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Snow White With The Red Hair

Akagami no Shirayuki-Hime or the English title- Snow White With The Red Hair is a romance, drama, and historically inspired anime and manga series.

Snow White With The Red Hair got released starting in July 2015 and ended on March 28 2016 with a total of two seasons.

Fun-animation dubbed this series in English version under the name of “Snow White with the red hair”.

Snow White With The Red Hair Plot

Shirayuki got informed that she’s chosen as a concubine for the prince of Tanbarun, Raji because of her unusual shade of red hair.

She was popular in Tanbarun for this shade of hair.

She cut and left her hair for the prince thinking he was behind her for them and ran away from Tanbarun.

Walking into the forest she came across an abandoned house. Knowing that she couldn’t take shelter in that house, she rested outside.

The next morning, she encountered Zen who was jumping over the bricks.

To his surprise seeing someone resting outside the abandoned house, he lost control and injured his arm.

Snow White With The Red Hair

Zen goes close to her and removes her hood with his sword.

He got surprised by her unusual shade of red hair.

She offers to help him with the injuries but he backs off and questions that she could poison him.

To prove her innocence she hurts her arm with Zen’s sword and applies for the same herbal medicine that she was offering to Zen.

On contrary, she also said that carrying poisons is not her hobby. Zen chuckles and apologized to Shirayuki.

He gets his wound treated by her.

When she was treating Zen, a basket of apples arrives at the abandoned house.

She tells Zen the whole story of her sudden escape from her hometown. Zen remarks Raji as an idiot.

Before she eats the apple, he grabs her hand and eats a bite from it. Suddenly he staggers and collapses on the floor.

The messenger who bought the apples arrives at the door.

He threatens Shirayuki with the antidote of the poison infused in the apples and informs her to head for Tanbarun.

She returned with the messenger to Tanbarun and he takes her to prince Raji’s room. He got surprised to see her hair color and offer to marry him.

She refuses instantly and demands the antidote for Zen. He tells her to redeem herself and moan him to become his concubine.

She tells him to stop joking around but then instantly he reminds her friend who took the poison.

She was now forced to make a decision either to become his concubine or to let her friend die.

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She slaps away the approaching hand of Raji and tells him ‘Take me with you as you please’.

Suddenly Zen arrives and objects to her decision. He threatens Raji and reveals that he is the second prince of Clarines.

He backs off and falls to the ground. Shirayuki approaches Raji and orders him to give the antidote.

Snow White With The Red Hair

Shirayuki blames herself for causing Zen so much trouble and also regrets the fact that Zen got poisoned because of her.

He declines saying it was fate that they met each other and he was glad to meet her.

He asks her to decide her fate whether to return to her hometown or to head back to Clarine’s kingdom along with Zen.

That’s when she decides to write her own fate, to stand alongside Zen and face the difficulties together.

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