Shonen Anime: What’s With The Popularity?

You may have heard of Shonen Anime like One Piece, Naruto, Dragon Ball, and Attack on Titan, to name a few. Ever wonder what the genre is about!!

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You may have heard of Shonen Anime like One Piece, Naruto, Dragon Ball, and Attack on Titan, to name a few. Ever wonder what the genre is about!!

These animes are a part of “Shonen Anime” or “Shonen Manga”. “Shonen” literally means “few years”. These animes aim toward a young male audience. Precisely because the protagonist of Shonen Animes is a young boy of age 15 or maybe even young.

The story builds up around these young boys which include adventures, fights, loss of loved ones, and more action-pack storylines. Impressive fighting, strong character development, and emotional stories of friendship, family, and a quest for dreams, are some common themes of Shonen Anime/Manga.

With so many years of the Shonen genre and with countless anime and manga created, the stories may often fall into cliché plots and character sketches. However, the genre is strong as ever because we have had 3 generations of BIG 3 Shonen Anime to count for.

Also, let’s say Thanks to SHONEN JUMP and other such competitors for bringing us such inspiring stories of youngins.

Some Shonen Anime, other than the ones that Anime Internet has already mentioned, is listed below.

Code Geass

With a record of millions of sold copies worldwide, Code Geass follows the story of Lelouch, the exiled prince of Britannia.

Lelouch after receiving a special gift which is known as the “Power of Absolute Obedience” leads a powerful rebellion against the Holy Empire of Britannia. He receives the gift from a mysterious girl named C.C.


Maybe you have seen a video game or a card game of this title. Well, the original anime that started in 2000 has existed in many versions. Moreover, there have been multiple spin-offs of the anime series.

The primary storyline of the series is about a high school kid, Yuugi. The story revolves around the desire of everyone to decode the Millennium Puzzle and its secrets to have their wish granted.

Yuugi in the series unleashes his alter ego after solving the puzzle. He begins to compete in the Duel Monsters card game to fend off those who want to take the Millennium Puzzle for themselves.

Fairy Tail

The series takes us to the Fairy Tail Guild in Magnolia and the mages who with their eccentric character are more likely to get in trouble without doing much. The story follows Natsu Dragneel, a Dragon Slayer, and his main quest to search for Igneel the Fire Dragon.

Fairy Tail is one such shonen anime that gained immense popularity over the last decade. The anime series came back twice due to its popularity. Hiro Mashima continued the series from 2009 till 2019.

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

The shonen anime by Shinobu Ohtaka brings to us Characters and settings from Middle Eastern stories. Aladdin and Alibaba narrate their journey through Dungeons, and dangerous magical towers with traps, and treasures. Their journey also brings them closer to their ultimate goal of making Alibaba a King.

Entirely free of fillers the anime sounds like one good idea to start. But there is only one tiny issue which is it never got a final season.

Hunter X Hunter

Yoshihiro Togashi gives a very dangerous world where the main character is often struggling to not get killed. In a world of Hunters where anyone and everyone is a prey and a predator, the story follows, Gon who is in his quest of becoming a Hunter like his father.

Although Togashi releases around 20 chapters in a year, the fandom of Hunter X Hunter appreciates the intricate details and thoughts he puts in his stories, scenes, and characters.

If you have watched any of the mentioned series recommend some more. If you haven’t then get started.

Thanks for reading!!!!