First Impression of Rookie Cops Kdrama | Watch or Skip?

Why is Ko Eun Kang in detention?

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First Impression of Rookie Cops Kdrama | Watch or Skip?

Rookie Cops is a 2022 Kdrama currently airing on Disney+. The drama was hyped before it was aired. The police university students storyline has a very similar tone with Police University Kdrama which aired last year in 2021.

However, Rookie Cops Kdrama was quite entertaining so far. The most surprising cast was Kang Daniel, the Kpop Idol from Wanna One band starring in Rookie Cops as his debut project.

Chase Soo Bin is the female protagonist of Rookie Cops. Rookie Cops has a mix of veteran and young actors and each made the Kdrama very worth it from the beginning.

The Cliffhanger Beginning

The starting scene of Rookie Cops started with intense tension and fight scenes.

The starting scene of Rookie Cops started with intense tension and fight scenes. Kwak Si Young plays the role of Kim Hyun Soo in Rookie Cops. The character Kim Hyun Soo engages in a fight and chase scene. The context of the fight isn’t clear, but clearly, he is being chased and outmatched in the fight. Kim Hyun Soo is outrun by the unfortunate Kdrama villain - The Truck. The scene implies an accident and the character’s fate is left hanging.

Who is Kim Hyun Soo?

First Impression of Rookie Cops Kdrama | Watch or Skip?

Kim Hyun Soo is a fourth-year Law student at KNPU. Clearly, something went wrong and in a brief glimpse, we get to see some of the characters who will later make an appearance in Rookie Cops. It’s sad to see a dying Kim Hyun Soo getting a call from his grandma, but unable to pick it up in his present condition. In a voice-over of Wi Seung Hyun, the character narrates the start of all the problems with the death of Kim Hyun Soo.

The Main characters introduction

First Impression of Rookie Cops Kdrama | Watch or Skip?

The scene shifts to the female lead, Ko Eun Kang facing the interview panel discussing her career prospects of trying to become the police. Her motivation to become the police and enter the KNPU is none other than her secret crush. She boldly tells the panel that her reason to enter the university is because of Professor Cha Yu Gon.

Ofcourse she can’t say that she is chasing her love. Cliche but we love the reason. Chae Soo Bin is slaying the role of Ko Eun Kang in Rookie Cops. unfortunately, we didn’t get to see Wi Seung Hyun’s interview.

The Un-fated Meeting

First Impression of Rookie Cops Kdrama | Watch or Skip?

Wi Seung Hyun and his friends watched Min Young’s girlfriend two-time on him. Min Young and Wi Seung Hyun confronted the cheater, who turns out to be none other than Ko Eun Kan’s elder sister. While out on delivery, Ko Eun Kang meets her sister and interference when the other guy starts to abuse Ko Mi Kang. Thanks to the intervention of Wi Seung Hyun, the girls walked away scot-free.

The Precious Families

There’s a huge difference between the families of the protagonists. While Ko Eun Kang is clearly not the favourite at her home. A battle between the sisters as Ko Mi Kang steals her little sister hard-earned money.

Clearly, her mother sides with the elder daughter and poor Ko Eun Kang was cornered. Even his dad doesn’t side with her. We can understand and empathise with Ko Eun Kang wanting to move away from this family. Kudos to her positive development, despite having parents who clearly practice partiality.

Wi Seung Hyun clearly grows into a love deprived father. His father is a busy person working in the police. As for his mom, she supports him and was happy when he passed the entrance exams.

First Impression of Rookie Cops Kdrama | Watch or Skip?

There is a possibility that Wi Seung Hyun might have entered the police in the footsteps of his father, to get his praise or attention. No one really knows, only time will tell.

Ko Eun Kang’s Crush

While out to vent her frustrations, Ko Eun Kang meets her crush, Jang Ju Chan.  Jang Ju Chan is aware that Ko Eun Kang is trying for his school, obviously without the real motivation to get enrolled. The moments were sweet, as Ju Chan wishes her luck and gives her good luck candy to pass the exams. Unfortunately for Ko Eun Kang, she failed to get into the police university.

Welcome to the Hell Training

First Impression of Rookie Cops Kdrama | Watch or Skip?

The hellish life of the chosen candidates begin as Wi Seung Hoon and others start their journey in KNPU. The girls discuss the prospective future where a mysterious girl, Gi Han Na keeps her distance from the girls. Her actions are really shady! One of the candidates couldn’t keep up with the training and left the school. This creates a spot for Ko Eun Kang who finally gets one step closer to her dream and entered KNPU.

Accidental Re-encounter

First Impression of Rookie Cops Kdrama | Watch or Skip?

Fate has a weird joke of tricking people. Ko Eun Kang meets WI Seung Hyun in the university where she mistakes him as a senior. The misunderstanding is cleared soon but more troubles are awaiting the female lead. One of the creepy things in the university is that someone has installed the secret camera all over.

When Ko Eun Kang was getting punished due to insubordination and challenging behaviour, someone recorded the scene of punishment using a spy cam. Unfortunately her miserly just began, as, during the training, a flash drive falls from her pocket.

The flash drive might have made it into her jacket due to exchanged jacket and one of her roommates putting it on the jacket pocket thinking it was Ko Eun Kang’s. What awaits her now is a disciplinary committee or even expulsion. The only person who’s aware that she might be innocent is Wi Seung Hyun.

First Impression of Rookie Cops Kdrama | Watch or Skip?

Gi Han Na is clearly taking orders from someone to expose the activities in the school. Funny, how her actions are illegal according to the policy of the school. A daring Ko Eun Kang visited to search her roommate’s belonging, but on the other side, an approaching Gi Han Na might catch her red-handed.

What awaits Ko Eun Kang’s fate will be revealed in Episode 3 of Rookie Cops. So far, the story is interesting and the characters are playing their roles which captivates your attention. Do check out Rookie Cops Kdrama now airing. This drama is worth watching and entertaining. Have fun watching weekly.

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