Shocking Plot Twists of High Class Kdrama

High Class Kdrama had pretty shocking revelations, what will happen to Song Yeo Wool now that her dangerous husband is back?

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High-Class Kdrama is close to its completion. Just when you thought nothing can shock you anymore, High Class Kdrama episode 14 &15 will shock the skeletons out of you. Guess who’s back from the dead, the not-so-dead husband/fraudster/creep Mr An Ji Young is bac to torment everyone. With Hwan Na Yeon out of the picture, the cop Koo Young Hae is suspecting Song Yeo Wool. can Yeo Wool survive the crisis? Will Danny Oh help her or wreck her?

Hwang Na Yeon’s Accident

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Blind as always, Hwang Na Yeon, was delirious to receive the gift from An Ji Young, who made her in charge of the foundation.  When she went to visit him in the meeting only to be surprised by the grim reaper. RIP Hwang Na Yeon; sad for the little girl.

It was an established fact that An Ji Young is a psychopath who wouldn’t hesitate to kill her wife and harm his kids. How were Song Ye Wool and Hwang Na Yeon could be blindsided, raises serious questions in High Society Kdrama?

Hwang Na Yeon’s Death

The gruesome accident left Hwang Na Yeon incapacitated and closer to the gate of death. A little bit of push, and Hwang Na Yeon can bid her life goodbye.  In a bitter attempt, An Ji Young visits the hospital and kills her. This creep really has no mercy even towards his mistress.

An Ji Young Kidnaps Song Yeo Wool

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Song Yeol Wool is one of the most irritating characters, although she means well. Like every protagonist who fears nothing, Yeo Wool is quite naive despite being an attorney, which is the biggest contradiction. She happily goes to meet her not so dead husband, despite knowing fully well that it was a trap and it’s dangerous.

But no, who cares, lets just get kidnapped and deal with the dangers later. Common sense and safety are totally out of the window. An Ji Young Kidnaps Song Ye Wool and threatens her with a butter knife to transfer back the money she previously put a hold.  Even after getting the money access, this greedy monster pushed Song Yeo Wool into the sea hoping she dies.

Ahjumma FTW!

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When An Ji Young pushed Song Yeo Wool rejoicing on his victory, Ahjumma (Shim Ae Soon/ Hwang Na Yoon’s mom) stabs An Jo Young and dives into the water to save Song Yeo Wool. Had it not been for Ahjumma, Song Yeo Wool have been in the afterlife.

Song Yeo Wool is rescued and finally the cop Koo Young Hae believes her innocence. It was getting pretty absurd that he suspected her from the get-go despite the fact that she had no hand in the schemes of her psychotic spouse.  

An Ji Young Get’s Double-Backstabbed

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One of the best moments of High Class Kdrama is when An Ji Young gets betrayed by none other than Song Yeo Wool feat. Hwang Na Yeon. Hwang Na Yeon is back from the dead to avenge her death and torment this scumbag of a husband. The crazy dude has the guts to scam so many people along with his wives.

It’s time for the wife and the mistress to team up to teach the crazy person a life learning lesson. It was precious to see An Ji Young get flustered when all the money was transferred from the account by Hwang Na Yeon in person and all was left is misery and betrayal for him. Though the victory is short-lived as An Ji Young kidnapped his son An Yi Chan to corner Song Yeo Wool.

Nam Ji Sun’s Downfall

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Who would have seen his coming, that Nam Ji Sun’s son will lead to her downfall? When Nam Ji Sun was burying Teacher Rachel whom his husband killed accidentally, Lee Jun Mo recorded her mom’s shady activities.

The police found marijuana from his school locker, and in an attempt to save his skin, Jun Mo handed his mom and stepfather on a silver platter to the police. On top of murder charges, she will face corruption, money laundering and tax fraud and other charges. A total downfall for Nam Ji Sun.

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