Steins Gate Linear Bounded Phenogram Review!

Steins Gate Apr 12, 2021

Steins Gate Linear Bounded Phenogram is the spinoff of Steins Gate. Initially, when it was released in Japan, the game received a huge base. The notion of phenogram was the major attraction for the fans. It was more unique because of its multi-story structure. The inter-connection is so apt that we cannot just resist this one.

The Plot

For the majority of the game, Phenogram places you in the perspective of characters other than Okabe. This allows for some fantastic world design and character creation that the main games either do not or cannot have. Also, Steins Gate: Linear Bounded Phenogram has various routes published by several authors. It allows variation and creates interest in us.

Okabe is now an “Alpacaman.” Basically, it is a bizarre superhero of his own creation. The alpaca video game influenced the design of his costume. Many will recall him playing at the beginning of Steins Gate.

Steins Gate Linear Bounded Phenogram

The translation in Steins Gate Linear Bounded Phenogram plays well and is fun. The first route is a great experience because it brings back the classic Steins Gate action we enjoyed. Okabe attempts to overcome challenges by constantly time-leaping. He also confronts the repercussions of his decisions later. The Alpacaman feature adds a nice twist to the story. Basically, it creates some fantastic Okabe moments. Furthermore, the game does not mind letting any available characters make better moments.

Later, in Steins Gate Linear Bounded Phenogram, the path gradually undergoes a tonal transition, which serves as a great introduction to what you’ll find in Steins Gate Linear Bounded Phenogram—lighthearted fanservice and character moments, but still some excellent serious plot moments.

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Presentation and Gameplay

Apart from using the Phenogram Viewer to choose which route to read, the game’s representation is very similar to the original Steins Gate visual novel. The vocal rhythms are unquestionably outstanding.

Besides, Phenogram introduces a new “Mail List” option to the Extras menu, allowing you to reread mail received during routes to see if you’re missing any.

Steins Gate Linear Bounded Phenogram mail list

The gameplay is similar to the original Steins; Gate visual novel, except for the route selection panel. Phenogram employs the same user interface as the original game, and returning players can fit in perfectly. Instead of selecting the route by responding to emails in various ways, you choose to play from the title screen. Like the original visual novel, the main feature is still present and makes some cool optional character interactions.


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