Penthouse: War in Life Season 2 | Is Bae Rona Dead?

Who is Na Ae Gyo? Who killed Bae Ro Na? Did Bae Ro Na go back to school?

penthouse season 2

Penthouse: War in Life Kdrama created history and triggered fans with intense curiosity and fan theories. Penthouse and Penthouse 2 both have very high ratings and were constantly in the top 2 spots.

The last episode of Penthouse Season 2 received 26% in Seoul and 25.8% in Nationwide rating and ranked 1st in ratings. Penthouse Season 1 ended with Shim Seo Ryeon killed by Joo Dan Tae and a bleeding Oh Yoon Hee as Logan Lee passes by her.

Well, if one thing’s for sure, Penthouse Kdrama is known for dropping dead bodies like it doesn’t mean a thing. Joo Dan Tae as usual was on a killing rampage, and poor Shim Seo Ryeon, Cheon Seo Jin, and Oh Yoon Hee might be his latest victims.

At times, Penthouse 2 might seem a bit far-fetched, but let’s not forget it’s a drama where chaebols are extremely powerful who can trample on other people’s life like it means nothing, the law enforcement, and police are just for show and barely exist.

So Before you start watching Penthouse Season 2 don’t forget to switch off your logic and brains, and purely enjoy the show.

Season 2 | Plot

Penthouse Season 2 picked up from where it left in the last season. Oh Yoon Hee is not dead and is back with a bang! She teams up with Logan Lee to take revenge on Joo Dan Tae for killing Shim Seo Ryeon. Meanwhile, Bae Ro Na was tormented, and she quit school later. Oh Yoon Hee was on the run for the murder charges pinned her by Joo Dan Tae and Cheon Seo Jin.

Oh Yoon Hee was able to throw a reverse trap and cleared her name, but things will never be so easy in Penthouse 2.

On the other hand, Jenny/ Je Ni was getting bullied by  Joo Seok Kyeong and Lee Min Heok. Like father, Like children in this case. Joo Seok had a good character development since Penthouse season 1, but sadly, Joo Seok Kyeong’s character took a worse turn.

Well, she’s not the only character who’s going crazy and very irritating. Ha Eun Byeol was turning borderline crazy and delusional and no one is surprised if she killed someone, *cough* Bae Ro Na! The 13 episodes of Penthouse Season 2, just like season 1 opened with a dead body.  

The writers are trying hard to maintain suspense and keep the viewers engaged with curiosity. But seriously, dropping dead bodies every season feels like an overused cliche at this point.

This is no Game of Thrones, where people end up dead. It does feel like Game of Hera Palace and Joo Dan Tae though! There’s a surprise entry, and fans were enraged by Shim Su Ryeon’s death. There enters a sudden Na Ae Gyo, a doppelganger of Shim Su Ryeon.

Who is Na Ae Gyo?

characters romantically staring at each other

Na Ae Gyo is the birth mother of the twins Seok Hoon and Seok Kyung. She’s the lover and former flame of Joo Dan Tae.

Joo Dan Tae was cunning enough to use Na Ae Gyo as his wife’s replacement to get information from powerful people like ministers, businessmen, and other shady dealings. That’s Joo Dan Tae for you. Na Ae Gyo is Shim So Ryeon’s Doppelganger and was aware of Shim Su Ryeon.

Did Bae Ro Na go back to school?

After Oh Yeon Hee cleared her name, she took Bae Ro Na and emigrated from Korea. Oh Yeon Hee came back to Korea with Dr. Ha Yeon Cheol as her spouse! What a great entry they made on Cheon Seo Jin and Joo Dan Tae’s engagement ceremony!

Both Yoon Hee and Yoon Cheol want revenge on Joo Dan Tae and have temporarily teamed up. Yoon Hee left Ro Na behind, but Ro Na had her own plans. Ro Na became aware of Min Seol A’s death and returned back to Korea to honor Min Seol Ah and re-enrolled in school.  

Is Bae Ro Na Dead? Who killed Bae Ro Na?

a women lying in a pool of blood

Fans were constantly speculating about who the dead body was. The possible candidates were Bae Ro Na, Ha Eun Byeol, Joo Seok Kyung, and Yoo Je ni. It turns out Bae Ro Na was the latest victim. Ha Eun Byeol was turning delusional and paranoid.

She refused to stomach the fact that she would lose to Ro Na, and it turns out their mothers have a deadly and bloody history (No Pun intended!).

Unable to bear the taunt, Ha Eun Byeol attacked Bae Ro Na and harmed her gravely. Eun Byeol was not in a normal state and left the bleeding Bae Ro Na to die. But surprise...turns out Joo Dan Tae was involved. He did the filling bidding and killed Bae Ro Na.

He could have saved her or called for help or an ambulance, but no. Joo Dan Tae, being the manipulator, witnessed Ha Eun Byeol attacking Bae Ro Na and fleeing from the scene.  He took advantage and killed her.

But the show is incomplete without a twist! Na Ae Gyo or Shim Su Ryeon in this case saves Bae Ro Na from the hospital when Joo Dan Tae when to kill her again. If you’re wondering what happened, do watch the show.

Hell yeah, Shim Seo Reyon is back from the dead to get her revenge. We can feel sad for Na Ae Gyo, as she became the victim of Joo Dan Tae’s plotting.

Penthouse Season 2 ended with the people getting incarcerated and punished for their crimes including Oh Yoon Hee and Joo Dan Tae. But there is Penthouse season 3 so we need new twists right? Penthouse season 2 ended with a huge cliffhanger and car blast. Guess who the latest victim is?

Unfortunately, it’s Logan Lee and the scene is orchestrated by Joon dan Tae. Two new characters were introduced, and only Penthouse Season 3 will unveil if they are friends or foes of Shim Su Reyon.

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