Penthouse 3: Why did Eun Byeol Drug Cheon Seo Jin?

Penthouse 3 Episode 10 was the ultimate cliffhanger when Eun Byeol spikes the wine and uses memory erasing pills to drug Cheon Seo Jin. But why?

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Penthouse 3

Penthouse 3: Life in War Kdrama is infamous for shocking twists and turns.

Just when the fans thought there was nothing shocking left, the writers drop a massive bomb on the fans with Penthouse 3 Episode 10.

The entire episode why a surprise dropped on fans. The biggest turning event in Penthouse 3 was when Eun Byeol Drugged Cheon Seo Jin.

The episode ended with a cliffhanger and left a burning question for fans. What did just go down in Episode 10? Why did Eun Byeol Drug Cheon Seo Jin? Was Eun Byeol Faking it the entire time?

Penthouse 3 is getting either more ridiculous or more unpredictable.

Just when fans had it all figured out, Penthouse 3 Episode 10 was one hell of an unpredictable cliffhanger.

Finally, it was a game-changer for Shim Su Ryeon and Logan’s team. While everyone team up with Shim Su Ryeon and Logan, Kang Mari, Dr Ha, Yo Dong Pil, joined by Jin Boon and Baek Joon Ki.  

While Baek Joon Ki is an unpredictable variable for them, Shim Su Ryeon sure wants to make use of him to corner Joo Dan Tae and Cheon Seo Jin.

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Penthouse 3

So what went down in Penthouse 3 so far?

It was a moment of closure perhaps for Bae Ro Na as she reunites with Shim Su Reyon. Shim Su Ryeon tells Ro Na about her mother Yoon Hee’s death.

Unfortunately, Cheon Seo Jin Killed Oh Yoon Hee despite she saved Eun Byeol from the clutches of Joo Dan Tae.

What’s more surprising in Penthouse 3 Episode 10 was Eun Byeol. Eun Byeol drugs Cheon Seo Jin when it looked like a happy moment for the mother-daughter.

What’s more perplexing is that whether Eun Beyol was faking it to the entire team? Does Eun Byeol remember Cheon Seo Jin killing Oh Yoon Hee? What’s Eun Byeol’s motive?

Penthouse 3

Why did it lead to this? What will Eun Byeol possibly gain by drugging Cheon Seo Jin? Now that Joo Dan Tae was taken care of, Cheon Seo Jin was the obvious player/ winner.

Ofcourse, it’s for the short term because Team Shim Su Ryeon has a more devastating plan for Cheon Seo Jin in store.

It was satisfying to see Cheon Seo Jin and Joo Dan Tae getting extorted from Bae Joon Ki and Jin Bong. Both Cheon Seo Jin and Joo Dan Tae had a lot to lose if the secrets get out.

While Cheon Seo Jin and Joo Dan Tae were playing schemes, it was Eun Byeol watching from the sidelines.

It was weird watching her, but now it makes perfect sense to show Eun Byeol in the background.

Penthouse 3

Eun Byeol was busy scheming her own plot.

Seeing the bottle full of pills, the one that can erase memories, Eun Byeol has been strategically stockpiling them.

Not sure if it’s stupid or genius, but gotta give it to Eun Byeol for drugging Cheon Seo Jin, her own mother, at the moment everyone least expected it.

No one saw it coming, Eun Byeol’s move was confusing and surprising.

Penthouse 3

It makes perfect sense for Eun Byeol to remember the accident then. Eun Byeol must be aware that it was Oh Yoon Hee who saved her, and her dear toxic mom, Cheon Seo Jin killed her without any remorse.

Eun Byeol and Cheon Seo Jin have a very toxic relationship, but they are always there for each other.

Eun Byeol knows how Cheon Seo Jin killed her grandfather but hid the fact to protect her mom.

So why at this late stage, Eun Byeol backstabs her mom?

In Penthouse 3 Episode 10, what puzzles viewers is that Eun Byeol says she wants to help her, so is drugging Cheon Seo Jin an attempt of helping her? Or is this rebellion against Cheon Seo Jin?

Penthouse 3

Eun Byeol's actions can’t be explained as a spur-of-the-moment decision.

Objectively speaking, Cheon Seo Jin was getting paranoid because of threats from Baek Joon Ki and Jin Bong. however, these events cannot be predicted beforehand.

It’s clear that Eun Byeol was making long-term plans by stocking the pills she got from Cheon Seo Jin and Jin Bong. Did Eun Beyol has plans to drug Cheon Seo Jin from the beginning and she was just waiting for the right moment?

One thing’s clear for sure is that she didn’t forget the memories, she was aware the entire time, and she’s probably not getting dementia.

Penthouse 3

Eun Byeol quite smartly played Cheon Seo Jin, Jin Bong, Dr Ha and even Bae Ro Na. She made everyone believe she’s going crazy.

But on the contrary, Eun Byeol was carefully making a sinister plan to use the pills either for herself or to drug Cheon Seo Jin.

Does Eun Byeol really want to avenge Oh Yoon Hee? It seems very unlikely. The only logical option left is here that maybe Eun Byeol has gone insane.

Cheon Seo Jin’s toxicity has rubbed off her. Maybe Eun Byeol really wants to damage her mom and make her the same way now she has become.

Damaged, deranged, and out of control. Penthouse 3 Episode 11 preview clearly shows Cheon Seo Jin losing control as evident.

Eun Byeol used a very heavy dosage of the drug on Cheon Seo Jin.  

On a side note, it was satisfying to see Joo Dan Tae ending up in a possible Japanese mental institute, where previously Baek Joon Ki was locked.

It was surprising to see Seok Kyung pay Joo Dan Tae a visit. What does comes back around Mr. Joo Dan Tae?

It feels like karmic retribution for Joo Dan Tae to be locked up and gloated by Seok Kyung.  Penthouse 3 is getting exciting with every episode.

Now that only 3 episodes are left, wonder which characters will make it out alive in Penthouse 3. Happy Binging Penthouse 3 until next week!!!

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