5 reasons to Binge Watch Sh**ting Stars Kdrama!

Looking for a new Kdrama to watch? try Sh**ting Stars starring Lee Sung Kyung and Kim Dong Yae. Find out what happens to Oh Han Byeol as she deals with things!

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Around round of huge applause and shout out to TvN for bringing another great drama in 2022. Sh**ting Stars or Shooting Stars mainly center around the entertainment world, the actors and the managers, basically the people involved behind the scenes.

At first, very skeptical about how the Korean drama Sh**ting Stars will unfold, but the very first episode cleared all my doubts. As usual, Lee Sung Kyung and Kim Dong Yae made the drama so worth it.

Still wondering whether to watch Sh**ting Stars Kdrama or not, here’s why you need to watch the drama ASAP!

1. Refreshing Plot

Quite frankly, the repetitive Kdrama themes like romance, revenge, law dramas, historical (Seguk), and supernatural have become pretty cliche.

There are rarely any dramas that have a refreshing plot like Sh**ting Stars, with added humor and very enjoyable and unpredictable scenes.

The plot is pretty unique, decent, and fresh. The lively vibes make you wanna watch it and you can barely realize it before the episode ends.

The episodes make you crave more and always leave you curious and excited. The story shows the PR team of Starforce entertainment, the main protagonist Oh Han Byeol played by Lee Sung Kyung.

Her life is stressful, lively, and work-centered as the top star of the company Gong Tae Sung makes her life even more interesting and infuriating.  

There are some common actors from Penthouse Kdrama like Kim Young Dae, Yoon Jong Hoon, and Ha Do Kwon.

Kim Young Dae plays the role of Top Star Gong Tae Sung who has a Tom & Jerry relationship with Oh Han Byeol.

CN Blue member Lee Jung Shin plays the role of a lawyer, Do Soo Hyeok who is part of the legal team of Starforce entertainment.

2. Oh Han Byeol & Gong Tae Sung

The amazing Chemistry between Oh Han Byeol & Gong Tae Sung will leave you swooning for sure.

Oh Han Byeol has too many layers and is a very rare character. She is straightforward and hard-working, Ms. Perfectionist and everyone looks up to her.

Oh Han Byeol is the backbone of the PR team. Without her, no one can function. Gong Tae Sung is very hard to decipher.

He likes terrorizing her, picking up on her like a crazy immature brat who wants attention from his first love. His childish antics might have ticked off Oh Han Byeol.

Gong Tae Sung likes her but too bad for him, Oh Han Byeol doesn’t believe him. Maybe the past traumatized her too much.

Due to a university promotion, they became an accidental CC (campus couple). Oh Han Byeol was taunted by many people in the past because of the incident.

3. Mr. Work-Life Balance

What has Kdrama taught us??! Live life passionately and work diligently. There’s no use working your life to death, don’t we all have one life don’t you think?

Another amazing Kdrama character has taught us that work-life balance is so important.

Lee Jung Shin’s character Do Soo Hyeok is a lawyer who doesn’t work after 6 PM. There’s a scene in the drama when Do Soo Hyeok straight up asks Oh Han Byeol if she can dodge work calls after work.

Well, guess we all know the answer to that. Not everyone is so lucky to do that, but yea Mr. Lawyer Nim makes us wish we could just have a nice work-life balance and sign off after work at 6.  

Dreams come true and Mr. Lawyer who hate housewarming party tried throwing one just to please Oh Han Byeol. It’s another matter when Gong Tae Sung showed up uninvited.

4. Pleasant Cameos

It’s an entertainment Kdrama so it’s pretty hard to skip cameos. Shooting Stars Kdrama had pretty nice cameos and soon it’s rumored to have guest roles from Penthouse Kdrama to show support to actors.

Keep your eyes on amazing cameos in Sh**ting Stars and count which actors make an appearance so far. The actors make an appealing contribution to the storyline.

Actors like Lee Ki Woo, Lee Sang Woo, Kim Seul Gi, Moon Ka Young, Kim Dong Wook, and others have made cameos.

5. Starforce Team X Reporters

You will love all the characters in the Kdrama Sh**ting Stars. Oh Han Byeol’s friends Park Ho Young and Jo Ki Beom are besties.

Professional rivals yet friends gotta respect their dedication and friendship.

Similarly, Gong Tae Sung and Kang Yu Sung have actor-manger relationships but they trust each other.

Their brotherly relationship is worth noting. When Gong Tae Sung confessed his feelings to Hyung that he liked Oh Han Byeol,  Kang Yu Sung was not surprised at all.

The other characters are charming as well and the interaction between Gong Tae Sung and his manager Byeon Jung Yeol was quite nice.

Gong Tae Sung can be a coconut harsh outside, and a real softie on the inside. He always tried to make sure that Oh Han Byeol doesn’t get harmed.

Make sure to check out Sh**ting Stars Kdrama to have your fill of fun, laughter, and a slice of life, while it's possible that a good love triangle develops in the future. Who knows. Adios!

Thanks for reading!!!