Reasons Why Jack Pearson Is The Best Character Ever

To honour Jack, we've compiled some of the best justifications for why we adore Jack and the way he interacts with his loved ones.

Reasons Why Jack Pearson Is The Best Character Ever
Reasons Why Jack Pearson Is The Best Character Ever

Well, This Is Us fans, the day we're all dreading is growing closer. The day we learn precisely what transpired was the evening Jack Pearson died. For his family, Jack has been a source of inspiration, love, and fortitude. We are aware that the children only spent 17 years with their father, and that his passing created a gap from which they have yet to fill. The Big Three of today watching the Super Bowl will also be shown in the upcoming episode, along with the fire that claimed their lives.

We wanted to honour Jack Pearson before we learn exactly what happened and the answers to our queries since season one. We've compiled some of the best justifications for why we adore Jack and the way he interacts with his loved ones.

Turning lemons into lemonade

The first episode of the series showed Jack and Rebecca anticipating the arrival of triplets. But when one of the infants doesn't make it, the wonderful occasion is tainted by sadness. A newborn abandoned baby boy is found in the cot adjacent to Jack's living children after Doctor K. encourages him to go see them. This was the turning point in Jack's decision to adopt the infant who would later become Randall Pearson.

Cheering Kate up

Jack was Katie-constant girl's cheerleader throughout her childhood, seeking to instill self-assurance in her. Jack has always been a devoted father to Kate, doing the Madonna "Vogue" hands for her, providing her special clothing for the pool, and making sure she never quits feeling good about herself. All we want is for him to be here now. I'm sorry, but I need a Kleenex.

Lift this child

There has always been a unique bond between Jack and Randall. When Jack first laid eyes on Randall in the hospital nursery, he recognized right away that he belonged with them. During his son's first karate lesson, he promised always to support Randall and help him develop into a strong man. One of the nicest exchanges between the two is when Jack tells young Randall that he wants him to be unique on his own because he is so gifted and intelligent.


Jack and Kevin have a tense relationship, as we've witnessed throughout the series. Being the oldest of the triplets, Kevin constantly felt left out and hid his sentiments. He also caused difficulties for his parents because he wasn't as sympathetic toward his father's addiction. However, when Jack's son was harmed while playing football, we realized exactly how much he loved Kevin. We had all we needed in the speech about how, ever since Kevin was born, he has been Jack's entire world. The time they shared purchasing a tuxedo for Kevin's formal was extremely heartfelt, even though it was one of their last moments together.


Jack is a wonderful parent, even while he is having hallucinations. Jack was there in spirit to reassure Randall that he did have a place in their family and that he had always been a member of them when Randall struggled with his sentiments about Rebecca hiding William from him. Then, during a speech about awards, Jack mentioned how great his son was when Kevin, who was battling addiction, saw him. Even though it might not have been the actual Jack, it showed him in the various ways his sons required his presence.


In terms of the series, Rebecca and Jack are essentially the "It" couple. They were always one, as Miguel remarked to Kevin in a recent episode. Jack and Rebecca knew their relationship was meant to be the minute he heard her singing at a bar. Even in the midst of their relationship's challenges, raising triplets, grieving the loss of a child, and overcoming Jack's addiction drew the two closer. Rebecca continues to wear Jack's jewellery, showing that she still loves and misses him after his passing.

Best friends

The two are the closest of friends. We see that Miguel still has a soft spot in his heart for Jack, despite the fact that people dislike him because he later marries Rebecca. Miguel can still be perceived as being protective of his friend because they have always been there for one another. This was evident when he intervened to stop Toby from making fun of Jack for looking like a p**n star in an old photograph. He had to agree, of course, but knowing Jack, he can get away with it. One of the numerous reasons to love Jack is the realization that he only had one loyal buddy during his entire life.

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