School 2021 Kdrama Finale | Which Characters Received a Happy Ending?

Did Gong Ki Joon & Jin Ji Woo end up togther? What about Jung Young Joo & Kang Seo Yeol?

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The KBS drama School 2021 had 16 episodes and has finished airing. The series gave us several moments to laugh, cry, rejoice, be angry, and vent our feelings when watching School 2021.

School 2021 had a good finale and some of the characters got what they rightfully deserve.  Some characters had a proper conclusion, while some of them had justice served them right!

Ku Mi Hee

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This crazy woman dreamed to make Nulji high as her kingdom and rule for eternity robbing others of the opportunity to develop talent or thrive.

She was convinced that Gong Ki Joon had stolen the secret ledger book, but prepare to be surprised.

Who would have thought she would get backstabbed by her trusted confidant, Lee Han Soo. Not only does she lose her power and position, but the very school she cultivated will also soon face worse.

Shin Cheol Min

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The hidden member of the nepotism family was revealed as Shin Cheol Min.

He had his own grand plans. In the conference, he announced to shut down the school and left everyone baffled.

Shin Cheol Min had no interest in cooperating with Lee Han Soo or taking down his aunt Ku Mi Hee. He just created a mess and walked away with the swag.

No responsibility shared, no care in the world. He just dropped the bomb and let others deal with the aftermath.

Lee Han Soo

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Greed always has a cost. He stole the file from Ku Mi Hee and kept mum when Gong Ki Joon was blamed as the culprit.

He secretly delivered the ledger to Shin Cheol Min to become the power and leader of Nulji.

Well, too bad for his lofty dreams, because it was soon shattered when Shin Cheol Min announced to close down the school.

After everything was cleared he remained at school for his retirement benefit but was demoted to a regular teacher and a pay cut.

Gong Ki Joon’s family

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Unfortunately, Gong Ki Joon’s grandpa passed away. Amidst the crisis, his mom reached out from overseas.

She wanted Gong Ki Joon to drop out of school and come back with him to practice Taekwondo again.

Gong Ki Joon is reluctant to go with his mom, but they made up their made.

After a tearful goodbye, Gong Ki Joon departs with his mother, but surprise! He comes back for Jin Ji Won.

Lee Kang Hoon & Song Chae Rin

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He’s back at his job in Nulji high school. Lee Kang Joon is working closely with industry partners to secure practical experience for the students.

He’s actually a great teacher and a father.

Lee Kang Hoon teacher is in charge of the apprenticeship program and supervises the students. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have a work-life balance, but that’s ok.

Song Chae Rin became the in-charge of the architectural department, replacing Lee Han Soo.

Yoon Yi Re

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Unfortunately for her, the ultimate reveal on media exposed her identity and nepotism activities.

His twin brother fled as soon as possible. She was grounded for some time too, but she returned to school.

At least, now she made some real friends. Yoon Yi Re even dates her classmate, Jeon Jong Bok.

He’s planning to meet her parents officially. The couple looks cute. She becomes the class president, but at least she’s happy now.

Jin Ji Woo’s family

a kid with her mother

At least, Jin Ji Woo’s mom’s temperament changed a bit. She feels more proud of her daughter’s work and accepted her dreams.

Jin Ji Woo’s mom changed her profile picture showing the creation of her daughter.

That’s some positive development. A nice mother-daughter scene was the perfect highlight of School 2021 Kdrama.

Jung Young Joo’s family

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They were equally shocked when they heard the school will close down.

For one, the brother, Jung Cheol Joo won the case against Sang Rim because of the testimony of teacher Lee Kang Hoon and the evidence saved in his old phone retrieved by his ex-wife, Song Chae Rin.

It was actually Jung Young Joo’s mom who spoke about the founder of the school, who is actually a genuinely nice person.

It was nice to see his brother support him and give him some sense of awareness towards his (Young Joo) feelings for Kang Seo Young.

Ji Ho Sung & Go Eun Bi

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Go Eun Bi worked hard to debut as an idol. During this time, Ji Ho Sung avoided her to save her from trouble.

It was emotional to see the candies he left for her, each having positive messages addressed to cheer her up.

After a possible time skip, Go Eun Bi’s group won and she addresses her love for Ji Ho Sung on national television.  

Ji Ho Sung graduated from school, working as a dad and her manager.

Jung Young Joo & Kang Seo Yeol

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Initially, Jung Young Joo realized his feelings a bit too late.

Before he could confess, Kang Seo Yeol cleared her boundaries and wanted to focus on preparing for college entrance exams.

Fair enough and kudos to her for putting career before love. Love can wait, career won’t.

Sad, but Jung Young Joo agrees with Kang Seo Yeol. It was cute because although she asked for some distance, she was constantly near him.

This couple had a positive conclusion as well. It was cute to see Jung Young Joo running off from work to meet Kang Seo Yeol after her exams were over.

Gong Ki Joon & Jin Ji Won

the couple holding each other's hand

They went on a cute date before departing and yes they are together in the end. Gong Ki Joon started his internship at Baro with Jung Young Joo.

After graduation, Gong Ki Joon and Jin Ji woo went into a long-distance relationship.

Jin Ji Won was doing her apprenticeship with Hanok constructions from a different province. Gong Ki Joon went to visit Jin Ji Won at her workplace because he missed her.

Main events in School 2021 Finale

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It was nice to see the relationship between Gong Ki Joon and Jung Young Joo improve as well. At least they aren’t enemies anymore.

At least the Sunbaes (seniors) of the school are the best. They collected signatures for the petition to appeal to dismiss the closure of the school.  

Everyone worked together to prevent the closure and managed to collect enough signatures to convince the founder.

The principal visited the founder and told him about the situation. Perhaps, even he needed a wake-up call because of all the mess created by his family.

principal in the lab with the students

The founder confronts Shin Cheol Min and gives him a scolding that he rightfully deserves.

The founder visits the school and informs that the school will remain open. Hurray, a great victory for everyone.

The CEO even visited the Ministry of Education. Another good news was that Sang Rim would step down from functioning the school and the school will be normalized by the ministry.

No more corruption, goodbye nepotism! The End~

Hope you enjoyed School 2021 Kdrama. Have fun binging! Thanks for reading!!!