7 Shocking Moments From Elite Season 4

Another year at Las Encinas brought plenty of drama and a new scandalous mystery. Read to know about the best shocking moments from Elite.

7 Shocking Moments From Elite Season 4
Shocking Moments From Elite: Season 4

Another year at Las Encinas brought plenty of drama and a new scandalous mystery.

The elite school's kids continue to demonstrate to us that there is much more to them than meets the eye, just like in prior seasons.

Here are the top shocking Elite Season 4 moments!

7. The Royal Affair

Cayetana was ecstatic when Prince Phillipe visited Las Encinas. Every girl dreams of being with a prince, yet these dreams hardly ever come true. In Caytena's instance, though, they did. The royal was immediately drawn to her and wasn't put off by the fact that she was a cleaner. But this was nothing like the fairytale she had in mind.

Cayetana first learned that Phillipe had covertly taped them having sex. He said that it was a precaution since he had previously been accused of sexual assault when she challenged him about it.

Unfortunately, there was some truth to those claims. Cayetana was reluctant to accept Ari when she tried to warn her about the stories going about and even claimed that it was the reason he came to study in Spain.

She and Phillipe started hooking up in the limo one night after having a few beers. Cayetana requested him to stop when it became too intense, but she discovered that she couldn't yank him away from her. Instead of staying in the limo, she fled. While his mother tried to make things better by reassuring Cayetana that Phillipe's instincts were biologically normal, Phillipe made an attempt to justify his conduct by saying that he "misinterpreted" her signal. Cayetana decided to leave the situation because she knew better.

After realizing he had to face the repercussions of his actions, Phillipe apologized to Elodie.

6. Omar & Ander's Breakup

Nadia and Guzman will tell you how challenging long-distance relationships are if you ask them. Despite being separated by an ocean, the couple kept their romance going, but they soon recognized that their time zones had caused them to lose contact. Guzman decided to break up with Nadia over video chat once he noticed Ari. He moved on quickly as well, but his new relationship wasn't any less challenging.

5. World Class Predator

Not just Phillipe had "urges" he couldn't control. Mencia's relationship with her father, Benjamin, was tense, so she leapt at the chance to have Armando as her sugar daddy. She also believed she had discovered a simple way to generate money when he started paying her to sleep with him. Things started to become hazardous when Armando sent another customer her way.

Rebeka, with whom Mencia started dating, saved her, and in exchange, Mencia pledged to stop having sex with random people for cash. When Rebe ran away from home, Armando lingered around and seemed to be a sincere friend who used his resources to assist Mencia and Rebe. Mencia learned the hard way that his benevolence had a cost when he tried to blackmail her in front of her father after she refused to have sex with him.

Finally, Rebe made the decision to end it by telling Ari what was happening in the hopes that she would assist her sister.

Rebe also helped Mencia as she was being abused by Armando on the pier on New Year's Eve, the night of the incident.

4. Love Triangles

To put it bluntly, this was the season of love triangles and trios. Everyone was sleeping with each other, which is to be expected from the Elite; yet, the consequences of these intricate relationships were quite severe.

When Omar and Ander welcomed Patrick into their relationship, they quickly understood that when feelings are involved, sex isn't just sex. Omar had resentment for Ander wanting to sleep with Patrick. He later fell in love with Patrick, which resulted in a heartbreaking breakup.

Patrick started to fall hard, but Ander sought solace in him. He was hurt to see Ander with other men. Patrick attempted to help Omar get over Ander, but in the end, much to Patrick's dismay, Ander and Omar managed to get back together. Omar then found solace in Patrick.

Ari, Samu, and Guzman were discovered in the other love triangle. The two men tore at Ari. Samu was the unrequited lover, while Guzman was the sensible choice. Until he told her to make a decision because he wasn't comfortable stabbing his friend in the back any longer, she chased Guzman in public and Samu in private.

Guzman wouldn't stand by and be second best, but Ari couldn't let any of them go. Sadly, we never learned whether Ari's romance with Samu lasted after the incident. He ended their relationship and let her pursue her dreams.

3. Bury the Body

Armando was chased by Guzman, and the two fought. Guzman put up a valiant fight to protect Ari's honour. He seized a firework gun and fired it at Armando as he tried to flee. It was just after midnight on New Year's Day, so the glittery death felt appropriate for the moment.

Guzman later opened up to Samu and Rebe, who assisted him in disposing of the body. They tied him up, weighed him down, and then threw him into the lake's bottom. He was aware that, despite his innocence, he would serve time in prison, much like Nano, Samu's brother.

Guzman then told Ari a fib, claiming Armando knocked him unconscious and that's why he wasn't aware of what had transpired. Mencia then informed her father that the police had been unsuccessful in finding the man's body.

2. Ari’s Accident

The season's central mystery, Ari's accident, was first revealed in the season opener. It was revealed by the end of the season that Ari confronted Armando on the dock after observing him touch her sister. Guzman stepped in to help Ari, and he beat her and fled.

As Ari attempted to stand up, she asked him to pursue Armando. She was found floating in the water and unresponsive because she was so out of it that she lost her balance and fell in. Thankfully, medical professionals were able to revive her, and she was now recovering.

1. The Departure

Omar and Ander eventually reconciled, but Omar understood that if he wanted to have a relationship with Ander that would survive, he had to release him. Otherwise, they would start to dislike one another. Even though they were still very in love, they decided to go after their dreams and maintain an open relationship for the time being.

As he had planned when they split up, Ander packed his bags and left to tour the world. Guzman joined him this time because he needed a new beginning after the drama of the previous year.

Omar took solace in Cayetana as everyone said farewell, and Rebe vowed to Guzman that she would keep quiet about what he had done to anyone else.

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