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The story begins with a very shy high school girl, Sora Kajiwara who loves to draw anything she finds alluring and beautiful. She sees the world in a completely fascinating way.

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Watch Order For Sketchbook- Full Color's
Sketchbook: Full Color's - Watch Order

Totan Kobako is the author and illustrator of the Japanese manga series "Sketchbook: Full Color's." This is not a romantic anime series, but rather a lighthearted one. The story begins with Sora Kajiwara, a shy high school girl who enjoys drawing anything she finds alluring and beautiful.

She sees the world in an enthralling way, as if she wants to capture everything in her sketches. Her interest in sketching leads her to join her school's art club. In terms of her shyness, she finds it difficult to participate in activities with the other students.

Nonetheless, she does not hide her talent for drawing, but when she begins to share it with her friends, she sees the world in a new light. She always carries her drawing book with her and draws anything her heart finds to be a memory to hold.

Sora, along with her art club friends, has exciting experiences in her journey of drawing all those beautiful things. Her friends each have their own way of experiencing the world and using their imagination. They worked together to find interestingly great things to photograph.

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TV Series

Sketchbook: Full Color's (Episodes 1-13)

This anime only has one season depicted. The story is simple to understand and will stay with you for a long time. It will provide you with motivation to explore this beautiful and vibrant world. There will be moments in the anime series that will make you laugh while also making you feel emotionally attached to the characters.

One will undoubtedly enjoy the characters because they are all amusing, shy, full of energy, and lively. The viewer will not be disappointed if they watch this anime.

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