Made up families are the best?

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With so many beautiful and cute moments in Spy x Family, something that makes the readers and viewers feel warm and comforting including Anya’s cuteness, the enticing plot, is the representation of an ideal family that is being shown as a fake cover for an Operation.

Spy x Family started with Twilight finding a child for Operation Strix as an undercover spy but ended up making a beautifully co-dependent family. In spite of the secrets, they keep from each other, their togetherness and the beautiful bond are worth celebrating.

Twilight to Loid Forger

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The character of Twilight is shown to be an extremely considerable and ideal man who devotes his life to the commitment of being a spy, working behind the shadows and sacrificing everything to save the West from the East conspiracies, to save humans against the information war.

His skills as a spy are extremely immaculate, his eyes accustomed to minute details that make him worthy to be called the best-known spy.

His disguise and tactics with his undivided attention to his work make his character diligent and appealing to the viewers.

In the name of work, he even went out of his way to become a father who is equally ideal.

Since the start of the Operation, doing everything to favour him to get closer to Desmond, he brought up Anya with the help of his moral judgment, learning to parent, and with the firm and beautiful personality, he already has.

His attempt to understand his child and her desires, her likes and dislikes, and everything for his mission felt overshadowed when his humanity and identity as a father made him appropriate for such an identity.

An assassin and a mother

As the anime folds into more detail with background stories of the main characters, the story of Yor Briar comes to light.

Her gullible and soft facade is soon revealed to be the deadly assassin who kills politically corrupted and earns through this line of income.

She started earning in this line for providing for her brother’s studies and education, neglecting her own life and needs.

yor feeling blushed

Yor Briar's compassion and caring nature towards her brother is the most visible sign of her motherhood and she gets more protective and understanding while mothering Anya.

In the times of Loid misunderstanding Anya’s potential, it is Yor who tries to make him understand that she needs space, that studying and education should make her feel comfortable and give her space to express herself or her self-esteem won’t develop.

yor enjoying her time with anya

Yor Forger is shown to be different from the conventional ideas of how mothers should be, thus creating a better and liberated sketch of a woman.

In the episode where she goes to Camilla’s birthday when Camilla badmouthed about rumours where she heard Yor going to hotel rooms to massage people, insinuating prostitution in a bad light, Loid appreciates Yor and is vocal in admiring her diligence and bravery in facing any job to keep her family happy.

Even after she takes on the act of being a mother, she cannot cook but makes up for it in a different way without any misogynistic entitlement or remark from Loid, which shows the progressive character arc in Spy x Family.

Yor Briar is another example that a family is teamwork and divided responsibilities between the spouses to make their children grow, and it is not necessary for a mother to be the only one cooking for the rest of the family, as it is the bare minimum that everyone should learn.

Wholesome Spy-Assassin Family

Through such instances and gestures, the family becomes the most ideal and the best example of how a family should be.

A balanced mix of fun, stringent obedience, care, love, respect, and privacy among the people who share the bond. It also reveals that a family does not necessarily need to be bound by blood and entitlement to be called a family.

family enjoying a view

It can be fragmented people with hidden pasts just focusing on their lives and caring for the fabricated family they created.

These are three people bound by the surprising turn of events, with their personal backstories and past that they conveniently hide to be a wholesome family, and it is beautifully shown how their past does not interfere when they are having a good time among themselves, being a family, being together against all odds, helping the other support themselves as well as the family.

Anya’s past saw a little glimpse in the episodes where she was forced to do whatever the scientists told her to, always had to abide by their work and rules, she was never given away to express herself.

Compared to that, she found a family where she had a voice and two caring and loving parents whose se

crets she knew but hid so perfectly and accepted them as the best parents. They have set a beautiful and wholesome example of how families really should be, how a child should grow up, and how the members of a family should function.