5 Reasons to Binge-Watch Uncle Kdrama!

Uncle is a 2021 Kdrama remake of the famous UK TV series. Starring Lee Kyung and the versatile actor Oh Jung Se.

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2021 Korean drama Uncle is a remake of the  2014 UK television series. Uncle Kdrama is a slice of life and heartwarming drama showing the relationship between the Uncle aka J King/Wang Joon Hyuk and his beloved nephew Min Ji Hoo.

Uncle Kdrama has finished airing and the Korean drama gave us an emotional roller coaster following the lives of  Min Joo Hoo played by child actor Lee Kyung Hoon and our favorite Uncle played by the versatile actor Oh Jung Se.

If you’re looking for a good Korean Drama to watch, look no further and pick Uncle Kdrama. Still doubtful? Here’s why watching Uncle Kdrama is a must!

1. Amazing Cast

With all honesty, apart from Oh Jung Se and Lee Sang Woo, no one really seemed to bring much to the table. However, this myth was soon dispelled after watching Uncle Kdrama where every single character whether it’s the main cast or secondary cast delivered a strong and phenomenal performance.

The most eye-catching performance was delivered by the child actors especially the main cast Lee Kyung Hoon, Yoon Hae Vin in the role of Joo No Eul, and Park Si Wan in the role of Park Se Chan. There was a good contrast in their characters, the good, the necessary evil and the mischievous. A perfect blend.

Next, are the main casts of Uncle Kdrama. Oh Jung Se, as usual, delivered a mesmerising performance in the role of Uncle/ J King who had a transforming life. His life struggles, from popular musician to a broke life where everyone left him hanging.

J King went riches to rags in a moment where his girlfriend dumped him mercilessly, estranged ties with his elder sister Wang Joon Hee. Wang Joon Hyuk has no awareness of the hardships his sister and nephew were dealing with.

The veteran actress Jeon Hye Jin (famed Stranger season 2, Search WWW and others) nailed the role of Jeon Hye Jin, a divorced mom escaping the brutality of an abusive mother-in-law and unfaithful husband.

The circumstances helped the brother and sister reunite while taking care of their one and only family. The Uncle’s re-entry into their lives changed not only them but had a positive impact on the people around them, especially the children.

Wang Joon Hyuk inspired his nephew Min Ji Hoo to pursue music and slowly heal the emotional trauma he faced when he lived with his grandma.

Lee Sang Woo acted the role of Joo Kyeong Il, a single father raising his daughter. His character was mysterious, alluring and charming. Joo Kyeong Il was a well-connected person with ties to different people and was often the person of admiration in society.  

The next character Kim Yoo Ra played by Hwang Woo Seul Hye was refreshing. She was the first person to side with Team Uncle and help them gather evidence against the evil Diamond/Gold Momblies (this word is weird idk).

Park Sun Young played the role of the antagonist Park Hye Ryeong who was obsessed with power, status and showing off. The character was complex and borderline obsessed with destroying Wang Joon Hee’s family whereas Min Ji Hoo was collateral damage (so were her kids, because of Karma).

Lee Si Won was charming in the role of Song Hwa Eun, the elementary school teacher in Dongmin. Song Hwa Eun is a die-hard fan of J King and the potential love interest. Talk about fans marrying their idols.  

Actress Jung Soo Young was perfect for the role of Cheon Da Jung, an enemy turned ally for Team Uncle. The most shocking character was Min Ji Hoo’s grandma, played by Song Ok Suk.

The actress usually plays the role of good characters, but Shin Hwa Jung’s chairwoman shocked everyone with her dual life personality playing the saint.

2. Good Plot

One of the best things about Uncle Kdrama was the consistent plot with absolutely zero boring scenes. The Kdrama was fast-paced and had an engaging theme. Uncle Kdrama didn’t only focus on the relationship between the siblings, it focused on showing the positive impact on the nephew because of his rockstar Uncle.

The other characters weren’t just there to support the main characters, but had their own storylines and situations as well. Kim Yoo Ra was putting up with her incompetent husband and dealing with the pressure of her in-laws.

Similarly, Cheon Da Jung was trying her best to provide the best education and upbringing to her son Park Se Chan.

The main character Wang Joon Hee was suffering from alcoholism which impacted her mental state and relationship with her son. She used alcohol to numb the pain and escape from the brutal household, which later became an addiction.  

Park Hye Ryeong had her own circumstances where she treated her kids as nothing more than trophy winners. Although she did have their best interests, her methods were wrong.

In her journey to accumulate power and fame, she was willing to indulge in corruption and do everything to sabotage J King and his family.

Kim Young Ah, Min Ji Hoo’s stepmom was one of the most surprising characters in Uncle Kdrama. She isn’t the typical evil stepmom, but someone willing to make positive deals if you let her achieve what she wants.

Then again, her nature to treat Min Ji Hoo as a game character, whom she wanted to level up was a bit perplexing and concerning.  However, she did help at times, so that counts.

3. Proper Character development

Every character had good character development. No character was pure evil, there were multiple shades. The same goes for most of the characters. Some of the characters like Park Se Chan realize and reflect on his behavior, and later apologize to Joo No Eul.

Park Se Chan bullied other kids to try to help his mom. It was a good intention, but his approach was wrong.  

The evolution of fan-turned-girlfriend, Song Hwa Eun did give a creepy vibe, but it was far from the truth. During hardships, it was she who stood by J King and remained totally devoted. She was furious when he fell ill and nursed him back to health.

Even the least expected character, Min Ji Hoo’s dad did one thing right in the end, exposed all the corruption and truly wished for his son’s welfare. Almost all the characters are redeemed in a possible manner; neither rushed nor forced.

4. Emotional and tear-jerking moments

The emotional, heartfelt, and tear-jerking moments between Min Ji Hoo and J King, when both of them inspire each other, the family protecting each other was worth it.  The characters came together to develop the secret mission to save Min Ji Hoo and J King will move you to tears.

5. Good plot twists

There were many plot twists, one of them being when Wang Joon Hee was falsely accused or the several accidents faced by the nephew-uncle duo.  The ending was the best plot twist ever, but Uncle Kdrama had a very satisfying conclusion. In sum total, Uncle Kdrama was one of the most enjoyable dramas of 2021. Do watch it or binge it in one go and enjoy~

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