Penthouse 3: Will Ha Yoon Cheol and Cheon Seo Jin die?

What twist does Penthouse 3 Episode 11 have?

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Penthouse 3

Penthouse 3 is getting interesting as the season ends near its conclusion. In Penthouse 3 Episode 10, Eun Byeol drugs Cheon Seo Jin to save her mom from getting troubled. Eun Byeol has really lost it even without taking the drugs.

It was such an expected twist in Penthouse 3. Looks like the writers are not done with the twists yet. Penthouse 3 Episode 11 ended on the biggest cliffhanger yet.

With Cheon Seo Jin finally losing it, she pushed Ha Yoon Chul and Bae Ro Na. the aftermath of the events are yet to be known.

This begs the question, will Ha Yoon Cheol and Cheon Seo Jin die? Is Cheon Seo Jin Dead?

Penthouse 3

Penthouse 3 episode 11 began with the ominous premise and darkness looming over Cheon Seo Jin.

Eun Byeol had done the deed and drugged Cheon Seo Jin with the intention to save Cheon Seo Jin, but even she couldn’t have predicted that her actions will set in the domino of actions that might end up her becoming an orphan.

There is a high chance that both Ha Yoon Cheol and Cheon Seo Jin will die and the chances of them being alive are slim.

Of course, everything is speculation at this point and the writers of Penthouse are infamous for bringing back people from the dead.

But this might be the end of the rope for Ha Yeol Cheol and Cheon Seo Jin, and they might actually die.

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It was satisfying for viewers to see Cheon Seo Jin getting tortured by Shim Su Ryeon, Logan, and Alex.

They all played a part to torment Cheon Seo Jin.

The actual credit definitely goes to Eun Byeol for drugging Cheon Seo Jin which changed the game entirely in Penthouse 3.

The drug started kicking its effect and Cheon Seo Jin lost her mind during the interrogation.

It was one hell of a twist when the loan shark and the police were chasing Cheon Seo Jin for being an accomplice of Joo Dan Tae.

While Joo Dan Tae was rotting away in a god knows the place of a mental asylum, Cheon Seo Jin was losing away everything, her precious money, fame, voice, her daughter, and her sanity.

That was a fitting punishment for someone like Cheon Seo Jin.

Ha Yoon Cheol wanted to save her daughter Eun Byeol but she rejects her dad and wants to save her mom. What a family!

Penthouse 3: Will Ha Yoon Cheol and Cheon Seo Jin die?

With Cheon Seo Jin losing her sanity, she ends up in Hera Palace and mistakes Bae Ro Na as her daughter Ha Eun Byeol. Cheon Seo Jin tries to drag away Bae Ro Na, but Ha Yoon Cheol comes to save Bae Ro Na.

The misery was awaiting all of them just as Cheon Seo Jin forcefully tries to grab Bae Ro Na, and attack Ha Yoon Cheol.

Bae Ro Na becomes the innocent bystander in this scene. Both Ha Yoon Cheol and Bae Ro Na fall down from stairs and it is implied that Ha Yoon Cheol’s neck gets snapped.

While Cheon Seo Jin hangs from the chandelier and falls down, shortly after it falls on her and stabbing her.  

It’s definitely fatal for Cheon Seo Jin and Ha Yoon Cheol who were both losing blood and are seen unconscious.

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Penthouse 3: Will Ha Yoon Cheol and Cheon Seo Jin die?

At this point, it’s hard to tell if Ha Yoon Cheol and Cheon Seo Jin will die or remain alive.

Bae Ro Na was unconscious as well, but Ha Yoon Cheol protected her. It will really be devastating if Ha Yoon Cheol dies, no mercy for Cheon Seo Jin though. Is death really a fitting punishment for Cheon Seo Jin?

That’s just one of the questions fans need to wait till next Friday when Penthouse 3 Episode 12 will air.

Although Cheon Seo Jin doesn’t deserve to die, it’s a really horrible way to die.

In the closing scene of penthouse 3 episode 11, Cheon Seo Jin was coughing blood and lost consciousness.

Whether Cheon Seo Jin lives or dies, only time can tell. Let’s hope at least Ha Yoon Chul lives, but it seems quite unlikely.

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