Remarriage & Desires Kdrama Ending Explained!

Is Seo Hye Seung Dead? How did the series end? Who did Seo Hye Seung end up with?

Remarriage & Desires Kdrama Ending Explained!

The popular Netflix Kdrama Remarriage & Desires starring Kim Hee Seon, Lee Hyun Wook, Jung Eugene and Park Hoon is quite unforgettable. The drama had a lot of shocking twists and turns. Even the ending of Remarriage & Desires Kdrama left us speechless and shocked.

The ending could mean a possibility for a new season maybe, but how did the series end? Did Seo Hye Seung get her revenge on Jin Yoo Hui? Did Jin Yoo Hui chase her goal to get married to Lee Hyung Ju? Where does that leave Cha Seok Jin?

The Elegant Team-up!

Remarriage & Desires Kdrama Ending Explained!

Jin Yoo Hui tried her best to get under Seo Hye Seung’s skin. She tried provoking her but nothing mattered. When everything failed she tried to cloud Lee Hyung Ju’s mind but can that man be so easily fooled. Thanks to Cha Seok Jin, he was able to verify some of his doubts.  

Seo Hye Seung started to work as his son’s tutor. Later she asked him for help, but wonder if that was the beginning of the chaos.  Lee Hyung Ju is not a man to be messed up with. At the party hosted by him, he clearly unmasked Jin Yoo Hui to offer Seo Hye Seung the long-awaited revenge.

Although the revenge was well executed, it didn’t last long as “daddy dearest” helped the criminal get away scot-free! Jin Yoo Hui threatened politician Son Pil Hyung. Son Pil Hyung helped her get away from the crimes to save his political career and hide the child born out of wedlock.

What did Jin Yoo Hui do to Seo Hye Seung?

There’s one rule in the Kdrama world that even Jin Yoo Hui crossed. Never touch the innocent, especially the children. Her rage and insanity literally drove Jin Yoo Hui mad. She plotted with her client and caused an accident.

Seo Hye Seung’s daughter Kang Min Ji became the innocent bystander in the adult’s business. Mad with fury and flames, Seo Hye Seung was determined to kill Jin Yoo Hui.

Even that was quite an easy way out. Somehow, Seo Hye Seung found evidence and found out about Jin Yoo Hui and Son Pil Hyung’s relationship. Seo Hye Seung visited him to get her to stop, but her please were wasted on deaf ears. A determined Seo Hye Seung would do anything to get her revenge.

How did Jin Yoo Hui corner Lee Hyung Ju?

Remarriage & Desires Kdrama Ending Explained!

Things took a drastic turn for Lee Hyung Ju who was backstabbed yet again by his ex-wife, business partner and the so-called love interest Jin Yoo Hui. Jin Yoo Hui is a clever person and sly enough to destroy something if she can’t get it. She had no qualms colluding with others just to get Lee Hyung Ju to marry her, even dragging her father in the mess.

Lee Hyung Ju was already in love with Seo Hye Seung at that point and had no interest in others. Jin Yoo Hui was hellbent on destroying both  Lee Hyung Ju and Seo Hye Seung. Although an irony, her father was the cause for her anger, resentment and revenge. Lee Hyung Ju’s company was struggling and he eventually gave in to marrying Jin Yoo Hui.

Is Seo Hye Seung Dead?

Remarriage & Desires Kdrama Ending Explained!

Unfortunately, too many people want Seo Hye Seung Dead. Seo Hye Seung even considered Cha Seok Jin to get married to. This was not possible as Cha Seok Jin’s father was against their wedding while his stepmom, aka, Choi Yoon Su (owner of Rex) wanted all the wealth.

Choi Yoon Su was planning and playing all the sides just to get what she wanted without getting her hands dirty. Son Pil Hyung was driven mad just to win the election he wouldn’t mind ditching Go Ae Ran, his long-term supporter and aide.

Jin Yoo Hui pressured her dad who found the only solution to kill Seo Hye Seung.  Son Pil Hyung ordered a hit on Seo Hye Seung with the help of Go Ae Ran.

Luckily Go Ae Ran had some common sense and wit left. At the happiest moment of Jin Yoo Hui’s long-awaited wedding, everyone executed an elaborate plan to expose Son Pil Hyung and Jin Yoo Hui’s true colours.

The media had quite a field day covering the juicy scandals. Meanwhile, an unharmed Seo Hye Seung is very much alive. Previously, Kang Min Ji was nearly comatose, but thankfully, she woke up. It’s wedding time!

Jin Yoo Hui and her dad were both jailed and even then she showed no remorse. Can’t say she’s reflecting!

Who did Seo Hye Seung end up with?

Remarriage & Desires Kdrama Ending Explained!

This was quite a twist at the end. No one knew till the end if Seo Hye Seung will end up with Cha Seok Jin or Lee Hyung Ju.

Previously, Choi Yoon Su caused Cha Seok Jin’s dad to get hospitalised hoping to get his wealth, meaning, the wedding is unstoppable.

Thankfully, Cha Seok Jin on the grand wedding day let her go. At the altar, Cha Seok Jin blessed Seo Hye Seung who ended up with Lee Hyung Ju. A happy ending for everyone.

Is there a Remarriage & Desires Season 2?

Remarriage & Desires Kdrama Ending Explained!

The Season 1 of Remarriage & Desires ended with Club Rex officially going out of business. It can be seen that Rex was closing down implying that Choi Yoon Su lost everything to Cha Seok Jin.

Although Cha Seok Jin’s dad was hospitalised, in the end, Choi Yoon Su didn’t get anything. Just as she was closing down, a mysterious new character appeared and mocked her in a cheerful and patronising tone to help her get matched. The character was quite young, and somehow taunted Choi Yoon Su who seemed to like the idea.

There is no news for season 2, but there is enough content left for a new season if they want to. Lee Young Ju’s wife’s backstory was left untouched, the crisis of the company, the fixing of the mess and biggest of all Choi Yoon Su herself can add to a good plot. Fingers crossed hoping for a new season!  Stream Remarriage & Desires on Netflix.

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