Samurai Champloo: Why you Should Watch It? Is It Really Super Amazing?

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Samurai Champloo: Why you Should Watch It? Is It Really Super Amazing?

Why you Should Watch Samurai Champloo ?

That’s because this super amazing anime Samurai Champloo has Vibes, feelings, emotions, warmth, hypothermia, neglect, notices, the weather, the sounds, the emptiness, boredom, shame, sorrow.

Why is it that you remember something that happened? Do you remember the result more vividly or the walk of shame to that outcome?

You confessed to your crush in school and from next week you are in the same group. How awkward is that? What makes you remember something?

Animes or even movies that you see are just normal. You may have enjoyed it but they are all the same.

Same colors, similar characters, predictable stories. The same worlds. You know when it’s time to laugh and when it’s time for the climax. Nothing is unique.

Why you should watch Samurai Champloo ?
Why and where you should watch Samurai Champloo ?

What was so unique about that anime you watched. Was it the character’s design? a very different love story or even story in general? Was it the amazing music?

Why you should watch Samurai Champloo ?

All the animes you have or had watched are neutral animes. You won’t remember even watching them after 3 years.

There are some animes that you remember because of an enjoyable story or maybe some cool characters.

But what if anime has it all, memorable characters, simple yet amazing story, great world-building, and background score you can move to. Something that completely passes the test of time.

An anime that is timeless.

Samurai Champloo is the anime that will give you something to remember for a very long time.

When I first saw Samurai Champloo, I thought everyone else had seen it. I asked 4-5 of my friends who watch anime and none of them had even heard of its name. So, I made them see it.

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Samurai Champloo follows the story of a trio. Fuu is a waitress who in a bizarre way met 2 samurais Mugen and Jin.

Mugen and Jin are 2 master swordsmen. Jin is a trained swordsman with a particular style. Mugen is the complete opposite of Jin.

Not only the way they use their swords but in every way. In fact, all three of them are completely different personalities, with completely different goals that they want to achieve. 

They all three get together when Fuu asks them to accompany her to find a certain sunflower smelling samurai.

There are 26 episodes in the series and each episode shows you a day in their lives doing completely different things.

One day they are on the verge of killing each other, another day they are playing a baseball match again the Americans.

Everything is very chilling. Relaxed manner.

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Samurai Champloo doesn’t follow the usual story structure that we are used to seeing.

There is a problem, they need to find a solution, then some boss fights with usual funny gags in between. No thong like this.

The animation and editing are out of the world.

Normally the only animation would be considered. But for this, the editing is amazing.

The choreography of fights is a joy to watch.

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The last thing I want to say is about music. Nujabes made most of the music for this anime.

He is a pretty big deal in Japan, tho sadly he passed away last decade… But his legacy continues.

His music brings an extra pop, chill vibe to the already wholesome series.

I cannot recommend this enough. 

Where can you Watch Samurai Champloo ?

ALERT ALERT!! You can watch Samurai Champloo for free on YouTube!

Frankly speaking, all the episodes are available for free on youtube and it will not take more than 10 mins of the first episode for you to fall in love with it.

Samurai Champloo is brilliant in dub too.

Thanks for reading!!!!!