7 Shocking Moments in Chimera Kdrama Explained!

Who is the 2021 Chimera? Who was the original Chimera? What happens to Seo Hyun Tae? Who is Ryu Sung Hee?

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Chimera Kdrama

Chimera Kdrama was one of the most well-scripted and action suspense Kdramas of 2021.

Every element was present in Chimera be it a mystery, action-packed sequence, or cliffhangers.

Chimera Kdrama is one of the most recommended Kdramas of 2021.

What caught us fans off-guard is the shocking revelations throughout the drama that left us shooketh.

Here are some of the most shocking moments in Chimera Kdrama. Which scene was spectacular and astonishing for you?

There are potential spoilers so spoiler alert! Tread carefully!

Cha Jae Hwan’s mom Cha Eun Soo

7. The Identity of Real Chimera (1984)

People were busy speculating who the killer might be. Poor Lee Sang Woo was innocent and brutally framed by Hahm Yong Bok, Bae Seung Gwan and Lee Min Ki. 

Detective Cha Jae Hwan’s mother Cha Eun Soo and late detective Han Joo Seok were acting weird and suspiciously most of the time. 

Previously Cha Jae Hwan’s mom Cha Eun Soo randomly spoke about the Fenian fire and even went to visit the university where she collapsed. 

It tuned out that the previously presumed Ryu Sung Hee killed the previous researchers. They tried to set her house on fire which caused the death of her child. Ryu Sung Hee wanted vengeance on the killers. 

The previous Ryu Sung Hee is none other than Cha Eun Soo, detective Cha Jae Hwan’s mother. 

Detective Han Joo Seok was aware of Ryu Sung Hee’s past and her crime and helped her conceal her identity and stay undetected. Cha Eun Soo has dementia and started recovering her old memories. 

She even visited the police station and confessed in front of everyone. It was indeed a shocking and heartbreaking experience for Cha Jae Hwan.

6. Lee Joong Yeop’s Remaining Family

Doctor Lee Joong Yeop was unfortunate as he lost his father falsely accused, framed and later died in the police lock-up.

His mother who was pregnant, couldn’t take the stress and passed away. Both his mom ad unborn sibling died as the tragedy followed Lee Joong Yeop’s family.

Much later it was revealed that the unborn child was alive and adopted by Lee Sang Woo’s attorney.

Attorney Kim Hyung Guk, who was Lee Sang Woo’s friend as well, adopted his newborn daughter. Reporter Kim Hyo Kyung was the newborn child. This makes Lee Joong Yeop and Kim Hyo Kyung siblings. Unfortunately, they had a bittersweet reunion.

5. Cha Jae Hwan's Origin

It was evident that Ryu Sung Hee and Seoryun group chairman Seo Hyun Tae were acquainted and it was suggested that they had a secret affair. 

Their secret fling was never discovered and it’s possible that Seo Hyun Tae was Cha Jae Hwan’s dad. 

Unfortunately, it was never explicitly discussed. When Cha Eun Soo completely lost her awareness due to dementia, she couldn’t recognise her son Cha Jae Hwan who visited him in the care home. She randomly spoke and addressed Cha Jae Hwan as Seo Hyun Tae.

4. The Real killer of Lee Sang Woo

This was one of the most unexpected twists and Shocking moments in Chimera. The Kdrama introduced Hahm Yong Bok and Bae Seung Gwan’s involvement in Lee Sang Woo’s death. 

Bae Seung Gwan tortured Lee Sang Woo for a confession and the brutality ended up his life. Even in his last moments, Bae Seung Gwan was convinced that he killed Lee Sang Woo. 

However, Chimera Kdrama had another unbelievable twist for everyone. It was Seo Hyun Tae who killed Lee Sang Woo in his holding cell by strangling him. 

When Bae Seung Gwan tortured him, Lee Sang Woo died for sure. When Han Joo Seok performed CPR on him and he came back to life. So, Lee Sang Woo was alive but a drunk Seo Hyun Tae strangled him to death.

3. Seo Hyun Tae's Fate

The final target of the 1984 Chimera was Seo Hyun Tae. However, Ryu Sung Hee tried to commit suicide and lost her memories. 

Seo Hyun Tae used officer Im Pil Sung to shoot Lee Joong Yeop. Later, Seo Hyun Tae was convicted but was acquitted from the court. 

However, the last target of Chimera was Seo Hyun Tae who died. It wasn’t clear which Chimera killed him, but he died because of Chimera. The 1984 Chimera is in a care home, the fake Chimera is in lock up. 

The 2021 Chimera could have been orchestrated but the person keeping the Chimera lighter was Attorney Kim Hyung Guk, indicating, he could have been a part of the scheme or the 2021 Chimera planned it this way. Either way, it’s left to the imagination of the fans.

2. The Identity of 2021 Chimera

This was the most surprising and unexpected twist in Chimera. The 2021 Chimera’s identity was none other than reporter Kim Hyo Kyung. 

She was hiding in plain sight. At times Kim Hyo Kyung acted weird and aggressive but it was the genuine need of the plot. 

Kudos to the actress for showing such versatile acting. She wanted to uncover the truth and take revenge on the people who killed her father.

1. Kim Hyo Kyung's Conclusion

The the2021 Chimera or Kim Hyo Kyung majored in Chemistry and even worked with the ministry of defence. 

Maybe she wanted to intimidate the real Chimera (Ryu Sung Hee), Kim Hyo Kyung visited her in the care home. Later she visited Seo Hyun Tae and collected all the evidence.

Unfortunately, Seo Hyun Tae can’t be charged because the statute of limitations has expired. 

After handing over the evidence, she jumps from the rooftop and commits suicide.

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Chimera Kdrama has finished airing so do check out the drama. It’s perfect for a binge-watch this season.

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