Shocking Moments in Military Prosecutor Doberman Kdrama Explained!

Which scenes and moments in Military Prosecutor Doberman Kdrama left you speechless and shocked? How are Do Bae Man and Cha Woo In dealing against No Hwa Young?

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Military Prosecutor Doberman is a South Korean drama airing on TvN. The 16-episode Kdrama depicts the story of two military prosecutors each trying to create social justice while pursuing personal vengeance against the top military personnel.

Do Bae Man and Cha Woo In are military prosecutors serving under No Hwa Young in the 4th Infantry Division Law Office.

Cha Woo In approached Do Bae Man after disclosing the horrible truth about Young Moon Goo, No Hwa Young, and the Patriotic society.  

Military Prosecutor Doberman has been fast-paced to deliver jaw-draping and shocking moments with huge cliffhangers. What are the most shocking moments in Military Prosecutor Doberman Kdrama?

1. The truth behind Do Bae Man’s Parents' Demise

When Do Bae Man was a child, his parents passed away in an accident. Do Bae Man is thought of as an accident but was actually a well thought-out and intentional plan by No Hwa Young who brutally caused Do Bae Man’s parents to die and play the accident card.  

No Hwa Young killed his parents who served in the military as well to shut them up and prevent them from exposing the truth.

She saved a young Do Bae Man to cover her track. Later when Do Bae Man met No Hwa Young, he remembered what he had forgotten.

2. Won Gi Chun’s Case

Do Bae Man and Cha Woo In were both convinced that Won Gi Chun was faking his injury and doesn’t have a prosthetic leg.

Won Gi Chun never saved his junior and in reality, was responsible for the accidental firing. He pretended to save him and became a national hero, all thanks to No Hwa Young.

When Do Bae Man and Cha Woo In tried to expose him, they were in for a surprise. Won Chun Gi who was fit before actually has a prosthetic leg.

This caused an uproar and both Do Bae Man and Cha Woo In were punished and the case was thrown.

3. Won Gi Chun’s Leg

No Hwa Young is one hell of a scary woman that no one should ever mess with. She had no issues killing people for things to go her way.

No Hwa Young kidnapped Won Gi Chun and incapacitated him, chopping off his leg for real. She created the real hero and caused Won Gi Chun to lose his leg for real this time.

4. Won Gi Chun Suicide

When things were against his favour, Won Gi Chun threatened to expose No Hwa Young. Unfortunately, he didn't see what fate was awaiting him as Won Gi Chun challenged the wrong person.

Later Won Gi Chun was found dead, presumed suicide due to exposed actions thanks to Do Bae Man and Cha Woo In. In reality,  Won Gi Chun didn’t commit suicide, he was killed by No Hwa Young.

5. Hong Moo Sup’s Power-trip

It was one of the shocking moments in Military Prosecutor Doberman when Yeom Sang Sub narrated the abuse Do Bae Man’s father faced.

Even in the past, Hong Moo Sup would often have power trips and abuse people as he saw fit.

Do Bae Man’s father was one such example. Later, Hong Moo Sup bullied and harassed Shin Min Cheol.

6. No Hwa Young and Cha Woo In Temporary Truce

Do Bae Man and Cha Woo In were fighting against Hong Moo Sup and Young Moon Goo. They had very slim chances to win the case.

One of the most surprising and shocking moments in the drama was when No Hwa Young sided with Do Bae Man and Cha Woo In to get justice for both Shin Min Cheol and Young Jong Suk.

Hong Moo Sup exploited and abused Young Jong Suk in the past. With permission from No Hwa Young, Young Jong Suk testified against Hong Moo Sup which proved critical to winning the case.

In the end, Do Bae Man and Cha Woo won the case and got justice for Shin Min Cheol.

7. Kang Ha Joon’s Betrayal

Things weren’t quite good for Kang Ha Joon and his company. Yong Moon Goo caused issues for  Kang Ha Joon which put him at a temporary disadvantage.

Do Bae Man and Cha Woo In lost a critical piece of evidence when a search and seizure was conducted at Kang’s solution.

Given the situation, Kang Ha Joon had no choice but to betray Do Bae Man and Cha Woo In and side with Yong Moon Goo.

8. Pyun Sang Ho’s Firing incident

No Tae Nam was sent to the GOP Platoon to serve his military. Pyun Sang Ho was No Tae Nam’s direct supervisor. Unfortunately for both of them, military hazing and bullying were nothing out of the ordinary.

Sergeant Ma often bullied both of them especially, Pyun Sang Ho. Things went out of hand when Pyun Sang Ho couldn’t tolerate the bullying anymore and went into a rage, shortly after a killing spree.  Pyun Sang Ho killed 13 military personnel, but spared No Tae Nam.

9. No Tae Nam’s Confession

It was sad and pitiful because everyone accused No Tae Nam initially of the firing incident. Even his mother No Hwa Young didn’t care about No Tae Nam and only thought about saving her face and position in the military.

No Hwa Young asked No Tae Nam to lie and put the blame on Pyun Sang Ho. All the culprits/assailants who survived the killing spree testified against Pyun Sang Ho. They lied through their teeth and denied allegations of military hazing or bullying.

It was a pretty unexpected and shocking scene when No Tae Nam flipped and came clean. No Tae Nam confessed about the entire incident that took place and even blamed his mother who asked him to lie.

Thanks to No Tae Nam’s confession, the truth came out and now No Hwa Young is the principal interest of the investigation. It was the smoking gun both Do Bae Man and Cha Woo In needed to fight against No Hwa Young.

Although the truth came out,  Pyun Sang Ho was declared guilty and ordered for execution as the highest and most severe punishment for his crime.

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