Police University Kdrama Episode 12 - Is Choi Hee Soo The Mole?

Dong Man and Sun Ho are chasing the ringleader of the illegal gambling. Who is the mole? The shocking revelation....

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The 2021 Kdrama Police University is quite entertaining so far. The premise of the drama is set around the students of Police University and formed turned detective now working as a professor.  Yoo Dong Man (Cha Tae Hyun) has been chasing the illegal gambling site for quite some time. He eventually arrested the real culprit behind the case with the help of Kang Sun Ho (Jin Young), but is it the end?

Yoo Dong Man’s previous partner was working with someone higher in the Police agency who’s most likely to be pulling the strings. The identity of the mole was in suspense and there were many suspects. Given. Major characters act so suspiciously, the top 4 people in the suspect list seem to be Choi Hee Soo, Kwon Hyeok Pil, Kang Shin Il and Han Jung Sik. All of them look super shady.

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In the Police University Episode 11, Yoo Dong Man and the gang arrested Professor Go as the mastermind of illegal gambling. While trying to flee from the scene Yoo Dong Man and Kang Sun Ho apprehended him. After getting arrested Go Deok Baek threw his phone away which contained critical evidence and a clue of the final boss, the ultimate leader controlling everything.

All we know is that the mole is someone from the Police. After Dong Man successfully retrieved Go’s phone he wanted to hand it over to his section chief but saw professor Choi Hee Soo meeting  Han Jung Shik. Totally not suspicious at all. Police University episode 12 tried to create suspicion on the three professors and colleagues of Dong Man.

Unfortunately, the one who got away started blackmailing Kang Sun Ho. In a bad twist, Dong Man got into an accident while tailing Hee Soo, who was lying about her reason for visiting the Seoul Investigation office. Professor Seo seems suspicious at times, but no one can beat Han Jung Sik.

leads in police uniforms

At the end of episode 12, it was revealed that Han Jung Sik is the one pulling the strings and the main mastermind of illegal gambling. What’s worse is he is aware of Kang/Yoon’s offence and can threaten the safety of Dong Man and Sun Ho.

While Jung Sik was letting his heart out, Dong Man was awake and heard everything. Even more surprising, Oh Kang Hee was there who heard everything. This could mean trouble for everyone. Only time will tell how everyone is involved. Keep streaming Police University Kdrama until next time!

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