Reborn Rich Kdrama | Who is Jin Do Joon?

Reborn for vengeance or power? Why not have both?

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The much-awaited Korean Drama Reborn Rich is here with Song Joong Ki back in action. The Vincenzo actor charms us with his charismatic role of Jin Do Joon/ Yoon Hyun Woo.

The JTBC Kdrama shows the life turnaround moment of Yoon Hyun Woo, played by Song Joong Ki who gets reborn as Jin Do Din in the Soonyang Conglomerate.

Yoon Hyun Woo suffered a brutal fate in his previous life despite dedicating his life to the company, only to be killed off without even knowing who killed him.

What is Reborn Rich’s Plot?

Soong Joong Ki as Doo Joon

Reborn Rich Korean drama is adapted from the web novel written by San Kyeong. The main protagonist Yoon Hyun Woo worked in the Soonyang Conglomerate for 10 years cleaning after the fated heir, Jin Sung Joon. during the ceremony to take over the company, Sung Joon throws a fit and runs away from his grand coronation.

Mo Hyun Min orders Hyun Woo to find Sung Joon before the ceremony or his employment will be terminated. Way to threaten a dedicated employee. Like any corporate lapdog, Hyun Woo’s extreme dedication to the company is nearly toxic and he doesn’t even mind the brutal physical and emotional abuse.

Unfortunately, Hyun Woo has no choice as his peers look down on him for being a high school dropout. The systematic discrimination adds more to Hyun Woo’s woes but he has to make a living to support his younger brother Yoon Hyun Min, played by Baro.

What happened to Yoon Hyun Woo?

Song Joong Ki as Hyun Woo

Hyun Woo did what he was told. He brought back the runaway heir and discovered frightening information after the prosecutors turned the company upside down to seek evidence.  

It was surprising to see Jin Young’s cameo as Shin Kyung Min, an employee working beside Hyun Woo. Kyung Min is a blessing to the eyes, but he screams all red flags. Never trust an innocent-looking harmless face because they turn around and become the most unpredictable and dangerous backstabbers.

Hyun Woo found evidence of embezzlement and reported it to his immediate supervisor. What happened next isn’t all that unpredictable. Hyun Woo’s superior just buried the truth but he was one step ahead.

Knowing things could backfire anytime, Hyun Woo directly went to Sung Joon to expose the corruption. At this part, it’s hard to tell who is involved but sending Hyun Woo to collect the money is very direct to sending him to his final destination death.

In a plot twist, Kyung Min kidnaps Hyun Woo, grabs his cash and kills him without any regret. So much for Mr Innocent who was totally in league with the bad guys. In short, Yoon Hyun Woo dies but fate doesn’t want him to die just yet.

The Soonyang group has four children and their grandkids. Hyun Woo knew everything about everyone except for one person, Jin Do Joon, aka 4-2. It’s simpler how the household is ranked by numbers making things easier. Sung Joon is 1-1.

Who is Jin Do Joon?

A young Do Joon

Hyun Woo didn’t get transmigrated or time travel. He literally was reborn as Jin Do Joon, (4-4) youngest son of the fourth son Jin Yoon Ki. Jin Yoon Ki gave up his rights as the heir because he became a filmmaker. His entire family is pretty much banished because his father (the founder) Jin Yeong Cheol (played by Lee Sung Min) cares only about money.

Life gave Jin Do Joon a second chance and redo things and figure out who killed him. Jin Do Joon, the man with the mission wants to find out the person who killed him and take over Soonyang for himself.

What is Jin Do Joon scheming?

Yang Cheol

Now reborn rich as the youngest grandchild of the conglomerate, Do Joon has knowledge from his previous life and uses it to his advantage. Do Joon is some kind of fanboy of Jin Yang Cheol, his now grandpa in new life. Do Joon changes everything by gaining acknowledgement from Yang Cheol which does threaten his remaining three children.

Do Joon cleverly manipulated his grandpa Yang Cheol and even saved his life from the plane crash. He completely changed the past and shared his “newfound” knowledge to cut deals with the businessman (his grandpa).

As promised, Do Joon enters Seoul University as a Law School student and starts gaining attention. He helps his dad with movie investment and even visited New York to get the famous investor Oh Se Hyun on his side.

It will be a real out war from now on as Do Joon uses his knowledge and creates everything to his advantage. Now in law school, Do Joon met Seo Min Young, the prosecutor from his past hounding the company to find evidence of corruption and embezzlement.

Reborn Rich Kdrama airs Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It’s really great as it airs thrice a week! Keep streaming Reborn Rich Kdrama to find out what Jin Do Joon is planning!

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