Is 'The Silent Sea' the Best Netflix Kdrama of 2021?

What happened to Song Ji An's sister? Is Captain Han alive in The Silent Sea? Who is Luna?

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all the astronauts posing for a group picture

Netflix and Kdrama skyrocketed in 2021 with so many appealing and interesting shows.

Thanks to Kdramaland, fans can immediately watch fully subbed shows without waiting for hours and watch them on Netflix immediately. 2021 had a pretty interesting lineup for Kdramas.

There were some interesting shows like DP, Move to Heaven, Squid Game, Hellbound, My Name and others released in 2021. The Silent Sea is next to join this elite list

What made The Silent Sea different from other Kdramas?

On a comparative note, Hellbound generated a lot of buzzes, but sadly it was pretty disappointing.

Squid Game did set the bar high, but quite frankly, My Name was quite better.

The Silent Sea went one step further and introduced a brand new concept that hasn't really been explored before.

The plot itself was interesting and quite eye-catching.

The Silent Sea actually makes the audience reflect on the issues that can be a dire reality for people in the future.

Interesting Cast and Characters

main cast of the drama

One of the most attractive things about The Silent Sea was the characters and talented actors who made the role alive and gave depth to them.

The veteran cast of Silent Sea made the show enjoyable and worth it for fans. The characters had more depth and each of them directly contributed to the flow and progress of the story.

Even when actions were simultaneously performed, the story was unidirectional and connected all the dots perfectly.

The Silent Sea is set in a dystopian future where the world is facing a water crisis. The ML, Han Yun Jae, is a soldier in the space agency.

He commands a team for a secret mission to retrieve something from the Moon.

The plot is quite refreshing and shows the brutal reality that in a few years or the new generations might face.

Ofcourse, there's a mystery, sudden deaths and backstabbing awaiting the crew.

The real question is: will history repeat itself? Will the crew make it out alive?  

Why did Song Ji An agree to join the mission?

song ji an and ga young

The Silent Sea had interesting characters like Song Ji An who joined the mission to search for the truth behind her sister's disappearance.

Director Choi created a team to retrieve a mysterious sample abandoned previously from the Balhae Lunar Research Station.

The crew was led by Captain Han Yun Jae. Bae Doo Na was phenomenal as Dr Song Ji An and so was Gong Yoo as Han Yun Jae.

One of the most surprising characters was Ryu Tae Suk played by Lee Joon.

In the context of the Kdrama, veteran actress Kim Suj Young nailed the role of Dr Hong Ga Young.

The classic betrayal of Ryu Tae Suk was something we might not have seen it coming.

Ryu Tae Suk was acting on his own interest and was related to the death of previous researchers secretly working in Balhae Lunar Research Station.

What happened to Song Ji An's sister?

Dr Song Won Kyung, Dr Ji An's sister was invoked in an illegal and unethical experiment to create artificial clones who were able to survive on lunar water.

Ji An's sister previously left an encrypted message which made her search for Luna in the database.

Meanwhile, different crewmembers were dying because of a weird infection due to Lunar water.

Who is Luna?


After several failed experiments, they created Luna who was the result of these clinical trials.

Luna has supernatural strength, agility, and healing powers and tries to steal the samples.

In the end, it was shown that Luna can survive the atmosphere of the Moon without a spacesuit.

Han Yun Jae had his own issues as well. His daughter is hospitalised and he promised he would return after the mission.

Who is the villain?

Ryu Tae Suk

This may not be possible. After the betrayal by Ryu Tae Suk, he killed E2 and took the samples as well.

It wasn't his first rodeo for sure. When Song Ji An's sister was previously stationed at Balhae, he was one of the teams who shut down the researchers and left them to their deaths.

As the station was heading towards destruction, the battle between Ryu Tae Suk, Chief Gong Soo Hyuk and captain Han Yun Jae was anticlimactic.

Ryu Tae Suk meets his fate and so did Gong Soo Hyuk.

Initially, Luna attacked them but Song Ji An was the key link to communicating with Luna.

Together with Luna, Ji An, Yun Jae and Ga Young, they tried to escape Balhae before the destruction, but it was too late.

Is Captain Han alive in The Silent Sea?

Captain Han

The ending was heartbreaking but someone needed to sacrifice so that others could live.

It was saddening, but Yun Jae offered to stay behind and let others escape.

Han Yun Jae activated the decompression chamber from the outside manually, because, from the inside of the chamber, it wasn't possible.

After the remaining people make it out alive, a dead, freezing Han Yun Jae is shown. So there's no hope for a miracle recovery later.

What made The Silent Sea Kdrama worth it was the characters who leave a deep impression on the viewers.

Their actions may be good or bad, and have justification. The characters are rational, well defined and know what they are doing.

The entire cast was enjoyable and there were no boring scenes.

They didn't drag the flashback either and gave a crisp peek at the past. The only thing that felt lacking was the past was quite short.

It lacked details about Song Ji An's sister. The lack of insight from her perspective was a little disappointing but that's forgiving because the overall drama was well crafted.

In the end, everything was resolved well and the team made it back home eventually.

Luna's fate wasn't really explored. Overall, The Silent Sea deserves genuine praise for its well-constructed storyline, and strong characters and the music was quite suitable for the scenes. The Silent Sea is a must-watch if you haven't already.