Solo Leveling Manhwa Review

demons staring at the opponents

Solo leveling is one of the most popular web novels written by Chugong.

It was serialized in Kako's digital comic and fiction platform Kakao Page on July 25, 2016, and later published by D&C media under their Papyrus label on November 4, 2016.

Solo leveling webtoon concluded on 10th May 2022.

This manhwa (the general Korean term for comics and print cartoons) had garnered popularity from the start.

The anime adaptation of solo leveling is also going to happen soon.

Webtoon like Solo Leveling is unsurpassed for a reader because very few mangas have an art style like Solo leveling.

It contains one of the best storylines and character development.

Solo Leveling webtoon is set in South Korea, and there are portals and dungeons worldwide where powerful monsters appear randomly.

The people who hunt these monsters are known as "hunters".

These hunters are allotted certain ranks according to their skill and power level to hunt various monsters.

The story's protagonist Sung Jin-woo is classified as one of the weakest hunters and is given the E- rank.

In addition to this, he is barely more substantial than an average human while watching the character development of the main protagonist bounds the viewers to watch every action that happens in the Solo Leveling webtoon as one can relate to the main protagonist.

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As the story progresses, one day, he gets on a mission to raid a dungeon along with a specific group of hunters, not knowing that his life will take a whole new turn.

As they went inside, the story took an unexpected turn as the dungeon was a rare double dungeon, and they got trapped inside that dungeon.

The boss monster inside the dungeon had a power equivalent to an S-rank hunter, which was impossible for them to clear. During this, only a few of them manage to survive and escape.

Sung Jin-woo dies in that dungeon, but he completes all the trials in the dungeon.

After that, he wakes up in a hospital and becomes a 'player,' also known as "Re-awakening," which rarely happens with a hunter.

The power he got after "Re-awakening" allows him to see an interface in which he can see his stats, inventory, quests, and levels just like a game.

After that, he started to level up just like a game character, which was very interesting. He entered the dungeons to become strong and fight his life on the line.

Further, hunter Sung Jin-Woo began to challenge those dungeons above his rank, and he raided those dungeons with ease and without any party members.

Other hunters couldn't commit solo raids without the help of any party member during that time.

The changing moment in the Solo Leveling webtoon came when he completed Jeju island, an S- rank dungeon that killed 2 S- rank Korean hunters and had 3 failed missions.

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Mc kills the final Demon boss and gets the 3rd item for a miracle cure.

With the help of the miracle cure, he cured his mom's eternal sleep disease, and by doing this, he became the first person to do so.

This raid made him a famous and somewhat overpowered character. Later on, he came to know about his absolute power.

Solo Leveling webtoon completely changes the life of the MC. After subduing Red knight, he made him his shadow soldier.

He raided countless dungeons and stopped powerful monsters, and he made those monsters his shadow soldiers while committing solo raids in jail.

His skill level also rose to an entirely new height, and he made new comrades.

Soon, Jin-Woo became an S-ranked hunter in South Korea.

He made his guild Ahjin guild despite getting enormous requests from various guilds and an offer from the Korean Hunters Association, but he rejected all those offers.

Solo Leveling webtoon is fun to watch. Hunter Sung Jin-Woo can be seen in action, and now in the ongoing arc, his fight with the monarchs, which is currently going on, is on a whole new level.

It is great to see him accomplishing those heights that no hunter has ever reached before.

Webtoons like Solo Leveling

The story lies around the character Sung Jin-Woo, a hunter who loses all his powers one day while raiding a dungeon.

He then re-awakens as a player and starts to level up just as a player in any game by raiding dungeons and obtaining more power.

There are many webtoons like solo leveling, such as

1. Second Life Ranker

Because of the primary characters, Second Life Ranker is similar.

The scenario is similar in that both are growing manhwas that show the main characters' development from weak to firm.

Both mc's enjoy working alone rather than in a group, and the hunt was started due to a family member.

Overall, the use of daggers for combat is somewhat comparable.

2. The Beginning After the End

There are no overlaps between these two outstanding manhwas in actual premise and parallels.

The Beginning After the End is a world of pure magic, while solo leveling is a term with a game-like interface.

While the two manhwas are not identical, they are both fantastic.

The only way to level up is through solo leveling. He went from being the weakest player to the strongest.

Meanwhile, The Beginning After the End is a story about a wise monarch who died and was reborn on another planet.

He is recognized as a genius in this realm because he was woken at such a young age and studied by great teachers such as the dragon and the king on his voyage.

And with the assistance of those mentors, he became strong, and his connections grew big because of people's admiration for his strength, power, courage, and intelligence.

3. I Am the Sorcerer King

Sunghoon Lee is a victim of a changing world, a powerless man in a place where animals and magic abound.

Monsters from another world attacked Earth, bringing a disease that caused Sunghoon's mother to slumber indefinitely.

To pay off her medical fees, he chose a dangerous profession as bait for powerful superhumans known as Awakeners who hunt monsters, akin to solo leveling in which Sung Jin-Woo loses all of his skills and begins at zero level, fighting and earning power to upgrade himself.

Surprisingly, the main character in solo leveling generally goes solo or with one other person, but in I am the Sorcerer-King, the main character has a party and joins a large organization in contrast to solo leveling.

Overall solo leveling is similar to many Manhwas but is a must-watch if you are interested in how a modern-day society is working, and then something magical happens.

There are many characters to look out for in solo leveling other than the main character Sung Jin-Woo such as

4. The Absolute Being

The Absolute Being created the universe of Solo Leveling.

He can create life from nothing and is the one who gave rise to the Rulers and Monarchs.

5. Monarch of Shadows

In Solo Leveling, the Monarch of Shadows, commonly known as Ashborn, has a fascinating story.

He was formerly one of the Seven Rulers, the Greatest Fragment of Brilliant Light.

6. Monarch of Destruction

Antares, the Monarch of Ruin, lives up to his name as a forerunner of destruction and havoc.

His Spiritual Manifestation Ability allows him to morph into a substantial crimson dragon.

7. Monarch of Frost

The Monarch of Frost is another powerful monarch at the top of the power hierarchy.

The Monarch, also known as the King of Snow Folk, is an ice elf that relies on ice magic and uses ice-based powers.

As a result, he constructs and manipulates ice golems to carry out his bidding.

8. Monarch of Beastly Fangs  

The Beastly Fangs Monarch, often known as the King of Beasts, is one of the most potent and formidable Monarchs.

His raw strength was proven during his fight with Thomas Andre, the strongest hunter in the United States when he managed to defeat him despite holding back.

If you are a fan of manga and want some magic in the modern world with monsters and battles fighting for survival and power, this is a must-watch.