managed to slice an iceberg effortlessly and even fought Flower Sword Vista without much trouble.

9. Buggy- Weakest

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In the manga series, Buggy was once a member of the Roger Pirates and is said to be one of the most infamous members of the One Piece world. Also, he was made a Shichibukai which totally ruined his reputation as he was a member of Roger Pirates and a sworn brother to Red-Haired Shanks.

Even though he had very decent powers up his sleeve, Buggy is still quite weak in comparison to some of the other Warlords and is nowhere near their level.

8. Boa Hancock - Strongest

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Boa Hancock was one of the warlords and was ranked among the strongest characters in the one-piece world. She was the user of all types of Haki and because of this too she was more incredibly powerful than most of the characters in the one-piece world.

She also had the devil fruit that turned her into a stone. Hancock is one of the only two main characters in one piece who weren't bothered by the Navy chasing them after the Shichibukai system was dissolved, the other with the same power was Dracule Mihawk.

7. Gecko Moria- Weakest


He was one of the Rookies when the Great Age of Pirates began and wreaked Havoc across the new world.

As we saw in the manga series, he was powerful enough to clash with Kaido in a battle, however, after his death, Moria lost his will to become a pirate again. He was way weaker than Mihawk and Hancock.

6. Edward Weevil- strongest


He is the self-proclaimed son of the former Yonko Whitebeard, he was made a Shichibukai between the two years of the time skip. During that short period of time, he had assembled a bounty of over 480 million berries, which is very impressive. Kizaru also compared his strength with Edward which shows his capabilities.

5. Jinbe - Weakest

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He was a member of the Shichibukai before the time skip. He lost his title shortly before the Marineford arc due to his refusal to fight against the Whitebeard pirates. We can't say that Jinbe is weak by any means but when we compare him to the strongest member of  Shichibukai, he isn't at all powerful especially before the time skip.

He is a user of Fishman Karate and Fishman Jujutsu. Also, he fought some of the most powerful characters like the young ace, and even managed to hold his own against some strong members of Marineford.

4. Donquixote Doflamingo- Strongest

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He is the former king of Dressrosa and was also offered the position of Shichibukai a long time ago. Like Hancock, he is also a user of all three Haki and this made him a deadly combination of power and instability.

His usage of the devil fruit was incredibly shown in the manga which did enhance his power and made him a force to be reckoned with. He had a Paramecia type of devil fruit which allows him to create and manipulate strings according to his will.

3. Crocodile- weakest

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Even though Crocodile served as a Shichibukai until the event of Dressrosa arc of the story. Where we saw Luffy finally take him down.

As a Shichibukai he was powerful, mostly it was because of his incredible mind and the logia type Suna Suna No Mi which allowed him to turn into and manipulate sand according to his will. Though the crocodile had gotten a lot stronger when he reappeared after his time to impel down.

2. Blackbeard- Strongest

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Blackbeard was also known as Marshall D. Teach. He rose to this position by defeating Portgas D Ace and offering him to the Navy.

Although we are aware of the fact that Blackbeard’s strength was not revealed at the time before he was given the title of Marshall D Teach, Blackbeard was said to be a Yonko, by shanks, as he was a fearsome man who managed to inflict a wound on him.

His devil fruit, combined with the power of his strange body made him powerful at the Warlords.

1. Trafalgar Law- Weakest

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After the Rocky Port Incident, we saw that Trafalgar was offered the position of Shichibukai and he ended up accepting it so that he can go further with his aim.

We also can't say here that he was weak as mentioned above he was offered the position of Shichibukai but his performance was not acceptable during the Warlord.

He was heavily surpassed by Daflamingo.

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