Plot Twists in ‘May it Please the Court’ Kdrama Explained!

No Chak Hee and Jwa Si Baek against Jang Gi Do. Who will win?

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The courtroom Korean drama starring Jung Ryeo Won, Lee Kyu Hyung, and Jung Jin Young in the main roles in May it Please the Court has finished airing. The series had 12 episodes that focused on two individuals.

No Chak Hee, the eternal gopher of Jangsan Law firm, and Jwa Si Baek, the public defender taking Pro-bono cases get involved against a common enemy Jang Gi Do. The Kdrama is adapted from the novel written by Jung Hye Jin.

The crime/suspense thriller Kdrama had a lot of cliffhangers till the very last episode.

What were the most shocking plot twists in May it Please the Court Kdrama? What will happen to No Chak Hee and Jwa Si Baek?

Jwa Si Baek confessed to the serial killings

A legal drama without a string of serial killing mysteries to solve would be completely empty.

Too many people were dying and randomly dropping dead. The police Yoo Kyung Jin and Jang Jae Geun were convinced that Jwa Si Baek could be the possible killer.

There was circumstantial evidence but a lack of clear proof.  Things became more chaotic when Jang Gi Do’s father Jang Byung Chun was murdered like the other victims.

Jang Gi Do was hopeless in trying to win the election by even hiding the fact that his father was murdered.

Potential Spoilers Ahead!!!

It came as a surprising shock when Jwa Si Baek went on his own accord and confessed to the police. May it Please the Court Kdrama tried to portray Jwa Si Baek in a weird light trying to confuse viewers if he really was the killer.

The Real identity of the killer

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Thankfully, Jwa Si Baek was not the killer. He didn’t help the killer either. Jwa Si Baek tried to punish the offenders by law but the killer got to them before they could be legally tried in court.


The real killer was none other than Han Dal Jae (Lee Dong Pil). Han Dal Jae was a former cop who later became an alcoholic amnesiac and lost his memory. 

He was one of the torture experts and partook in getting forced confession out of others including Shin Chi Sik. in reality, Shin Chi Sik was controlling Han Dal Jae (Lee Dong Pil) to kill everyone including Jang Byung Chun.

Who killed No Chak Hee’s Grandma?

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Perhaps, one of the most shocking plot twists in the drama was No Chak Hee’s grandma’s past.

There has been a reason why No Yu Chul (Chak Hee’s father) and Jang Yi Yeon (Jang Gi Do’s daughter) disliked Jang Byung Chun.

Only Chak Hee was the unaware fool who didn’t see the truth. Chak Hee’s life shattered pretty quickly when she learned the truth from Jang Yi Yeon about how her grandma (Cho Kang Hee) died.

Unfortunately, Cho Kang Hee learned the truth about Byun Chun’s atrocities and decided to leave with Chak Hee.

Consumed by rage and anger, Jang Byun Chun pushed her from the stairs, instantly killing her. Jang Byun Chun killed No Chak Hee’s grandma and pretended to be her benefactor her entire life.  

Knowing the truth pretty much shattered Chak Hee and she became more determined to overthrow Jang Gi Do.

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Everything started with the Eun family. Jwa Si Baek is actually Eun Hee Jun. The real Jwa Si Baek was dead when he was a child. Jwa Si Baek’s father and sister died because of Jang Gi Do and Jang Byung Chun.

His sister Eun Hee So was Shin Chi Sik’s wife. Shin Chi Sik is Jwa Si Baek’s brother-in-law. The death of his wife drove him to revenge and he orchestrated the killings using Han Dal Jae. Han Dal Jae was caught and punished death sentence.

Why did No Chak Hee want to trade shares from Jang Gi Do?

Learning the truth, although it may be late, Chak Hee was determined to find the truth of the case to see justice be brought to Jwa Si Baek’s family.

The only way to access the prosecution files containing the truth can be accessed by major shareholders in the law firm.

Chak Hee cornered Gi Do to pressurize him and let me expose the evil deeds of Jang Byung Chun.

In truth, Chak Hee worked with Jang Gi Do’s wife Oh Ha Ran to give Jang Gi Do the test of his bitter medicine. The revenge is served cold feat No Chak Hee style.

What happened to Jang Gi Do?

As for Shin Chi Sik, he had his own plans to expose Jang Gi Do right before the election.

All he ever wanted was an apology from Jang Gi Do and Jang Byung Chun. Sadly, people like them will never apologize.

Shin Chi Sik fell for his death before exposing Jang Gi Do for who he really is. The entire nation watched the evil and corrupt

“Would-be politician” but thanks to Shin Chi Sik, he was completely unmasked. Jang Gi Do was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

‘May it Please the Court’ Kdrama is perfect for a binge-watch. It has a good amount of humour, and pretty amazing chemistry even though it has no romance. Check out the series now available for streaming!

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