So I'm a Spider So What Manga: Complete Review

So I'm a Spider So What Manga is a Japanese light novel series written by Okina Baba & it is illustrated by Tsukasa Kiryu.

So I'm a Spider So What Manga: Complete Review

So I’m a Spider So What Manga, also known as Kumo Desu Ga Nani Ka Manga is a Japanese light novel series written by Okina Baba and it is illustrated by Tsukasa Kiryu. The story starts with a girl who is bullied and is reincarnated as a dungeon spider, and her struggle for survival is illustrated in the manga. So I’m a Spider So What Manga had received a manga adaptation, and an anime television series adaptation by Millepensee and was premiered in January 2021.


I’m a Spider So What Manga starts in a world where the battle between Hero and Demon Lord repeated itself time and time again and an enormous space-time spell got misfired and struck a certain Japanese high-school class on Earth, which kills everyone in the class.

However, guided by what we call a miracle, the students were all reincarnated into another world filled with magic. Though, after reincarnation, a handful of students get fortunate enough as they became royalty, nobles, and all the other kinds of influential people in that world, while one girl was not so lucky enough.

She got reborn into the body of a spider monster which is considered to be of the weakest kind in a dungeon that is filled with vicious and dangerous beasts. In addition to this, she is forced to experience extreme hardship in that dungeon. Even so, armed with nothing but her human knowledge and overwhelming positivity, she continues to move on and survive against such creatures which are much stronger than herself.

Upon finding out that her new world has a system like that of an RPG game, she then tries her utmost best to hunt down the prey and defeat the strong monsters to level up and evolve into higher species. As she gradually inclines to grow stronger, she just hopes that one day her efforts will be rewarded and that she will be granted a better life.

So I’m a Spider So What Manga includes some of the most fascinating characters as they are enjoyable and likeable that most readers will also find. And, what makes this novel such a great one is the clear progression as every one of the protagonists makes becomes stronger and also the exciting and interesting encounters with powerful antagonists.

She gains more and more ridiculous skills and stats after defeating an opponent that outclassed her so badly that the author wrote pages worth of skills and stats, just to show the difference in the power level between the two.

So I’m a Spider So What Manga displays the growth of the character’s ability in a quite logical manner. What this story does the best is telling the story of a character who comes weak but grows stronger eventually.

Another aspect of Kumo Desu Ga Nani Ka Manga that is enjoying the most is its comedy. It is a novel that makes references to anime culture making the comedy very meta and enjoyable.

Upon finding Kumo Desu Ga Nani Ka Manga I found that the story was different as the novel has multiple points of view from characters not which were not introduced in the manga. At the first glance, it was presumed to lower enjoyment and anticipation because people only care for the characters focused on in the manga but this was true only to a certain extent.

Main Characters

• Kumoko

She reincarnated as an initially "Nameless" white spider monster in the most dangerous dungeon in the world where she has to constantly fight to survive and slowly evolves into an incredibly powerful being.

Secondary Characters

• Demon King (Ariel)

The current Demon Lord and progenitor of all spider monsters in the world. Though physically a girl in her early teens, she is one of the oldest beings on the planet. She confronted Shiraori after she finally escapes the dungeon and tries to kill her, as her existence was doing enormous damage to the hive-mind of the spider monster species.

• Filimøs

The class' homeroom teacher and a member of Shun's party, nicknamed "Ms. Oka". She reincarnated as the daughter of the elf patriarch, Potimas. Using a unique skill that tells her the reincarnations' pasts, presents, and futures, she has been scouring the world for her students and securing them at the elf village.

• Hugo

One of the classmates and the central antagonist of the prolepsis. He reincarnated as the crown prince of the Renxandt Empire. Already egotistical in his previous life, his new royal upbringing turned him into a megalomaniac who tried to assassinate Shun out of jealousy for his popularity, but failed and got stripped of his skills by Ms Oka.

• Katia

One of the classmates and a member of Shun's party, nicknamed "Katia". She reincarnated as a noblewoman in the Analeit Kingdom. She suffers from gender dysphoria due to having been a man in her previous life, which only grows more complicated when she starts developing romantic feelings for Shun.

• Shun

One of the classmates was nicknamed "Shun". He reincarnated as the fourth prince of the Analeit Kingdom. Having had a sheltered upbringing, he is very dense and naive. He later inherits the hero title following the death of his older brother, Julius, and has to flee his Kingdom after being framed for a coup d'état by classmate Hugo and his older half-brother, Cylis.

Minor Characters

• Anna

Shun's maid and the person who raised him after his mother passed away. She is a half-elf who left the Elf Village due to persecution and ended up becoming the court magician of the Analeit Kingdom for several generations before retiring.

• Araba

A powerful earth dragon that inhabited the same dungeon as Shiraori. It encountered Shiraori several times and even destroyed her nest once, traumatizing her with its overwhelming power, but always let her go, as it did not consider the spider worth its attention.

• Balto Phthalo

Ariel's right-hand man and the de-facto ruler of the demons in her absence. While opposed to her warmongering, he is forced to support her out of fear that she would otherwise turn her overwhelming strength on demonkind instead.

• Cylis

The first prince of the Analeit Kingdom and one of Shun's older half-brothers. Though the crown prince, he was privately worried about being disinherited by his more talented siblings. As a result, when this exact scenario came to pass when his father made Shun his heir after he became the new Hero to keep him off the battlefield, it prompted him to ally himself with Hugo and launch a coup d'etat by killing the king whilst framing his brother.

• Fei

One of the classmates and a member of Shun's party, nicknamed "Fei". She reincarnated as Shun's pet earth dragon and later evolved into a light dragon after he became the new hero, gaining a human form in the process.

• Hyrince

Julius' best friend and a member of his party. He is the only one out of the group who survived their encounter with a mysterious white girl later revealed to be Shiraori. Afterwards, he joined Shun's party and began acting as a mentor-like figure for him.

• Julius

The previous Hero as well as the second prince of the Analeit Kingdom and Shun's older brother, whom the latter greatly looked up to. He once faced Shiraori in the main storyline, set 15 years ago, which left him with mild arachnophobia.

• Leston

The third prince of the Analeit Kingdom and one of Shun's older half-brothers. Despite renouncing his claim to the throne, he was captured during Cylis' rebellion and sentenced to be executed. Fortunately, Shun and his party managed to rescue him.

• Meiges Derra

The ruler of the Analeit Kingdom and Shun's father. He deeply cared for his children, to the point of being heartbroken following Julius' death and making Shun his heir after he became the new Hero to keep him off the battlefield.

• Nightmare's Vestige

A new spider monster species that are Shiraori's offspring created through the <Egg Laying> skill. They possess intelligence on par with a human, communicate through telepathy, and are loyal to their "Mother/Master".

• Potimas Harrifenas

The patriarch of the elves as well as Ariel and Filimøs' father. Initially presented as a supporting character in the prolepsis, where he helped Filimøs search for her students, it is later revealed that he is the central antagonist of the main story: a narcissistic mad scientist with a god complex who is obsessed with attaining immortality and drains the planet's lifeforce to power his inventions

• Ronandt Orozoi

A monster tamer and an officer in the Renxandt Empire military. He was sent to investigate a monster outbreak caused by Shiraori scaring away all the dungeon's monsters, only to have his entire squad wiped out by her and subsequently be demoted for failure.

• Sanatoria

The commander of the 2nd Demon Army. She is opposed to Ariel's warmongering and secretly formulates a rebellion against her. However, the demon lord is fully aware of her plot and views her as no threat.

• Seras Keren

Sophia's mother and the countess of Keren County. An avid follower of the Goddess Religion, she became convinced that Shiraori was a Divine Beast sent by Sariel after she saved her and Sophia from some bandits on a whim.

• Sophia KEREN

One of the classmates was nicknamed "Vampy". She reincarnated as a vampire born to human parents due to a mutation. She crossed paths with Shiraori when she was still a baby and was later taken in by her and Ariel after her home was destroyed in a war.

• Sue

The second princess of the Analeit Kingdom and Shun's younger half-sister, nicknamed "Sue". She is a yandere with a brother complex, which is obvious to everyone except her brother. When Hugo overthrew Analeit, she was seemingly brainwashed and forced to assassinate her father while framing Shun.

• Wrath

One of the classmates was nicknamed "Mr. Oni". He was reincarnated as a goblin. Having never liked the capitalistic modern world, he enjoyed the goblins' hunter-gatherer lifestyle.

• Yaana

The previous Saint and a member of Julius' party. She had an obvious crush on him but he opted not to reciprocate her feelings out of fear that he might die and leave her alone. When war broke out between humans and demonkind, she sacrificed herself to protect Julius from a colossal spider monster.

• Yuri

One of the classmates. She reincarnated into a poor family who left her in the Word of God church, where she eventually became a saint. Scared and alone, she clung to the only Japanese-speaking thing around her: the system voice of the world's RPG system.

What is the ending of I'm a spider so what?

Shun tries to stop Sophia and Wrath, but he is outmanned, and Anna bears the brunt of the blow. Shun, desperate, use a banned mercy skill to resuscitate her. This, however, raises his Taboo to level 10, forcing him to discover the truth about the world.

Hugo hits Sophia when he sees an opening, but is knocked out by the woman in white, who Shun and his friends know as their classmate Wakaba, the nameless spider. Wakaba has already escaped Ariel's onslaught by placing her consciousness into an egg she deposited before the attack, which hatches as a newborn. She then evolves into an after gaining EXP on the battlefield.

And meanwhile, Potimas attacks Sophia's home, killing her parents and injuring the family butler, Merazophis, compelling her to transform him into a vampire. Wakaba emerges and battles Potimas, but he is pushed into a corner until Ariel appears and defeats him, showing that he was simply a mechanical duplicate. Wakaba agrees to a cease-fire, and she, Sophia, and Merazophis all agree to accompany Ariel back to Demon Territory. Wakaba's party returns to the present to vanquish Potimas.

Will there be a season 2 of So I'm a spider so what?

The show is well-liked, with a 7.4 out of 10 rating on my anime list, which is extremely impressive. We do expect a season 2 with so much content still in hand and the story not finishing in season 1, but we are seeing a long gap between the two. We still haven't received any confirmed word regarding the show's renewal, but we expect to be out by early 2023.