Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Is The Best Comic Book Movie

"It's amazing what we can do with computers these days." -Wallace Wells, 'Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World'.

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Edgar Wright is one of the most artistically underrated directors of our time.

The man responsible for Shaun Of The Dead, Baby Driver, The Adventures Of Tintin, and Sing.

All films easily surpass the bar of expectations with each film having its own unique theme and style of storytelling to it.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World is a film about a man realizing that self-respect and setting priorities are something that is crucial in his life as he battles the seven evil exes of his girlfriend.

Edgar Wright managed to make Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World feel like a comic and a game within one movie, as it stayed as close and accurate as its comic counterpart.  

God tier level of transitions

a man punching one of the girls evil exes

One thing this movie does fantastically is the use of scene transitions as upon a single viewing, one may not even realize that the characters are in an entirely new location and at a different point in time.

Keep in mind, that this movie came out in 2010, and its transitions are yet to be competed with to this day in cinema history.

As for the transition of character personalities with Knives Chao starts off as the school girlfriend of Scott Pilgrim becoming a stalker and an assassin by the end of it, not to mention Ramona Flower's own character growth as she gets over her latest evil ex, Gideon aka as G-man.

Unmatched humor

Vegan police blowing the smoke away from their finger guns

This film has got to be one of the funniest action-packed films in Edgar Wright's gallery.

As he utilizes the camera, the dialogue, and the comedy only cinema can represent its full potential while not making it the sole element that makes this film what it is.

The best comedy undoubtedly comes from the friendship Scott shares with Wallace, his gay roommate.

Wallace acts as a guide, a voice in Scott's head, and a literal trigger for the action to start in the movie.

However, the quality of comedy ranges all the way from "you have to be smart to appreciate the humor" to "you have to be dumb to appreciate the humor", leaving no stone unturned.

The ideal cinematic game movie

a young man grabbing a 1-up

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World is one of the best movies that feels like a game adaptation coming to life.

We have finally crossed that dark times when movies based on games would not get a second glance, however, this film did not have that luxury and managed to pull it off just fine.


With power-ups, extra lives, pee bars, and weapons being summoned out of nowhere to the tiniest of stats of each character.

This film catches every single game trope it can suitable for its theme and makes it work with the scenes flawlessly.

Most movies struggle to make their CGI and live-action balanced when it comes to them being based on pre-existing games but Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World does not seem to run into that problem by the least.  

Twists and turns that could not be predicted

 a women helping a man from being kicked

The film has some of the best storytelling mechanics that will keep the plot unpredictable down to the very end of its runtime.

The film has a basic plot on the surface level of having Scott defeat Ramona Flower's seven evil exes to finally start a life with her.

Yet as we go further into the movie, we get to witness the subplots of Knives Chao, Ramona's hesitance with having her past catching up with her present, Scott needed to find a place of his own to live in, the band attempting to reach the top spot in the music industry and Scott's own history of exes.

Similar to an onion, this film has multiple layers which can all be extremely entertaining to witness it unfolding all while the main plot drives the story forward.

Not to mention the uniqueness of each evil ex fight which the audience can always look forward to rewatching to catch new details.

All in all, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World is the best comic book movie as far as other comic films are concerned when it comes to making its film feel artistic, alive, and engaging while staying as true as it can to its source material.    

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