Reasons why Suits had the 'PERFECT' Ending

Suits premiered in 2011 and still live in people's hearts rent-free. The show ventured into friendship, relationships, and loyalty in the Corporate Law world and the series finale showed how the characters have evolved since the pilot.

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The main cast from season 9 of the show.

Suits premiered in 2011 on the USA network and people across the globe still can't get enough of the show. This show was one of the top-grossing and most massive series in the entire world. Gabriel Macht and Patrick Adams playing the perfect bromance as Harvey Specter and Mike Ross have won hearts. The credit goes to skillful writing and dramatic turns. The swag Harvey has and the way they lawyer and handle suits and cases are just spectacular.

The ensemble also included highly talented actors such as Rick Hoffman, Sarah Rafferty, Meghan Markle and of course one-and-only, Gina Torres. Everyone was perfectly cast in their characters and each season unraveled plenty of new cases to be solved by none other than the OG partners, Harvey and Mike.

But to the sadness of fans, the series did not complete that happily as all the audience expected. Meghan Markle and Patrick J Adams left the show in season 7. The last two seasons saw addition of Amanda Schull, Dule Hill and Katherine Heigl as series regulars.

For a show that's about the cut-throat world of corporate law, Suits somehow managed to reiterate the ideas of friendship, loyalty and family with its extremely well-developed characters and their ever evolving relationships with each other. The final episode showed just how much they've evolved.

The final episode contained all the elements which were required to bring this amazing show to a full circle. Every loose end was tied and every character's storyline came to a happy end.

Here, we'll be discussing the main events that made Suits' finale one of the best in the history of US TV!

1. Harvey and Donna's Wedding

Harvey and Donna getting married in a beautiful ceremony officiated by Stan.

Well TBH, No one saw that Coming! Since season 1, Harvey and Donna flirted with each other and had feelings ever since they knew each other. Donna was Harvey's assistant for 12 years before getting promoted to be the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the firm.

She was with Harvey at his lows and at every moment he needed emotional support or someone he could rely on. Donna completed Harvey, be it from the personal Aspect or professional aspect. Ever since the show started, fans shipped 'Darvey' but it was not until the Season 8 finale when Harvey showed up at Donna's doorstep and they both agreed that it's time to acknowledge their feelings.

Harvey shows up at Donna's doorstep in Season 8 finale.

Makers explored their relationship in the final season of the show when they both went through a series of ups and downs, all thanks to Faye Richardson, but they managed to be strong throughout and came out together more stronger than ever.

During the Series finale, Harvey proposed to Donna just after Louis and Sheila's wedding to which an initially hesitant Donna happily agreed. With the ring his mother sent him for Donna before dying, they both write up their vows and get married.

Harvey and Donna dancing happily after their wedding.

This scene definitely gave Darvey fans a hell lot of Goosebumps! After the wedding, they both dance together and the track that makers chose couldn't have been more 'perfect'. The couple danced Happily on Ed Shereen's 'Perfect' and Darvey finally had everything they've ever wanted.

2.  Louis' Happy Ending

Louis and Sheila getting married officiated by Stan.

During the whole series, Louis played a major role in every important case the firm ever had. Louis' Character added much-needededed energy, or we can say, a more mellow vibe the show really needed. It's safe to say that Suits wouldn't have been Suits without Louis.

Louis always struggled with his feelings and jealousy as Harvey always got what he wanted. Louis struggled with his love Life with Sheila after they broke up and then came back together as well as struggled at the firm for his position to get the respect that he deserved for all that he had sacrificed for the firm.

During the series finale, Faye gets ousted from the firm resulting in Louis' position as the firm's managing partner getting restored. With his professional life all sorted, he decides to marry Sheila as with their baby on the way, he wants to have a family when the baby arrives. Sheila agrees and they get married with Stan officiating the ceremony.

During their wedding, Sheila's water, breaks and they rush to the hospital. An Always-Freaking-out-on-small-things Louis calms Sheila on their way over which showed how much Louis's Character has evolved during the course of nine years. The nurse tells Louis that the mother and the baby are in danger and Louis still does not lose his calm and instead tries to think positively.

When he got the news that Sheila and his Daughter both are fine, he gets relieved and this is the time when we see Louis being the happiest in the entire series.

When Harvey and Donna give him the news that they are leaving the firm, Louis first gets upset but eventually understands that it's the best for them and maturely handles everything back at the firm. Overall, Louis's Ending was one of the best ending Suits could've given to any other character.

3.  Faye's out and Samantha's Back!

Mike and Samantha sue Faye for wrongful termination.

The main storyline of Season 9 evolved around the bar appointing a special master namely Faye Richardson to overlook the firm as Robert getting disbarred had a negative impact about the firm everywhere. As soon as Faye entered the firm, she tried everything to keep things in balance even if it involved the wrongdoings.

She stripped Louis off his title as the managing partner of the firm as well as emphasized on the fact that Donna should give up her vote as she was seeing Harvey.

She Fired Samantha and Katrina as well as tried to get Harvey disbarred by offering a deal to Sean Cahill and Andy Malick. After tanking Mike and Samantha's case against Faye, Harvey and Louis double cross her by switching the document she agreed to sign about leaving the firm. Harvey, Louis, Mike, Samantha, Katrina, Gretchen, Donna and Alex finally manage to oust Faye from the firm and getting back the firm to themselves.

The gang create a fight scene while Gretchen switches the documents Faye signs trapping Faye.

Samantha's addition to the cast post season 7 after Mike and Rachel's exit was probably one of the best decisions the makers ever made. Samantha was one hell of a lawyer just like Harvey but had her own swag and style of winning cases. Samantha fabricated evidence to win over Mike in a case but Fate overheard this and fired her.

Louis rehires Samantha after getting the firm back

Samantha tries everything in her power to get back at Faye but all her efforts go to vain until Mike comes onboard to help her. When Faye leaves the firm, Louis' first order as a managing partner was rehiring Samantha as name partner. When Harvey left, Samantha told Louis that 'I can't be your Harvey Louis, but I can be your Samantha' and this proves that no matter what happens, she will never turn her back on the firm.

4.  Katrina's much deserved appreciation

Samantha threatens Katrina

Katrina Bennett (played by Amanda Schull) was a part of the show since season 3 as a recurring cast member and appeared in a few episodes initially. She joined as a series regular from Season 8 onwards and gave her everything for the firm's betterment. She was made senior partner in Season 8 which was her target ever since she became a lawyer.

Katrina had quite an eventful journey at Specter Litt Wheeler Williams. She never turned her back on any of her fellow colleagues. She fell for Brian but shunned her feelings as Brian was already married and had a child.

She helped Alex in his case against Samantha which got her on the bad side of Samantha. She apologized but when Samantha tried to overpower her, she did not give her that authority and stood up to her.

In the Series finale, Katrina helped the gang to take down Faye even when she was upset from the fact that Harvey disrespected her and said hurtful things to her. Alex convinced her to help them and she agreed. She bluffed Faye that she'll perjure herself and will lie about the reason for her getting fired.

This significantly helped in ousting Faye from the firm. After Harvey left, Samantha decided to change the firm's name for the last time and made Katrina a name partner.

Samantha decides to make Katrina name partner with Louis and Alex's consent.

When Louis, Samantha and Alex told this news to Katrina, she finally got her Happy Ending and it was pretty much the appreciation she deserved for doing everything she did for the firm. Finally, it was 'Litt Wheeler Williams Bennett'.

5.  Marvey Together, Forever!

Mike tells Harvey the he'll be leaving the firm after his wedding and will move to Seattle.

The show's OG bromance, the epic duo of Mike and Harvey was definitely a fan favorite ship. Not in a romantic way, but when they both solved cases together, it was entertaining as hell. Harvey took Mike under him even when he knew that Mike isn't a Harvard Graduate.

Mike saved Harvey and went to prison for him because he knew how much Harvey loved him as his protégé. Harvey got Mike's license back and got Mike a deal where he can practice law again after he came out of prison. Harvey tried everything he could to get Mike out of the prison.

When Mike left for Seattle after his wedding with Rachel, Harvey was shattered. Mike decided to take on more pro bono cases against Fortune 500 companies in Seattle with Rachel by his side.

In the series Finale, Mike and Samantha went against Faye and they finally managed to oust Faye from the firm. Harvey decides that he wants to join Rachel and Mike in Seattle to work for the good cause and Harvey's resignation makes Faye leave the firm.

He impulsively marries Donna and they both give everyone the news that they both are going to Seattle to join Mike and Rachel. Initially reluctant, Louis eventually bid them farewell and Harvey's decision to leave the firm finally reunited Mike and Harvey!

Mike and Harvey in the series finale doing their signature handshake.

To sum up, Suits was one of the very few shows that never bored its audience with the same content. The series finale couldn't have been more satisfying. The Flashback of all the major events of the entire series when Harvey leaves the firm added cherry-on-the-top in the episode.

Closing scene for Louis and Donna when they go in the elevator together holding hands, signifying everything will be fine.

Few other moments took the audience's heart away like Louis holding Lucy Litt for the first time, Harvey and Donna's impromptu proposal, When Louis and Donna held hands in the lift in their last appearance signifying their bind throughout the show.

The firm's final name after multiple changes- "LITT WHEELER WILLIAMS BENNETT".

Finally when the camera focuses on the firm's name- 'Litt Wheeler Williams Bennett'. These moments just gave inner satisfaction to every one of the audience and Suits finally came to an end on a bittersweet note.

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