Spy X Family Anime | What Happens to Anya Forger’s Fate?

Can Loid Forger find the perfect Mrs. Forger? Who is Yor? Will Anya get into Eden Academy?

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The new action/comedy anime series Spy X Family is a visual weekly treat for anime fans. The hyped Netflix anime series airs on Saturday which keeps us on our toes wondering what will happen to Anya Forger.

Anya Forger, the main protagonist, is a six-year-old child who can read minds. She started living with Loid Forger aka Sy codename Twilight.

Loid Forger is responsible for overseeing Operation Strix. To clear the operation and begin spying on Desmond (the target). Loud Forger needs to get Anya admitted to the prestigious school Eden Academy.

What can go wrong right, except for literally everything? Loud Forger needs a wife and mother for Anya Forger. What happens to Anya Forger’s fate now? Can Loid Forger find the right Mrs. Forger? Who’s Yor Forger?

Love at first sight??!

Spy X Family

After rejecting so many candidates for “Mrs. Forger”, Loid Forger is stressed because no one fits the bill. The fate of operation Strix depended on Anya Forger’s performance in the interview together with the “unavailable Mrs. Forger”.

Loid Forger magically met Yor in the tailor shop. Thanks to Anya playing the matchmaker, Loid Forger blurts out to Yor to become his wife.  Gotta praise Anya for how she subtly reads Yor’s mind and finds out that she’s an assassin. Her telepathic skills come in handy.

Who is Yor?


A secret skilled assassin in her free time, Yor works as a clerk at Berlint City Hall. Yor’s coworkers are pure trash always looking down on her. Just because she’s single and not busy dating, doesn’t mean she’s not charming. Only the fools can’t see the deadly charming beauty (no pun intended) Yor is.

Due to mutual convenience, Yor decided to accept Loid Forger’s agreement and become family with Anya and Loid Forger. A loving family of 3, The Forgers will soon emerge champions. Yor has a younger brother who always worries about her. She wanted to get out of the wedding situation and assure his brother of her happy and so-called non-existent dating life.

Meeting with Loid Forger was amazing because she can easily skip the process and continue to be the awesome assassin she is. Yor is nicknamed “Thorn Princess” who is skilled enough to wipe her targets without them ever knowing what happened to them.

Yor X Loid

yor and loid proposal

Unwillingly, Yor had to attend her office party, where people were mocking her for showing up without a boyfriend. Loid Forger was caught up in a mission and he was running late. Just when Yor was about to leave, Floid showed up, the dashing and charming man he is.

The jealous colleague couldn’t believe her eyes, and she tried to ruin her, Yor, and Floid to the rescue. The scene was so satisfying as the new couple shut her up and went on their merry ways leaving everyone flabbergasted.

As Loid and Yor began to talk, the goons from the previous operation started chasing them. In a scuffle, Loid lost the diamond ring, yet what a stylish way to propose indeed.

The Emergence of the Forger Family

the happy family

Now that everything was done, Mr and Mrs Forger-Loid, Yor, and Anya are the picture-perfect couple. The only problem was trying to become perfect with Anya Forger’s uncontrolled tongue and weird actions.

Not to worry, become Loid Forger has everything under control, or so he thinks. The family portrait was such a cute and fulfilling moment for Anya, as this is something she never had. Now Anya has a mom and dad, a dream come true.  Hope the Forger family stays strong even if Anya doesn’t get it (Not that she won’t).  

blushing yor

Loid planned a good setting, a perfect family time with Yor and Anya. They went to the opera, and museum and had a good meal.  Loid Forger was prepared that this might happen for possible interview questions. After returning back, Loid properly trained Anya and Yor on how to handle interview questions, manners, and etiquette.

Everything has to be perfect. The day of the interview test date came and despite hurdles and challenges, the Forger family was exuding an elegant aura. Nothing can stop them from getting Anya enrolled in Eden now. Or so we thought.

A slip of a moment made Yor angry, Anya cried, and Loid lost his emotions. Unable to vent out his frustrations, Loid Forger barely restrained from using violence. A proud Forger family failed the interview but won the hearts of the interview panel.

forger family

Unfortunately, Anya Forger’s fate is still left hanging, as they might not get in. A dejected Anya, Yor, and Loid were sad and calculating the aftermath of the actions. On the result declaration day, Anya’s name was not on the list as expected. Here’s a twist no one saw it coming.

Henry Henderson, the principal of Eden told Loid Forger that Anya is placed on the waiting list at the first position.  Now all the need is for someone to drop out so that Anya can get into Eden.

Let’s hope someone drops out before Yor goes on a killing spree to get Anya admitted. Spy X Family is streaming on Netflix so don’t forget to check it out! Saturdays are gonna be great thanks to Spy X Family together with Anya, Loid, and Yor Forger. Happy binging and fun streaming!!!

Spy X Family | Anya’s Adventure with Loid Forger!
What is Operation Strix? Who is Twilight? Who’s Anya?

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