Penthouse: War in Life Season 1 | Who killed Seol Ah?

Penthouse: War in Life Season 1 | Is Penthouse worth watching!? Is Joo Dan Tae a Psychopath? Who died in the Penthouse? Who killed Seol Ah? Why did Oh Yoon Hee kill Min Seol Ah?

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Korean dramas make us complete devotees and solely dedicated to the dramas and the Korean Oppas and Noonas. Korean dramas or Kdramas have a different charm and completely captivate us and transport us into a different reality or dimension where fans are busy with their own imagination and realities. One such popular drama of 2020 from South Korea is Penthouse: War in Life Season 1.

Penthouse Kdrama made the fans go crazy with Joo Dan Tae sshi’s crazy and psychopathic tendencies, Shim Su Ryeon’s kindness but the face of vengeance, Oh Yoon Hee’s fickle personality, Dr. Ha Yeon Cheol’s duplicity, and lastly the crazy and twisted soul pair of Joo Dan Tae, Cheon Seo Jin who was blindly obsessed with literally everyone, like seriously.

Greed has no bounds for people living in the Hera Palace in the Penthouse drama. The Penthouse Kdrama might be very near to a makjang drama, as some scenes seem highly illogical, but hey it’s a drama.

Ditching any scientific logic, in Kdramas is allowed as long as it serves the purpose of the plot. Well, logically and historically speaking, we had even worse dramas, but Penthouse Season 1, is definitely a drama worth watching.    

Penthouse: War in Life Season 1 will you go crazy, formulate and speculate theories, and the hype and thirst for this drama are so very real.

This Kdrama is just right for binging and or for watching single episodes, but either way, it’s not like fans or viewers can stop their curiosity once they start watching this drama.

The main casts include a very stellar and excellent cast, with many veteran actors. Actor Uhm Ki Joon plays the devilish Joo Dan Tae, Lee Ji Ah plays the wonderful Shim Su Ryeon. Eugene stars as Oh Yoon Hee, Kim Seo Yeon plays Cheon Seo Jin, Yoon Jong Hoon plays Dr. Ha Yeon Cheol.

The dashing and energetic Logan is played by Park Eun Seok. There are other casts who play the role of the children of Hera Palace. It’s not a coincidence, Hera is the Greek Goddess of women, marriage, family, and childbirth. There is a lot of foreshadowing in the series. Be warned this article contains a lot of spoilers so tread with caution.

Penthouse: War in Life Season 1 Plot

The story in Season 1 revolves around a few principal characters like Shim Su Ryeon, who lost her child, Oh Yeon Hee who’s obsessed with her child, and Cheon Seo Jin, who’s driven by blind rage, greed, and lust and in the process drives her child crazy. Pretty interesting story no!

But there’s more, the evil sociopath Joo Dan Tae will drive you to go nuts. This man has no second thoughts before literally crushing someone. The goody to shoes, Dr, Ha Yeon Cheol might seem the only not-so-crazy in the Penthouse/ Hera palace apart from Shim Su Ryeon, but he himself is not without blame either.  

Is Penthouse worth watching?

That’s not even a valid question to ask. Penthouse is one of the top-rated dramas in 2020-2021. Penthouse Kdrama has 3 seasons, and Season 1 has 16 episodes. This drama is just so perfect for binge-watch marathons. All you need is a quiet and calm place to enjoy this drama.

Is Joo Dan Tae a Psychopath?

Enlighten us on the difference between sociopath and Psychopath, but either way, yes. Joo Dan Tae is a full-on Psycho who has no qualms about killing anyone and going to any lengths just to achieve his goal.

Who died in the Penthouse?

For starters, Min Seol Ah died in Penthouse. Seol Ah is Su Ryeon’s biological daughter who was separated at birth, all thanks to Joo Dan Tae. There are some minor characters dying here and there, but you won’t feel so sad for them. Karma had it coming for them.

Who killed Seol Ah?

The entire Hera palace was involved in her death. The cause of Min Seol Ah’s death started with the secret love affair of Joo Dan Tae and Cheon Seo Jin, who tried to hide their love affair, but Seol Ah got caught up in the middle.  

Why did Oh Yoon Hee kill Min Seol Ah?

As much as fans feel betrayed and enraged, the writers made the killer Oh Yoon Hee. Her reason was simple and bad. Alcohol did it and her blind devotion towards her daughter. The drama is so messed up, that all the moms in this drama are in dire need of therapy and immediate counselling.  Not a single person is sane in this drama.

Is Shim Su Ryeon dead?

Spoiler Alert. Big Spoiler!!!! At the end of Season 1, Joo Dan Tae Murder Shim Su Ryeon. And guess who the blame falls on?! Season 1 of Penthouse ends up with Shim Su Ryeon killed by the crazy, psychotic scumbag Joo Dan Tae.  

Does Yoon Cheol love Seo Jin?

Yoon Cheol is a really complex and weird character. His motivation to do anything is straight-up questionable. Sometimes, it feels like he’s in love with his old flame, Yoon Hee, and the very next moment he seems head over heels and driven by jealousy over Seo Jin. He definitely is or was in love with him, as they have lived together for so many years.

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