Squid Game Finale Review: The Ending Explained

The 2021 Netflix Kdrama had a weird and confusing ending. What did the ending of Squid Game mean?

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The 2021 Netflix Kdrama Squid Game had a very promising beginning. Good characters, characters were developed properly, the entire context of holding off the grid game is a refreshing idea but the ending kinda disappointed that makes you want to either rant about it or pray that there’s a season 2. Coz Fans of Squid Game deserve some explanation after the shit they pulled.

Well, the most disappointing point of the show was the death of police officer Hwang Jun Ho. He entered the Squid Game to find his brother, but unfortunately, death was awaiting him. Rip Jun Ho.  The final game starts between Seong Gi Hun (Lee Jung Jae) and Cho Sang Woo (Park Hae Soo). As obvious, the final game is the Squid Game. after a coin toss, Gui Hin wins the toss and chooses to be the attacker of the game.

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The final game has no restriction and any form of violence is allowed. After a brutal match between Gi Hun and Sang Woo, Gi Hun ends up winning, only to forfeit at the end. He pleads with Sang Woo to quit the game so that they can go home. Unfortunately, Sang Woo wasn’t convinced. He killed himself, which automatically makes Gui Hun the winner.

After winning he has an audience with the Showrunner aka Frontman (Lee Byung Hun) who congratulates him and drops him in the middle of the city. There is a time skip of 1 year and guess who invites Gi Hun again.

It’s the card of Squid Game and at the end of the mystery awaits the possible mastermind; Oh Il Nam (Oh Young Soo), Player 001. The old grandpa who was with them in the Squid game didn’t actually die.

He was introduced as the first player to join Squid Game. The grandpa was the actual mastermind behind everything. All the miseries and needless death, was all to satisfy his quest and wanting to play childish games. Oh Well. No one saw this twist coming.

In the game between Gi Hun and Il Nam to play the marble game with a two-team partner, his death was not shown onscreen like Ali and others, so the possibility that he was alive never even occurred.

Was it his dementia or did he really wanted Gi Hun to win is it still a mystery? But The grandpa passes away leaving Gi Hun more confused. The grandpa called him because he didn’t use a single cent from the price money and reverted back to his older lifestyle.

When Gi Hun reached home, unfortunately, his mother had passed away. None had heard from her, so it was safe to assume it has been some time that she might have passes away, all alone.

After leaving the hospital, Gi Hun went for a haircut and literally dies his hair red. A nice change of hairstyle indeed. He visits the orphanage and gets Kang Sae Byeok’s little brother as promised. Gi Hun leaves him with Hae Soo’s mom and with a lot of money.

As he’s about to get ready to visit his daughter in the US, he sees the same man (Gong Yoo) playing the same game with another guy. He chases him but he leaves. Gi Hun warned the guy not to participate in the game and takes his card forcefully.

As he’s about to board the flight, he calls the number of Squid Game host. The caller picks up and asks for his name to enter the game. Enraged, Gi Hun calls and tell them that he’s not a horse and a human, implying that they had no right to trample over human lives.

In the end, it seems like he didn’t board the plane and might join the next iteration of the Squid Game. The caller from the other end (Frontman) tells him it will be better if he boards the plane and forgets about it. But Gi Hun might have other plans.  With this Squid Game Season 1 ends and we can hope for a season 2 to answer all the questions. It was an open ending and left us literally at the cliffhanger.

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The 9 episode Netflix Kdrama Squid Game had a promising start but a very disappointing ending.