Police University Kdrama Finale Review | Shocking Twists revealed

What does the finale episode of Police University have in store for fans?

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Police University Kdrama is on its final run and nearing the end. Yoo Dong Man and Kang Sun Ho were chasing the mole in the KNPU, the ringleader of the gambling crime. The evidence pointed out Choi Hee Soo as the possible suspect and she did seem shady. On his way to follow Hee Su, Dong Man had an accident which landed him in the hospital and disclosure of another mole. Han Jung Shik threatened Dong Man with Sun Ho’s secret and a helpless Dong Man was listening to him speak nonsense.  Kang Hee was there at the scene as well.

Identity of the ringmaster

Turns out more shocking twists are awaiting the fans of Police University. Besides Han Jung Shik, Go Deok Bae, and Park Cheol Jin, someone else is involved. Seo Sang Hak (the head of the university) is the actual ringleader of the illegal gambling house. There was bribery involved as well.

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Turns out Choi Hee Soo was involved as she was aware of what the foundation was doing. Her husband was involved as the hard drive was found out the scene when Go Deok Bae was arrested.  

She recognized the disk and went to meet Han Jung Shik who denied the evidence.  Han Jung Shik blackmailed Go Deok Bae and they were in cahoots as well. She is innocent and knew the real criminal. She found out when they arrested Go Deok Bae.  

Kang Sun Ho and Yoo Dong Man along with Kang Hee and his friends laid a detailed trap to get the ledger back. Sun Ho gets arrested on suspicion of helping the gambler. He gets released when Dong Man made the ledger in an exchange for Sun Ho’s freedom.  

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In an unexpected twist, professor Seo’s family (Son)  passed away and a funeral was held. His crimes are in light of the day, and he wanted to commit suicide. But Sung Ho stops the professor and had a heart to heart conversation.  The police arrest Han Jung Shik and Professor Seo. All the suspects are interrogated and the truth comes out.

Sun Ho’s father visits the campus, but Sun Ho was still suspended. Kang Hee meets him and assures him. She explained the situation and he gave her some peaches!

Kang Hee and Sun Ho have broken up at this point. Kang Hee was not pleased with Sun Ho taking so much risk and they broke up due to a lack of mutual interests. They decided to meet at the back gate again at 11:00 AM. Guess what’s coming! Together they visit a park. Lovely!

Park Min Kyu had his closure, probably over his crush on Kang Hee. Wonder what his role was in the drama besides chasing Kang Hee.

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Sun Ho was trying to quit school; for reals?! It feels heartbreaking to see him cry. It’s sad as Sun Ho had submitted a letter to discontinue the police university. After saying goodbye to Kang Hee and Min Kyu he leaves the school. It was nice to see his dad waiting for him to welcome him back.

What is Sun Ho Planning?

Sun Ho counter-hacked (ethical hacking) the illegal websites which stopped all the illegal websites (1000 websites) to stop functioning that had servers in Korea. Well, Sun ho did cause trouble one last time.  The site was defaced and the visual appearance was changed. Good job Sun Ho! Sun Ho visits the police station to confess his crimes.

Sun Ho’s brother is back from serving the military. They had a happy family reunion. Sun Ho is back as the trainee. Yayy!!! This time he volunteers to lead the team. Cheol Jin is free from jail as he completes his sentence. Dong Man visits him and they reconcile.  

Sun Ho and Kang Hee reunite as well. Guess they get a happy ending finally.

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