Spy X Family | Anya’s Adventure with Loid Forger!

What is Operation Strix? Who is Twilight? Who’s Anya?

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The most anticipated anime this Spring 2022 is finally here. Spy X Family anime is adapted from the manga series created by mangaka Tatsuya Endo. The series has published 9 volumes and is currently ongoing.

Spy X Family presents the unique situation of an infamous Spy Twilight who is tasked and ordered to create a family, a wife, and a child for the success of the mission. Who is Anya? What will Twilight do? Who is Loid Forger? Let’s find out!

What is Operation Strix?

Loid Forger as twilight

World peace is in question and only one man could do the job. An elite spy from Westalia, Code name Twilight must do anything to complete Operation Strix even if he had to get married or magically have a kid in 7 days!  

He has the mission of observing his next target Donovan Desmond. The leader of the National Unity Party, Donovon Desmond doesn’t make a public appearance.

Agent Twilight must have a child to get enrolled in the same school as Desmond’s son. Tasked with the difficulty what will Twilight do?

Who is Twilight?

the first meeting

One of the best spies that Westalia could offer gave rise to Twilight. His real name or origin is still a mystery. Twilight has many faces, he’s a man with many talents.

In Twilight’s last mission he helped to maintain peace between Ostania and Westalia. In Operation Strix, Twilight transforms and becomes Loid Forger, a psychiatrist.

Now all he needs is a loving wife and a beautiful but intelligent child. Easy peasy, Twilight has it covered.

Who’s Anya?

anya forger

In order for Twilight's mission to become successful, Mr Loid Forger needs a child. He visited an orphanage and met Anya for the first first time.

Anya is around 4 or 5 years old but tried to be like 6 years old for Loid Forger’s mission to get successful. What Loid Forger aka Twilight doesn’t know is that

Tanya is a psychic. She can read minds and has telepathic abilities. It was hinted that she was a test subject (Test Subject 007) and she ran from the place that conducted experiments on her.

Anya does everything to appease Loid Forger and doesn’t want to get sent back to the orphanage. She was previously returned four times from different orphanages.

Road to Parentage, But Mom’s MIA!!!

scared anya

Loud Forger went home with Tanya in hopes to educate her and enroll her in the prestigious institution to become acquainted with his target Mr Desmond.

Tanya likes spy movies, and peanuts and definitely dislikes studying. Situations get worse when Tanya reads Loid’s mind and entered his secret room. Unknowingly of the consequences yet to come, Tanya overplayed her actions and got into trouble.

Why did they kidnap Anya?

kidnapped anya

Much to Loid’s surprise, Anya gets kidnapped by his enemies. Loid was convinced that the first priority was to escape and he would have done so. Looks like Mr Twilight has some good conscious left.

Twilight (Loid Forger) is convinced that this world needs to be protected and children should be kept out of it. In a surprising move, Twilight goes to save Anya.

Loid Forger to anya's rescue

To protect her, Loud Forger (Twilight) decided to give up on Anya and gives her a note after saving her from the kidnappers. What caught Loid Forger by surprise was Anya didn’t leave and waited for him so that they can go home.

Anya Forger now became Loid Forger’s daughter and together they prepared for the exam. It was cute to see Loid Forger lying to Anya and she was reading his mind.

Will Anya get accepted?

happy loid and anya

Anya, initially reluctant didn’t want to study but Loid made her study anyway. On the exam day, Anya thought to rely on others and tried to read their minds, but she ended up doing well on her own.

Guess Loid did teach her well. Anya gets accepted and receives an acceptance letter. The first hurdle is clear, but now comes the actual hard part. The school requires an interview with the child and their parents, meaning Anya and Loid Forger must attend the interview with their mother/wife, aka Mr. Forger.  

anya and loid

What will Loid Forger do to get out of this situation, we can find out next week.

Gotta say, Spy X Family was quite a nice watch and the high ratings are completely justified. Spy X Family has a rating of over 9 in MAL and IMDB.

As the premise goes, and most fans are aware, Mrs Forger aka Yor Forger is an assassin who will join this family. She has yet to make an appearance yet. Quite excited for episode 2 of Spy X Family.

Spy X Family episode 1 was quite entertaining and fast-paced. The interactions between Anya and Loid Forger were funny and heart-warming.  Spy X Family anime is currently airing on Netflix so don’t forget to stream it! Happy streaming with Spy X Family!!!

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