Revenge of Others Kdrama | Who’s the Top Murder Suspect of Park Won Seok’s Death?

Someone is a killer who pushed Park Won Seok to his death.

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The ongoing Korean Drama “Revenge of Others” is a suspense, thriller and action series. The 2022 Kdrama is set to get “Third Person Revenge” where others get a chance of exacting vengeance but not the way we thought.

Unfortunately, the most mysterious character Park Won Seok died leaving behind confusion and making others believe it was suicide.

The only person who believed that Park Won Seok was killed was his twin sister Ok Chan Mi.

Grieving his brother’s death, Ok Chan Mi transfers to his brother’s school from Busan to Seoul in hopes of finding out why he died and who killed Park Won Seok. The more Chan Mi digs, the more surprises and shocks are in store for her.

Chan Mi’s twin Won Seok was a completely different person than she thought. Won Seok had secrets, he had haters and he was a bully; to some, he seemed like a ray of sunshine, as their protector.

The more Chan Mi tries to find the truth, the creeping murder suspects are near her. Someone Killed Won Seok and the murderer is in her high school! Who are the top murder suspects that could have killed Park Won Seok to his death?

Ji Soo Heon

Soo Heon

It won’t be surprising to not include Ji Soo Heon as the top murder suspect. There’s a very eerie vibe that Ji Soo Heon gives off. Although Soo Heon is kind towards Chan Mi, he seems very off.  

Even the police suspected him and questioned him. Soo Heon was the first person to find Park Won Seok’s body and reported it to the authorities. Won Seok and Soo Heon had a previous beef and they fought previously.

It’s surprising because Soo Heon described that he liked Won Seok despite people trashing him whenever Chan Mi tries to find the truth.

Tae So Yeon

So Yeon

Something about Tae So Yeon seems shady. Sure, she might not a killer but it’s not a coincidence that she is friends with Hong A Jung who played pretend lovers with Won Seok.

Won Seok lied to Chan Mi that he was A Jung’s boyfriend. When Chan Mi talked to them, she found out A Jung never dated Won Seok.

Tae So Yeon has some idealistic opinions about revenge and tries to harass the bullies by using money and manipulating Ji Soo Heon.

Maybe it isn't her first rodeo and she could have started the revenge thing after Won Seok’s death. So Yeon is pretty nonchalant about revenge and it’s no surprise that Won Seok was a former bully.

Kwon Se Jin

Se Jin

It’s hard to define Kwon Se Jin and Park Won Seok’s relationship. Kwon Se Jin got bullied but later transferred out. The exact duration or timeline of the transfer is unclear.

Sa Jung Gyeong and his gang bulled Kwon Se Jin, but the only person to stand upto him was Park Won Seok.

Se Jin might not be the top killer suspect but he could somehow be involved in his death. He felt sad after meeting Chan Mi and didn’t say much. Won Seok showed Se Jin Chan Mi’s pic. He was aware of who Chan Mi was but didn’t say anything.

Sa Jung Gyeong

Jung Gyeong bullying Se Jin

The number 1 bully of the school Sa Jung Gyeong is total trash that can’t be recycled. Sa Jung Gyeong had many reasons to kill Park Won Seok. Won Seok was clearly the last man standing and who could benefit more if he was gone. Sa Jung Gyeong had powerful backing from his influential parents so killing Park Won Seok in a fit of rage or anger seems plausible.

Seok Jae Bum

Jae Bum

The repeating sunbae Seok Jae Beom is very high on the suspect list. Jae Bum has a good relationship with Gi O Sung and his amnesia seems very off time. Not that Jae Bum is faking his amnesia but he had a picture with Won Seok but he couldn’t even recall him.

To have pictures with the deceased must mean Jae Bum could have an amicable relationship with Won Seok. Subconsciously, he takes good care of Chan Mi, maybe he might have known about her previously.

It seemed very odd because knowing Gi O Sung attacked Chan Mi, he kept quiet and didn’t tell her. Jae Bum’s sudden closeness with Ji Soo Heon seems weird. All of a sudden they seem very friendly to the point of hanging out and inviting each other.

Jae Bum has weird vibes and could have been killed for any number of reasons. If Won Seok was friends with both Jae Bum and O Sung, it was clear that he could have been at their beck and call for some reason.

Gi O Sung

O Sung

This guy screams red flag from the moment he was introduced. Gi O Sung went as far as to attack Chan Mi just to get revenge on her and set her up. Who hits someone so bad to the point of sending a person to ER?

O Sung wasn’t feeling too kind and has a weird jealous vibe when Jae Bum invited Soo Heon. if that wasn’t weird, O Sung immediately panicked and hid the picture when Jae Bum showed him.

Jae Bum and Won Seok were in the picture. He had no reason to panic and hide the pic if there wasn’t some level of guild involved. O Sung is extremely cautious of Chan Mi and even manipulated his father to get her sent back to Busan. Of course, that didn’t work.

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