School 2021| Can Jin Ji Won and Gong Ki Joon Save Their Friend?

School 2021 is an ongoing Kdrama. Episode 2 ended with Jung Min Seo vulnerable and trying to commit suicide. The rase against time, can Jin Ji Won and Gong Ki Joon save her?

School 2021 kdrama

School 2021 Episode 2 ended on a huge cliffhanger. Jin Ji Won found out the identity of the suicidal person, and it was her friend Jung Min Seo. Something definitely fell that took the entire class by surprise including Gong Ki Joon. Thankfully, it wasn’t their Friend Jung Min Seo.

A Good Plot Twist

teacher Lee Kang Hoon in the rooftop

What we thought was a possible student jumping, was thanking, a pot of flowers thrown from the rooftop. An angry Jung Young Joo throws a pot at the car of Ku Mi Hee, the head of Nulje School. Apparently, Jung Young Joo and Ku Mi Hee have a past connection with his brother Jung Cheol Joo.  

when Jung Young Joo was engaging in this action, surprisingly there were two witnesses who saw everything. Kang Seo Young saw and immediately said him to date her. Their teacher, Lee Kang Hoon watched everything in disbelief.

It was surprising because Lee Kang Hoon didn’t immediately rat Jung Young Joo out although he had many chances to do so. Lee Kang Hoon is still a mysterious character who’s very hard to read.

The Gang Assembles

Gong Ki Joon and Ji Ho Sung

The trio Jin Ji Won, Gong Ki Joon, and Ji Ho Sung immediately rushed out to prevent their friend Jung Min Seo from doing anything rash. They hurriedly ditched school went to visit her at home but to no avail. Jin JI Won was worried and they try everywhere but still couldn’t trace her friend. Decided, they needed to split, they left Ji Ho Sung at her home in case she comes back.

Jung Young Joo saw Jung Min Seo going towards an observatory all alone. Initially, he didn’t pay her mind, but he himself felt unsettled. He called Jin Ji Won and informed her of Jung Min Seo’s location.  Jin Ji Won and Gong Ki Joon arrive in the nick of time and an emotional reunion was awaiting the girls.

Jung Young Joo Talks with Jung Min Seo

Young Joo Talks with Min Seo

Jung Min Seo was about to do something rash but stopped.  Jung Young Joo came and stopped her. It was emotional to see them having a heart-to-heart talk where Jung Young Joo tells Jung Min Seo not to die no matter what. Jung Min Seo asked if he had money and it was money reasons she wanted to die.

Things became stressful for her when she accidentally broke an orchid vase which supposedly cost a lot. The internship partner Ku Byung Cheol exaggerated the price and threatened to press charges against Jung Min Seo. Terrified, Jung Min Seo didn’t have that much amount and didn’t think ahead or talk to an adult.

In the present, as the friends arrive and their homeroom teacher Song Chae Rin, things finally calm down. Meanwhile, Ku Mi Hee is determined to catch the culprit who wrecked her car and gives one day before she presses criminal charges.

Also, Song Chae Rin resolved to investigate the issue with the internship place, almost provoking Ku Mi Hee. It turns out that Ku Mi Hee and Ku Byung Cheol are siblings (family). Another shocking revelation was the twin siblings Lee Jae Hee and Lee Jae Hyeok are related to Ku Mi Hee, who happens to be their aunt.

Wrong Culprit

Jin Ji Won and Gong Ki Joon

Teachers can be rash sometimes as the witch hunt made Lee Han So point out Gong Ki Joon as the culprit solely based on the keychain. What the teacher didn’t know was that both Gong Ji Joon and Jung Young Joo have the same ring.

Gong Ki Joon was threatened to get expelled the next day and while his friends protested helplessly. The wrongful accusation makes way to Jung Young Joo who confronted Gong Ki Joon.

The next day when Jong Young Joo went to confess, the situation was resolved by Kang Seo Young and Lee Jae Hee. Lee Jae Hee took the blame when Kang Seo Young pointed out the cheating actions done by the twin. The new group was formed to participate in the upcoming competition where the twins, Kang Seo Young, Jong Young Joo, Gong Ki Joon, and Jin Ji Woo participated.

The actions of the characters

go eun bi with her friend

What made School 2021 quite appealing and heartfelt was the emotional moments and actions of the characters. Go Eun Bi was outed in front of her class as not working as an idol.

In retaliation, Gong Eun Bi exposed Kang Seo Young being an orphan. That didn’t bother Seo Young at all. When Gong Eun Bi ran away from school, her concerned mother called Kang Seo Yeon. She went and found her friend and they reconciled after crying and fighting.

In a past memory, Kang Seo Young remembered Jung Young Joo volunteering at her orphanage. In a surprising but heartfelt reveal, the reason why teacher Lee Kang Hoon always left on time was shown. He left on time always to go pick her daughter from school.

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The past revealed why Jin Ji Won hit Gong Ki Joon. She overheard him and his friend speaking when Gong Ki Joon denies vehemently how he doesn’t like her. An angry Ji Won beat Ji Joon.

In the present day, Ji Won visits Ki Jon and says that she wanted to “Try Again”. What it means will be revealed in School 2021 episode 5. Either she meant a romantic relationship or friendship, only time will tell.