Sherlock Holmes And The Missing Trilogy

"If inconvenient, come all the same."

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Sherlock Holmes is a character well-known throughout the world for his witty and egotistical attitude paired with an unmatched intellect.

Throughout the many depictions of the character throughout the ages with animated movies and different actors portraying the detective in various styles throughout different periods of time, one stands out a little more than the others.

The one depiction of the character is none other than Robert Downey Jr's version of Sherlock Holmes.

With two Sherlock Holmes movies made to tell the story of how the detective finds out and faces his most deadly rival, James Moriarty, it feels incomplete to leave the story with just two installments in its name.

Robert Downey Jr's second-most-loved role

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Not only has the actor come a long way from where he was the last he debuted as Sherlock Holmes, but he has also made such an impact with his role as Iron Man that his performance for portraying the most ingenious detective has been shoved into second place as the most loved role his fans would love to see him reprise.

Sherlock Holmes played by RDJ is nothing to be shunned as it is paired with brilliant acting from Jude Law, Jared Harris, and Rachel McAdams.

After retiring from his role as an Avenger, his role as Sherlock Holmes feels like a home waiting for its owner to brush off its dust.

Unique style of depicting intellect

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There have been very few scenes in the film that have managed to depict the thinking of a person.

The majority of them have come from the Sherlock Holmes character whether it comes from Benedict Cumberbatch's version of the detective or Robert Downey Jr's version.

This list would be incomplete if the scene from the Hangover film were where Alan calculates the possibilities of different outcomes when gambling.

The method in which RDJ's version of Sherlock has shown to be thinking is on par with having a hazy foresight into the future, daresay a Sherlock vision into how a person will act or has acted or how a place was treated.

We are given a hint of his thinking process functions as we can hear every thought going through the detective's head within a mere second or two in slow motion and witness how he sees his deductive reasoning skills come into play within his head before the actual scenario takes place.  

The brawler side of a Sherlock

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If anything more than a story about two highly intelligent beings going head-to-head with each other in a long battle of wits, it is also an action-packed ride with RDJ's portrayal.

As his version of a Sherlock is a lot more of a brawler than anyone ever expected to watch.

His version of Sherlock Holmes has proved to be much more of a brawler than any of the other representations of the detective.

Not only does he throw fists when the situation calls for it, but he is also shown to be somewhat of a regular at fighting just for the sport of it which all the more depicts as more of a genius mixed with a brute.

What happened to Moriarty?

a man suspiciously staring at his brother

With the sequel to the movie wraps up with a questionable end to the fate of Moriarty as the both of them fell off the balcony.

It was later revealed that Sherlock Holmes survived the fall with the help of his brother's oxygen breathing apparatus that he had stolen.

However, with a third movie already confirmed to make the trilogy complete, Moriarty's death seems to be a red herring as it has always been the case that he will always be the detective's most troublesome rival.