How Is Sasha Braus "The Best Girl" In The Series?

Sasha Braus is one of the supporting protagonists of the Attack on Titan series. She was part of the 104th Cadet Corps.

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Sasha Braus is one of the supporting protagonists of the Attack on Titan series. She was part of the 104th Cadet Corps and was part of the Survey Corps.

Sasha hails from a small village known as Dauper, within the southern territory of Wall Rose.

It’s Alright If You’re Weak, There Are People Who Will Come And Rescue You.

She’s a fighter, a smart gal and her love for food are unlike no other and totally relatable. Read on to know more about Sasha Braus and her life.


Sasha has dark, long hair tied into a ponytail. She has big, light honey-colored eyes.

She wears the uniform during missions, which consists of a cropped tan colored coat, a grey shirt, and white pants underneath.

She also has brown suspenders on the shirt and the pants. The Vertical Manoeuvring Equipment is attached on either side of the pants.

She has a slender figure, not too muscular, and is of average height.


Sasha Braus can be described as a bubbly, fun-loving girl with a humungous appetite.

She was a big foodie and savours any food she eats. Her love for food, and to obtain it doesn’t stop her from defying authority.

Throughout the series, she’s almost always seen either whining for food or stealing food from the infantry.

She has no ulterior motive. She is also observant and has good memory.

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Sasha had struggles just like we all do. Before she joined the military, she was quite selfish and only thought of her village and herself.

Once she matured and joined the military, she became a kind person, although Ymir used to think it was a façade.

She became good friends with Connie, Jean Kirstein, Ymir, and Historia Reiss.

She joined the Scout Regiment after seeing Eren’s passion for saving the world and killing the Titans. She wanted to help out in any way she could.

The only family we know of Sasha Braus is her father, whom she was seen arguing with because she had eaten the meat from the winter from the ground.

Her close-mindedness made her question why she had to share food with strangers.

Understandably, she had to starve and hunt for food, so her selfishness came from a place of desperation.

Eventually, as the series progressed, she was ready to help when needed and saved a girl from a Titan that had attacked her village.

On that note, her death was shocking to the viewers as a supporting protagonist.


3D Manoeuvring Equipment

Sasha Braus was exceptionally skilled with the gear as well as fighting hand-to-hand combat.

The 3D gear is also known as Vertical Manoeuvring Equipment is used for mobility while attacking the Titan.

She also had a little medical knowledge and tended to Levi Ackerman’s wounds.