Poong, The Joseon Psychiatrist | What happened to Yoo Se Poong?

Is Poong, The Joseon Psychiatrist worth watching?

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A historical Kdrama which doesn’t disappoint. That’s TvN Korean dramas for you. The Seguk/historical genre Kdrama starring Kim Min Jae, Kim Hyang Gi and Kim Sang Kyung

Seo Eun Woo has already garnered attention. A drama with Kim Min Jae never disappoints. Like literally ever! Kim Min Jae plays the role of Yoo Se Poong, a talented physician.

As usual, a historical drama without conspiracies, backstabbing and plotting wouldn’t really be complete, no? With so many people willing to bring him down, what happened to Yoo Se Poong? Who is Seo Eun Woo? Why did Gye Ji Han drag Yoo Se Poong?

What’s the plot of Poong, The Joseon Psychiatrist?

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The narrative follows, that Yoo Se Yeob became a well-renowned physician in the Joseon era. His skills with acupuncture were no joke and unparallel with other physicians. It made Yoo Se Yeob the talk of the town and a man worthy of envy; as ladies were charmed with him. Yoo Se Yeob is a typical well-defined male protagonist in a historical Kdrama.

Yoo Se Yeob’s father, Yoo Moo Hyung was close to the king. A fated scheme introduced Yoo Se Yeob to King Hyun who wanted to save his son’s life. The crown prince was sick, but Yoo Se Yeob worked his magic fingers and saved him. This made the king see him in very high regard, making more people jealous of Yoo Se Yeob.

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Well, it's a Kdrama where happiness doesn’t last that long. Soon, Yoo Se Yeob was going to face the biggest turmoil and existential crisis when he got wrapped in palace politics. Damn, it sucks for him to be embroiled in the conspiracy, facing the major crisis with the King’s death.

Unfortunately for Yoo Se Yeob, locked up in prison, his father tried getting proof of his son’s innocence.  Too bad, his father wasn’t protected by the plot armour. Soon after, Yoo Se Yeob’s father Yoo Moo Hyung was killed. The new king was generous enough to let Yoo Se Yeob live but only to exile him. Yoo Se Yeob can never return back.

What happened to Yoo Se Yeob?

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Life was quite merciless for Yoo Se Yeob who lost his acupuncture skills as a physician after the king’s death traumatised him for life. When he was going to commit suicide, he had a chance encounter with someone who literally offered him a new life.

Seo Eun Woo was a woman of noble birth who happened to work for the Josean period forensics as a pathologist. Yoo Se Yeob was going to jump off a cliff when Seo Eun Woo saved him while giving him a reason to live as parting advice.

What happened to Seo Eun Woo?

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Life wasn’t so merciful for Seo Eun Woo who got betrothed. Her life took a tragic turn just after a year when her husband passed away.  Seo Eun Woo’s mother-in-law wasn’t too happy about his son’s death and her younger son was let’s just say criminally affiliated.

Yoo Se Yeo found  Seo Eun Woo drowning and hurried her to the Gyesu clinic. Unfortunately for Yoo Se Yeob who was held against his will as Seo Eun Woo ran away after she gained consciousness.

Yoo Se Yeob met Gye Ji Han, the Gyesu clinic physician who is like a Robinhood in the village. Gye Ji Han recognised Yoo Se Yeob’s skills and wanted to keep him in the clinic by any means possible. Kudos to Yoo Se Yeob’s aide and only family left, Man Bok, the duo made a home at the clinic.

Who is Yoo Se Poong?

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The transition of Yoo Se Yeob to Yoo Se Poong was maybe for the better. His reputation was tarnished and he became the king's killer. With lost skills and trauma, Yoo Se Yeob became Yoo Se Poong when Granny at the clinic kept mistaking him for his son Poong.

Yoo Se Yeob decided it was better to become Poong and start fresh but without his best skills. He can still treat people but not use his acupuncture skills. Anyhow things became settled as everyone somehow banded together.  

Seo Eun Woo gained independence from her in-laws after she cut ties with them. The second son was criminally charged and turns out her husband died from a disease. All the attempts to kill the daughter-in-law were in vain when Poong foiled their plans.

Is Poong, The Joseon Psychiatrist worth watching?

overall Poong, The Joseon Psychiatrist is highly recommended. The series itself is quite fresh and presents quite a different plot from the usual historical plots. Of course, there’s Kim Min Jae who as usual brings out the character of Poong alive. Poong is quite a complicated character.

One of the impressive things is for once, the female lead in a historical drama is not useless. The character of Seo Eun Woo has depth and is essential for the plot's progress.

Well again, there are the usual conspiring villains but we have Man Bok, Prison Playbook famed Ahn Chan Hwan. Man Book adds some comedic relief but also his undying loyalty to Poong makes the scene quite heartwarming. Overall, Poong, The Joseon Psychiatrist totally recommended. Have fun watching the drama.

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