Steins Gate: 5 Characters People Love To Hate

Steins Gate Characters are pretty much in number. There are some whom we love. However, there are some Steins; Gate Characters who people hate in the anime

Steins Gate: 5 Characters People Love To Hate

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Steins Gate Characters are pretty much in number. There are some whom we love. However, there are some Steins; Gate Characters who people hate in the anime. The story is about how people tried to change the past to escape inevitable assumptions. Steins; Gate has everything we’re looking for. When we think about Time Travel, we can’t help but think of Steins Gate. The attempts to improve the past and build a sustainable future are encouraging.

A video game shapes the story. One of the main Steins; Gate characters, Rintarao Okabe, is a brilliant physicist, is on the lookout for technological breakthroughs. However, he eventually learns the elusive concept of time travel.

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 The most hated Steins Gate characters are as follows:-

  1. Shouichi Makise – One of the Antagonists in Steins Gates Characters

Steins Gate Characters

If there is one such in Steins Gate characters that deserves all the hatred, Shouichi Makise He is also known as Dr. Nakabachi. He explores time travel and its different concepts. In one of the alternative worlds, he was Kurisu’s father and also the murderer. His motive for murdering his daughter was jealousy; talk about a bad father. Shouichi is one of the main Steins Gate Characters who is an antagonist.

  1. Alexis Leskinen – The Researcher


One element of Steins; Gate that never fails to amaze us is how any enemy in the show begins as an ally Alexis Leskinin is a professor and researcher at the Brain Institute at Viktor Chodria University.  He is one of the Steins Gate Characters who is a primary antagonist. If Rintarou Okabe was a self-proclaimed mad scientist, Alexis Leskinin is the real deal. To accomplish his aims, he went so far as to experiment on orphaned children.

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  1. Moeka Kiryu – Anti- Social 


Moeka Kiryu was just a quirky anti-social lady who could not talk without her cellphone. However, she later declares herself to be a member of the Rounders. She did not only murder Mayuri Shiina once but many times. Moreover, she started as a friend as well. She was no exception in this matter.

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  1. Judy Reyes- A Friend who turned into Foe


There is indeed an abundance of plot twists in Steins Gates Characters’ lives. There are plot twists at every corner and in every episode. It fails to be dull. Judy Reyes was Alexis Leskinin’s colleague and a research professor at Viktor chondria University. She was originally friendly with Okabe. But like every other friend, she turned out to be a foe.

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  1. SERN – The Club of Hated Steins Gate Characters

SERN- Steins Gate Characters

SERN stands for the European Society for Nuclear Science. It is the principal adversary group in Steins Gate. Unlike the real-life version of SERN, which is interested in global growth, SERN is only interested in attaining dominance. These deranged young people would go to any extent to attain world supremacy. Killing, cheating, and kidnapping are all acceptable.

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