Steins Gate: 4 Reasons to Binge Watch!

Anime Apr 2, 2021

Steins Gate is a story about how there were efforts to fiddle with the past to avoid unavoidable conclusions. Steins; Gate has everything we want. From science fiction to thriller to romance to suspense, it has everything. We cannot miss Steins Gate when we think of Time Travel. The efforts to change the past and have a better future are a must-watch.

The plot is based on a video game. A prodigious scientist named Rintarao Okabe is in search of scientific innovation. But inevitably discovers the enigmatic idea of time travel.

The Characters of Steins Gate

The best part of Steins Gate is undoubtedly its characters. The personality each character holds is just breathtaking. Some characters may make you fall in love with them, and some may make you hate them to death, but you cannot just dislike this anime. As a fan of Steins; Gate, the plot and the character portrayal equally intrigued me. Also, their internal relationships are worthy of your time.

The characters actually play a significant role in catapulting the thrilling science fiction and suspense storyline and plot forward. The best relationship we see here is Okabe’s with all his lab mates. His friendship with Mayuri is watch-worthy. They help this anime succeed.

Steins Gate: 5 Characters People Love To Hate

Tinge of Romance

People who enjoy the romantic genre will undoubtedly enjoy Steins Gate. It intrigues even though it lacks full-fledged romance. The romantic undertones in Steins Gate are just appropriately perfect. It’s sort of like a transition between the intense scenes.

The tinge of romance

The characters evolve better when we show every aspect of their life openly. I guess the writer did keep that in mind while writing about this anime. When romantic interests are added to the leads, the viewers love it even more. It makes the viewers feel ever more involved with the characters. In Steins; Gate, there is a particular romantic interest that develops with the main character, Rintaro Okabe. That romantic element does add a pinch of emotions to this sci-fi.

Time-Travelling- Science Fiction

There aren’t many science-fiction anime that are particularly well-suited. Steins Gate is worth a binge-watch for those fans. The story centers around one of science’s most significant concepts: time travel. That alone should be enough to entice genre lovers to check out the series.

Steins Gate

The storyline revolves around Rintaro Okabe and his colleagues, who unwittingly find a way to send text-based messages back through time. Some people take heed, and confusion springs up. The story’s science-fiction aspects are undoubtedly what makes the storyline the most exciting.

The Suspense Steins Gate Holds

Undoubtedly, Steins; Gate is primarily a science fiction anime. However, just like it has a tinge of romance, it similarly has plenty of stuff that makes it a worthy thriller.  The mystery that unfolds on almost every part of the anime makes it worth a watch.

Suspense it holds

All those twists and turns are irresistible. When a writer tries to put everything into one particular thing, there is always a kind of fear that it may become messy. But, Steins Gate is just apt. It just fails to disappoint. Wanna know what the future holds in Steins Gate? Well, you must watch it then. Chill, I won’t give any worthy spoiler to spoil your watch.


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