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The human world is interesting. But have you tried to take an interest in exploring the fantasy world? Unicorns, demons, vampires, and fairies all are part of these fantasies.

They take us into a different world of imagination.

Sometimes those scary rivers of blood, the haunted castles, and the magnificent fairy forests really amaze us and we are naturally attracted to them.

Similar is the story of Grim Reapers.

They aren’t those majestic-looking creatures nor do they suck blood like vampires or have wings like fairies.

But Reapers have their own story to scare and frighten people.

It’s believed that Grim Reapers are the personification of death.

They arrive when a person is about to die and take away their soul for its further karma investigation.

This world relies on karma i.e. your good deeds.

Theories say if you do good karma your afterlife will be blissful and if you perform bad deeds you’ll live like hell in your afterlife.

Grim Reapers are the carrier of our souls so that we can repent our karma.

They aren’t gods nor are they demons.

These creatures possess a world of their own with their unique identity in this universe.

Unlike the real world of Grim Reapers, this manga has twisted plots and stories that entertain our audience.

A slight drama and beautiful art styles are needed to attract our readers to grab the attention of people.

Forget those boring manga's where the female always plays dumb and the male always acts cool.

This manga will surely amaze you with its unique plot filled with beautiful arts and fantasies.


The main Deathless characters are Mian Lian and Zouye Changyuan.

Lian is an ordinary yet immortal girl who possesses the eyes of death.

She can see those weird numbers which tell the probability of death rate of people.

Whoever approaches her, the death rate increases, and eventually that person dies.

Tired of these numbers, she tried to do suicide many times but always failed.

When Zouye who is the Grim Reaper offers to help her, she absorbs his sword.

Does Mian Lian possess extraordinary powers that are stronger than Grim Reapers? What’s her true identity?

Meet the Deathless Characters

Mian Lian

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Lian is a teenager who is quiet, introverted, and has social phobia.

Due to her unique ability, she is afraid to approach people. She can see a person’s probability of death.

If anyone makes physical contact with Lian, she can increase that person’s probability of death.

She’s tired from living this life but she doesn’t have access to death.

When this girl meets Zouye, the Grim Reaper, the mystery behind this curse is slowly revealed.

Zouye Changyuan

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He is an arrogant, and unruly Grim Reaper who considers everything beneath him.

He thinks he is the almighty king who can achieve anything in this world. He is an ill-mannered son of the grumpy King of Reapers.

He always despises fragile humans due to his hatred and proud full behavior.

But he’s proved wrong after he meets Mian Lian.

Her pains, struggles, and mysteries become his new path. Are they fated together?

Li Yu

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He is a bright, optimistic child who suffered in his childhood.

Though sometimes he acts like a hooligan, he is surprisingly innocent and careless.

He is Mian Lian’s classmate and for some reason, he has a crush on Mian Lian.

The most surprising thing is, he has a zero probability of death. Does he also possess secret abilities?

Wu QianLian

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QianLian is the best friend of Zouye. He is a refined, cultured, and profound Grim Reaper.

He has a cold personality and an unpredictable heart.

On Lian’s 18th birthday, QianLian puts her into a deep sleep to recall all her pains and pull her out through that memory abyss.

How is he related to Mian Lian? Are there any deep secrets yet to discover?

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