Solo Leveling Webtoon Review

Solo Leveling Webtoon Review

Solo levelling is one of the most popular web novel written by Chugong. It was serialized in Kako’s digital comic and fiction platform Kakao Page since July 25, 2016, and later published by D&C media under their Papyrus label since November 4, 2016. Solo levelling webtoon is ongoing currently. It has garnered popularity from the starting of this manhwa (manhwa- it is the general Korean term for comics and print cartoons). The anime adaptation of solo levelling is soon going to happen. Manga like Solo Leveling is the best for a reader because it contains one of the best storyline and character development.

Solo Leveling webtoon is basically set in South Korea and there are portals and dungeons all over the world where powerful monsters appear randomly. The people who hunt these monsters are known as “hunters”. These hunters are allotted certain ranks according to their skill and power level to hunt various monsters.

Solo Leveling Webtoon most popular

The protagonist of the story is Sung Jin-woo is classified as one of the weakest hunters and is given the E- rank and in addition to this, he is barely stronger than an average human while watching the character development of the main protagonist it bounds the viewers to watch each and every development that happens in the Solo Leveling webtoon as one can relate to the main protagonist.

As the story progress forward, one day he got a mission to raid a dungeon along with a certain group of hunters not knowing that his life is going to take a whole new turn. As they went inside it took an unexpected turn as the dungeon was a rare double dungeon and they got trapped inside that dungeon.

The boss monster inside their has power equivalent to an S rank hunter which was impossible for them to clear. During which only a few of them manage to survive and escape. Sung Jin-woo dies in that dungeon but he completes all the trial in the dungeon. After which he wakes up in a hospital and he became a ‘player’ which is also known as “Re-awakening” which rarely happens with a hunter.

The power he got after “Re-awakening” allows him to see an interface in which he can see his stats, inventory, quests and levels just like a game. After that, he started to level up just like a game character which is very interesting to read. He started to enter the dungeons with intentions to become strong and fights with his life on the line.

Moving further, hunter Sung Jin-Woo began to challenge those dungeons which were above his rank and he raid those dungeons with ease and without any party member, it was impossible for other hunters during that time to commit solo raids without the help of any party member. The changing moment in the Solo Leveling webtoon comes when he completed Jeju island which is an S- rank dungeon which killed 2 S- rank Korean hunters and has 3 failed missions.

Mc kills the final Demon boss and gets the 3rd item for a miracle cure. With the help of the miracle cure, he cured his mom’s eternal sleep disease and by doing this he became the first person to do so. This raid made him a famous and somewhat overpowered character. Later on, he came to know about his real power.

Solo Leveling Webtoon most popular

Solo Leveling webtoon, completely changes the life of the MC, after subduing Red knight he made him his shadow soldier. Moving on, he raided countless dungeons and subdue powerful monsters and he made those monsters his shadow soldiers, while committing solo raids in the dungeon his skill level also rose to a completely new height and also made new comrades. Soon, he became an S-ranked hunter of South Korea along he made his own guild Ahjin guild despite getting enormous requests from various guilds as well as an offer from the Korean Hunters Association, but he rejected all those offers.

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Solo Leveling webtoon is fun to watch. Hunter Sung Jin-Woo can be seen in action and now in the ongoing arc his fight with the monarchs, which is currently going, is on a whole new level. It is great to see him accomplishing those heights which no hunter has ever reached before.

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