Reflection of You Kdrama Review (Episode 1 & 2) | The Appearance of the Troubled Past

Why did Gu Hae Won hit Li Sa? Who is Hannah? Why did she approach Jeong Hui Ju?

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JTBC Kdramas have their own feel and themes. Reflection of You Kdrama is quite different from your everyday Kdramas. Firstly, the cast of Reflection of You is pretty enticing. Secondly, the revenge-themed drama is giving off pretty scary vibes of suspense and goosebumps the more you discover the characters. Thirdly, the cinematography and OST tracks are eye-catching and you can’t help but appreciate the quality drama Reflection of You is.  

Reflection of You quickly introduces all the main players of the story. Episode 1 started with a shocking opening. The starting character monologue was eerie and interesting while captivating what’s about to come in the upcoming episodes of Reflection of You.

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The main character Jeong Hui Ju (Ko Hyun Jung) is seen dragging most likely a body in the middle of nowhere. She was covered in blood and cleaning wherever she is, getting rid of bloodstains. Jeong Hui Ju disposed of the body in a lake and the scene shifts to the present.

School Violence and Psycho Teacher

Jeong Hui Ju is a successful painter and wife of An Hyeon-Seong (Choi Won Young) who comes from a rich family working as the successor for the hospital chains. Typical cliche rich guy poor woman setting. Things get scary when Jeong Hui-Ju gets notified and visits the hospital to find her daughter An Li Sa badly injured by her art teacher. The incident surfaces and she learns that her teacher Gu Hae-Won ruthlessly used violence against Li Sa and injured her eardrum.

The John Doe

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Elsewhere in the hospital in Ireland, an unidentified guy is admitted whom An Hyeon-Seong visits. This character is hidden by An Hyeon-Seong which means Jeong Hui-Ju is unaware of him. The person revealed is Seo Woo-Jae (Kim Jae Young) who was involved with Jeong Hui Ju in the past. Whether An Hyeon-Seong is aware of not hasn’t been revealed yet. John Doe suddenly goes missing and someone name Hannah claiming to be family released him from the hospital.

The Fateful Encounter

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Jeong Hui Ju meets the psychotic art teacher Gu Hae Won (Shin Hyun Bin) who happens to show no remorse towards her actions and feels no apology towards Li Sa. Gu Hae Won provokes Hui Ju and she lashes on out, just like she wanted. Hae Won has ulterior motives to approach Hui Ju and her family.

The Past between Hui Ju and Hae Won

The two women met fear years ago at a German learning centre. Hae Won then knows as Hannah was preparing to move abroad and was learning German. Hui Ju was inspired by Hae Won and the two became close. Hannah started teaching painting to Hui Ju because she was interested in starting again. Hannah is a talented painter who lives with her grandpa.

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Hui Ju feels oddly familiar with Hae Won but dismisses the fact that she was her teacher from the past. Hae Won approacher Hui Ju but it doesn’t seem like she has any good intentions. Hae won’s attitude changes completely 180 degrees and she began apologising to her.

At the end of Episode 1, Hui Ju realises that Hae Won didn’t come to apologise but might have ulterior motives to approach her. Hae Won has a picture of Woo Jae, herself and Hui Ju and she watches the picture in the darkness. They even had a photoshoot with Woo Jae, Hannah and Hui Ju present.  It's clear that the three of them were acquainted in the past.

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Li Sa’ behaviour is odd and she doesn’t seem to get along with her mom. Her son is also not on good terms with her and seems in control of his grandmother. The grandmother looks down on her because of her lack of education and does not look her in high regard.

Hae Won keeps approaching people closer to Hui Ju and the next person on the list is her son. Though it was a brief encounter it doesn’t seem like a coincidence. She later approaches Jung Sun Woo, a doctor who is closely acquainted with Hui Ju. Hui Ju warns Sun Woo not to get entangled with Hae Won.

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Hae Won suddenly visits Hui Ju and hugs her asking for an apology. As Hui Ju said that the person she needs to apologize to is Li Sa. Li Sa had an episode where she was unable to hear anything as her eardrums were badly damaged. She experienced temporary deafness and was hiding something. The reason why Hae Won hit Li Sa was unclear.

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