7 Sad Anime with Surprisingly Happy Endings

The purpose of such creation helps with the influx of emotions and catharsis and also cultivates a kind of hope from the things we see and are influenced by.

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Through the deepest bouts of sadness that some anime series carry, with an intention to make the viewers cry their hearts out, some end with surprisingly happy endings that bring the perspective of ‘all well that ends well.’

The purpose of such creation helps with the influx of emotions and catharsis and also cultivate a kind of hope from the things we see and are influenced by. Here is the list of anime that starts off rocky, and are a real tear-jerker, but ends on a good note, hopeful and happy.

1. Anohana

Sad anime with happy endings

The flower we saw that day - throughout the series, viewers are moved to wonder when the group will find their closure with their deceased friend with whom they used to be childhood friends. Even though the ending is emotionally devastating, there is a glimmer of hope in the end that makes the viewers feel reassured about their future.

2. A Silent Voice

Sad anime with happy endings

Apart from the inherent bullying faced by the main character of the anime, there are messages of hopeful bonding, forgiveness, the meaningfulness of life, and the importance of acceptance and forgiveness that is preached in the anime.

3. Angel Beats!

Sad anime with happy endings

This is an anime where the characters are set in their afterlives after their deaths, so it follows a light-hearted comedy even though the proceedings of it are melancholic.

The difficulty in watching the characters deal with their unresolved trauma is the part where it gets heavy as the lens is focused on the inner lives of the characters, and the unresolved baggage that they bring in their afterlife. But this progresses to a weirdly wonderful message that anyone can solve anything as long as they do not lose themselves and are hopeful about healing.

4. Paranoia Agent

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This has to be one of the most psychologically disturbing and traumatising anime that exposes the naked raw truth of human futility and suppressed grief and misdeeds and how it eats everyone up and can affect psychologically is expressed here.

The turmoil faced by the characters in dealing with their personal lives, coping with unresolved traumatic incidents, being schizophrenic, and dealing with other mental illnesses yet neglecting them due to the society’s stigmas around it, the anime can get extremely heavy and disturbing to keep patience till the end.

But once it reaches the end, there is this wonderful closure that the protagonist achieves that makes it hopeful and a climactic end where everyone gets the conclusion they have been searching for.

5. Erased

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The anime starts with the protagonist journeying back in time to prevent a tragedy from happening, wreaking havoc on the way as time travel is extremely sensitive and prone to mess with lives.

But every time he goes back, he changes something that leads something bad to unfurl. This progresses into a hopeful and relaxing ending where they resolve the dilemma of moving back in time and the devastation caused, but cannot heal the misdeed already done, which provides a realistic arch to the story.

6. Wolf Children

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The melancholy is extremely visible in the anime where a mother struggles to make ends meet, coping with her husband’s death and raising two kids who are not entirely human, it provides an empowering angle to see the perseverance and diligence of a mother. The ending provides hope and respite for the viewers given how sad the event in the anime follows the characters.

7. Nana

Sad anime with happy endings

This is an interesting anime as the creator has been said to never complete the anime due to her illness. The subtle message of the complications of human relationships and the eventual dying of ties and having a peaceful life is shown through the anime as an unseemingly love story between two characters.

The saddest anime that provide a sense of hope, in the end, is very relaxing and comforting for the viewers who make it till the end by enduring the melancholic turns of the stories that follow. Every creation when ends with a hopeful sense, provides hope and respite for the viewers given their influence over the lives of the people. Art influences in many ways, so the message that is conveyed has to be profoundly hopeful.