Top 10 Shocking Moments in Ghost Doctor Kdrama!

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One of the most anticipated Kdramas in 2022 is the Ghost Doctor. The TvN series is back with a bang at the start of the year to enter us drama fans. What makes Ghost Doctor even more appealing is the star-studded cast.

The chemistry between the male leads Rain and Kim Beom was quite extraordinary. The duality of the characteristics of both the male leads was a refreshing portrayal of Sunbai-Hoobae relationship in a Medical Kdrama.

The female leads are equally compelling; starring Uee and Son Na Eun. The scenes between Go Seung Tak (Kim Beom) and Oh Soo Jung (Son Na Eun) moments are true friendship goals.

One of the most appealing aspects of the Kdrama is the number of cliffhangers and surprises neatly packaged for fans.

There are a lot of moments in the Ghost Doctor that made your jaws drop by the unexpected twists and shocking scenes. Let’s find out some of the most surprising and shocking twists in Ghost Doctor Kdrama.

10. Go Seung Tak’s Background

In Kdrama history, Go Seung Tak’s introduction is probably one of the coolest ones so far.

While the doctors are discussing the cases in the conference room, our protagonist Go Seung Tak is busy taking a nap and watching from the sidelines.

If he wasn’t a doctor, someone might have mistaken his intentions as a stalker eyeing Cha Young Min.

What was even more shocking was his background, a  typical chaebol, silver-spoon feeding and pressuring family, Just great, this is what Go Seung Tak needs.

Not only that, despite the character being a typically flamboyant and eccentric guy, he’s actually a genius.

Go Seung Tak drove his teachers mad when he was in medical school and relentlessly questioned them to seek his thirst for knowledge.

The character of Go Seung Tak is a nerd, a bookworm with theoretical knowledge only.

9. Cha Young Min’s History With Jang Se Jin

It was a good day for Cha Young Min to enjoy his coffee in his favourite spot, butfavoriteo he meets?!

It’s none other than Jang Se Jin, another doctor who was previously in a relationship with Cha Young Min.

Their relationship ended up badly, as Jang Se Jin left for overseas training (work) without explaining her situation to him. So much for communication, will Kdrama couples never learn this concept?

Turns out, Jang Se Jin is Chairman Jang’s daughter, the owner of Chunmyung Group. Her half-brother Jang Min Ho hates her with a passion.

8. Jang Min Ho and Han Seung Won’s Scheme

Chairman Jang is critically ill and visits Eunsung hospital for treatment.

Han Seung Won, the top boss of the hospital pressurises Cha Young Min to conduct an impossible surgery which can shorten Mr Jang’s life.

Jang Min Ho is determined to get his father an operation, with ulterior motives and kick her sister out of the family.

So much for being a filial son. Initially, Cha Young Min refuses the operation, but knowing he’s Jang Se Jin’s father, he changed his opinion.

Jang Se Jin performs the surgery, which was actually successful.

However, both Jang Min Ho and Han Seung Won were colluding to bring Chairman Jang down, hoping the operation to be unsuccessful.

7. Cha Young Min’s Accident

Although the drama gave us a foreshadowing of what’s coming, no one expected the sudden accident of Dr Cha Young Min.

Sure, the drama is Ghost Doctor, but from the scenes in episode one, there could have been a different ghost doctor as well.

It was one of the most shocking scenes in Ghost Doctor when Cha Young Min drifted from his body and reached the hospital in the ambulance with this comatose and accidentally injured body.

6. Go Seung Tak performs Cha Young Min’s Surgery

One of the most surprising and shocking scenes of Ghost Doctor was when Cha Young Min became a coma ghost.

While his body is lying on the operation table, he can do nothing but watch helplessly.

In a shocking twist, Cha Young Min is able to possess Go Seung Tak’s body and with his possession, Go Seung Tak performs surgery on Cha Young Min.

To everyone’s surprise, the surgery is a success and he instantly rises to fame. Guess who doesn’t like this development.

Han Seung Woo isn’t pleased with the outcome because Cha Young Min is alive and Go Seung Tak become the centre of attraction.

5. Ahn Tae Hyun’s Betrayal

After Mr Jang’s surgery was successful, Cha Young Min received a surprising text from someone. Due to this, he rushed out to meet the alleged person but ended up in an accident.

To everyone’s surprise, Chairman Jang never work up because Ahn Tae Hyun messed up with the treatment. Chairman Jang went into a coma and became a coma ghost just like Cha Young Min.

He used Cha Young Min’s name to prescribe an overdose of Heparin (drug; 5000 dosages) which caused the issue for the patient.

4. Go Seung Tak’s Surprise Reveal

To discuss the issue with Chairman Jang’s operation and hold someone responsible a conference was conducted.

Everyone wanted to make Cha Young Min a scapegoat and shift the blame on him due to his overdose. However, no one saw the surprise twist coming.

Based on the chain of mouth directions, Go Seung Tak never gave the patient any dosage of Heparin, which means the present situation is neither his nor Cha Young Min’s fault.

3. Jang Se Jin and Han Seung Woo

Another unexpected surprise of Ghost Doctor Kdrama. Both Jang Se Jin and Han Seung Woo are acquainted in the past as shown in the flashback.

There’s a possibility that Han Seung Woo liked Jang Se Jin which makes sense why he’s hostile towards Cha Young Min.

He tried to transfer Cha Young Min, but thanks to Go Seung Tak and Jang Se Jin, he was able to escape the danger.

2. The Mastermind behind Cha Young Min’s accident

The wasn’t as surprising, but nevertheless a good plot twist. The mastermind behind the accident was none other than Han Seung Woo who wanted to remove the thorn from his path.

Aided by Jang Min Ho, they created a sad fate for both Chairman Jan and Cha Young Min.

1. Go Seung Tak’s Secret

The most shocking moment of the Kdrama and an unforeseen plot twist was Go Seung Tak’s secret. Ever since a child, he can see ghosts and clearly hear them.

This explains why he allowed Cha Young Min to possess him to operate on patients. All this time, Go Seung Tak was listening to every single word Cha Young Min said.