Silent War: Are You Brave Enough To Read It?

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women getting terrified on getting caught

Silent War is not your typical manhwa. If you have a strong heart only then proceed further.

The reader can get confused regarding the MC in the first two seasons.

In season one of the manhwa, you will not feel that the main character is the real main character and the supporting character is the main character.

In Silent War season 2 we actually feel that the main character is the real one.

In the very first chapter of season one, the main character is basically trapped. Gunner feels the main character.

He brings a girl to his apartment and gets intimate. It is the teacher Dia song and all the boys outside the room are schoolboys.

They all listen to Gunner because he is the boss and he controls everything they can’t do anything without his permission.

In the next chapters, Mia finds out about Gunner and the Teacher and she steps inside and gets angry at Gunner.

After that Gunner and his group leave the apartment for some games. Hyun stays at home as he doesn’t want to go.

In the next chapters, Mia gets intimate with Hyun and after that, she tells Hyun to keep it a secret.

As Hyun is going out Gunner comes with his buddies.

Hyun hides inside and to avoid Gunner from noticing Mia gets intimate with Gunner which is quite interesting to watch.

Mia somehow saves Hyun after that gunner went outside and met a girl whom some people were trying to pick on.

Gunner saves that girl and gets intimate with her too. He told her to become a prostitute for her.

After that Hyun's back story got described how he got stuck with Gunner and his gang. It was due to a bet on soccer.

Soon he became one of the Gunner men who put bets. Gunner protects Hyun instead.

In the next episodes, Gunner wants to start a new business that involves all kinds of illegal activities like prostitutes, fighting, bets, etc.

It is a kind of underworld that Gunner has created. He calls it his own Palace or kingdom where no one can touch him.

Silent War displays how a person can develop his/her personality in relevance to the background he/she is having or what type of atmosphere a person has grown in.

Like Gunner, he came from a poor household he have to live on the streets with his family.

He had watched his father suffer on the roads because they were not having enough money even to buy one times food.

Silent War shows the real face of the person when faced with hardships and going through harsh times.

Gunner doesn’t want to repeat the same mistakes as his father committed.

On the opposite, he wants to have an ample amount of money with him so that he can live peacefully.

He wants to earn money using any sort of means.

He can see or get even if it is illegal he starts to place bets and get involved in fights.

Thus, likewise, we can see Mira how ends up here with Gunner because she wants power.

Hyun on the other does all this because he is scared.

On the other hand, he is different from the group. He is just a normal high schooler he wants to become a poet.

This shows clearly brings out the desires of the person.