Penthouse 3 Finale Review: The Twisted Ending Explained

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Finally, after weeks and months of waiting, Penthouse 3 ended with a shocking but disappointing ending.

Fans and viewers didn’t expect much from the writer of Penthouse 3, as they are infamous for giving a bad ending.

Penthouse 3 endings left most fans disappointed and ranting is the only thing that can help now.

If this was Game of Thrones, Penthouse 3 became the new GoT in terms of characters quickly dying. Penthouse 3 Episode 14 was like pouring salt on your wounds; it hurts because it’s over.  

Killing Min Seol Ah, Oh Yoon Hee, Ha Yoon Cheol and Joo Dan Tae was not enough for the writers, as three new people joined the afterlife.  

Then again Penthouse 3 is a revenge drama, so expecting a decent and happy ending for major characters is asking a bit too much maybe.

Penthouse 3 managed to give a decent ending, but oh well, to each their own. Not everyone feels satisfied with the ending, and we can’t really blame them.

5. Most Character’s Turn a New Leaf

Well for starters, the only decent thing in Penthouse 3 ending episode 14 was that most of the characters get a fresh start. Seok Kyung ends up tutoring kids and working part-time at an eatery.

Her feisty nature is toned down, and she’s reflecting on her life choices. Kang Mari is now like a super-elite rich but kind secretary working for Chairman Song.

Kang Mari stays humble and is awaiting her husband’s return from prison.

Lee Kyu Jin gets arrested again for scamming people. Some people don’t really change as Ko Sang A falls for Kyu Jin again.

This couple is made for each other. Jin Bong is in a mental institution working towards her recovery.

She seemed unstable but had no intention of going near Eun Byeol again.

Eun Byeol is working with a choir group practicing for a performance in a penitentiary.  

4. Bae Rona and Seok Hoon are official

Bae Rona is famous and became a renowned Prima Donna. There’s a time skip of three years and after a successful trip from Italy, Bae Rona will perform in Korea with Seok Hoon as her accompanist.

The ship is finally official as the two dine out and reminisce about their relationship. Bae Rona finally gets the pasta after 4 years.

They seal the deal with a kiss and Seok Hoon hands her a bunch of keys to his home in Austria.

3. Eun Byeol’s Ultimate Revenge

Penthouse 3 finale begins with the trial. Cheon Seo Jin plays the dementia card, but much to her surprise, Eun Byeol testifies against her and discloses the truth about how Cheon Seo Jin killed her dad, Oh Yoon Hee, and Shim Su Ryeon.

It was surprising to see her not bring up Ha Yoon Cheol’s death, but that’s ok. At least she had the courage and testified.

It was heartbreaking to see things from Eun Byeol’s perspective as she identifies the root cause of all the miseries and her mom’s crimes to be herself.

Eun Byeol begs her mom to never meet her again in this lifestyle and declares she would give up singing.

As an act of ultimate revenge, she slits her throat in the court, and this serves as a wake-up call for Cheon Seo Jin.

Thankfully she doesn’t die, but that’s the end of the rope for Cheon Seo Jin.

2. Cheon Seo Jin’s Goodbye

Due to Eun Byeol’s testimony, Cheon Seo Jin gets incarcerated and sentenced to life.

She gets out later on a three-day special visit, and as the karma train hits her, she is diagnosed with cancer.

Cheon Seo Jin doesn’t have much time to live.  She observes Eun Byeol from a distance and later commits suicide with a drug overdose.

1. Logan’s death and reunion in the Afterlife

Bae Rona and Seok Hoon perform on the day of Oh Yoon Hee’s death anniversary. It turns out Logan is dead. Yep, he’s dead and so is Shim Su Ryeon.

Shim Su Ryeon gave up her willpower to live and in a flashback shows that she planned to jump from the cliff because she couldn’t take the loss of too many people.

Ha Yoon Cheol’s death pushed the ultimate button. Despite, Logan making safety attempts, Shim Su Ryeon decides to die.

Her body is found after 3 days and yes she’s officially dead. Logan passes soon after as his illness replaces him. He gave up on treatment and passes away.

So the preview from Penthouse 3 episode 13 was true. It turns out it was a dream sequence of sorts.

Kang Ma Ri might have seen a ghost because Shim Su Ryeon and Logan are both dead and get united in the afterlife.

The last scene of the Penthouse 3 finale ends with the thread of fate tied together to Logan and Shim Su Ryeon as they walk somewhere to the afterlife.

Penthouse 3 was not perfect but wasn’t truly a disaster either.

Finally, after almost a year, Penthouse Kdrama is over. Fans will miss this series. Happy binging until the next drama! Adios~

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